Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Homeward bound

The wild week is over. Sure had fun though. Didn't do quite all the things on the list, but got most of them done and even some other adventures that weren't on the list. We missed the Museum and the school playground, but we got the Lion's Park playground. Gracie and Uncle Ed went to pet the Game Warden's mules down at the check station. They were gone, so the went up the hill by way of the road and came back down the trail. Long way for Gracie, but didn't seem to phase her a bit. Ed went out picket pin hunting and got five of them. Then Gracie found a dead critter in the yard which she thought must have been a picket pin. It turned out to be a dead mouse, so Ed had the job of disposing of it. Gracie thinks I need to shovel all the deer poop out of my yard.

Sunday was Church day and the day of GGma's Birthday party at the Irma. That was very nice and the girls were really good. The waitress even commented on how good they were. After the party there they went shopping at Wal-Mart. Even Pat and Gary went. They all had a good time and Gracie talked Aunt Patty into some toys for her and Libby. What a soft touch.

Monday we went to Hardin in the rain. Not too bad though. I did get to the house a few minutes before them and had time to put up some little things not meant for little girls. Got Spuddie's pictures put away and three other boxes of breakables before they got there. Ed helped me get the rest of the stuff put in the basement. Was a really hurried clean up job, so will take awhile to find it all again.

Ed had his cookout with his friends and the rest of us went to Pat's. Jen's MacDonald's toys were a big hit with the little girls. Jen is now their best cousin ever. Tuesday Ed took Gracie on another adventure, walking downtown then to the Park before we met Pat and Jen for coffee at MacDonalds, where the girls talked someone into getting new mermaid dolls. Jen got to show off her cousins to her co-workers. Mary got to visit briefly with a couple of her classmates during our time in Hardin. We did get some of Spuddie's treasures packed up for Mary. Then I had to come back to Meeteetse. They leave bright and early tomorrow morning.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Party time

My kids are here!!! They arrived safely tonight about 7:30 p.m. Now the fun begins. Champagne and chocolate coffee break in the morning, visit the museum, play in park and/or school grounds, pet the Game Warden's mules. They are shut up at the check station, so will have to walk down there. Bath time for the little girls as they have mermaid dolls that need to swim. Their tails wag too. The mermaids, that is. Ed fits into Dad's old Levi jacket that I have been using for yard work as it has batter acid holes in it and has little tear here and there.

Glad they had a good safe trip and took lots of pics along the way. Girls got to play in the snow on South Pass. They took an excursion to South Pass City and Atlantic City, which wasn't a real good idea. But they didn't get stuck in the mud or a snow bank, so all is well.

Monday, May 3, 2010

My Kids are Coming!

My kids are coming! My kids are coming! Yippee!!!!

My Mother will celebrate her 102nd birthday on Mother's Day. Some Mtse people are having a dinner party for her in Cody, and three of her Grandchildren will be there as well as two Great Grandchildren and a Grandson-in-law. I am so excited you'd think it was my birthday. ( I guess I can claim the Mother's Day part.) There will also be a "champagne and chocolate" coffee break on Sat morning. We will have cake and ice cream somewhere in all this too. Two of her friends are making cakes for her. One is a decadent chocolate cake and one is a rum cake. MMMMMMMM!!!!!

What a great time we will all have. Life is good.