Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas activities

GGma and I didn't really go anywhere this year, as usual. Gave all my kids strict instructions to stay at their own homes or go to their in-laws. Don't come here. I don't want to have to worry about you in a snowstorm or some such.

Christmas Eve we went to the Oasis for some Christmas cheer with the Longs and took a couple of pics. That was in the afternoon. That evening we were invited up on the hill to the Porters for some Christmas snacks and cheer. It was really good food and they serve wine or champagne. Was a fun evening and good food. More pics there. Check my picasa site.

Christmas morning Gma and I opened our gifts and went to 9:00 Mass. Fr. Daley was the celebrant. He has been cleared by his doctor and the Bishop to come back and do Masses.

Went to the Irma in Cody with the Griffins for dinner at 11:30. Saw the Fendts there but weren't seated anywhere near them. Did get a bit of a visit though when we went to the buffet. Were home early and took naps, then had our happy hour and ate some of our goodies. We have lots.

It was a very nice peaceful day and the weather was decent.

Fr. Daley was back for a 9:00 a.m. Mass on Sunday and said he will be back for New Years day and the Sunday after. Fr. Dube has gone back to Nigeria for a month. He is scheduled to be back the end of January sometime. Might be interesting to see what happens then. He likes coming to Meeteetse too. Fr. Daley will probably be here every Sunday as long as his health allows. But it is kinda iffy. His determination will no doubt see him through his pain.

Went to Cody today as the bus isn't going to run New Year's Eve. John would take us if it was really a necessity, but no one had anything that couldn't wait. He told me going for lunch didn't constitute a necessity. Darn!! So Gma and I went this morning and had lunch at Our Place. Got enought stuff to last her when I go back to Hardin. That depends on weather. So far its looking good for the first of the month.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Sunny Southern California

I'm back from a trip to Sunny Southern California. Went to my cousin's wedding and it was beautiful. Check out the pics on picasa. The bride was glowing and so were all her family. The reception was great. Gracie got to dance a lot with several different people. She and "her brother" were doing quite well on the dance floor. Libby had fun too with the baby sitters. At least I think she must have. Her mother got away without any crying. She played awhile then slept.

When I arrived in California Gracie, Libby, Lexie, and Mary picked me up at the airport and we went to Seaport Village for supper. Wandered around for awhile looking at the lights and decorations before eating at the Pier Cafe. It was kinda cool after the sun went down, but I was fine. Lexie borrowed my heavy sweater and she really liked it. It did look good on her too. She was hoping I would forget she had it on, but I reminded her when we dropped her off at her house. I needed it in Salt Lake and Billings.

Friday we went shopping and the little girls got to see Santa. Libby didn't care much for that, but Gracie did. I ended up getting a new dress, a skirt and blouse, plus some other stuff. It was fun. Haven't done anything so rash for years.

Saturday was the wedding, Sunday we just rested. That evening we met the Dwyers for dinner at the Yard House. They serve Bailey's Coffee there and have Guinness too. I had Bailey's. Not as good as in Ireland, but there wasn't that Irish atmosphere.

Monday we were to go to Disneyland, but it was cold and rainy all day. In fact it was cold enough I had to wear my heavy winter sweater in Sunny Southern California. Can you believe that???? We thought about going to a fish museum and then driving up the coast for lunch, but it was just too miserable to go anywhere. However we did go to the movie in Murrieta. Saw "The Fantastic Mr. Fox". It was cute. Mary and I liked it, but Libby only lasted halfway through before she wanted to explore. Of course that distracted Gracie and she got bored with the movie too. She seemed to be enjoying it though until she got more interested in what Libby was doing.

Tuesday I left. It was -10 in Billings when we landed. Pat brought my tennis shoes and my scarf which was good. I needed those.

Got the oil changed in my car Wednesday and bought a toner cartridge for my printer. Thursday the weather was above zero and the sun was shining. Wind died down and roads were clear so I came back to Meeteetse while the getting was good. Now I'm back in business. I can print and I remembered to bring my cord for the computer so I don't run out of battery. My cell phone works, but I don't get a lot of calls. Hmmmm.