Saturday, April 25, 2015

another busy week

Thought I'd have more leisure time this week.  WRONG!!!!

There was Seniors Monday and Wednesday and the bus to Cody on Thursday.  That's the day those of us on the bus decided to meet the next morning for breakfast at the ElkHorn.  We've talked about it before, but our schedules were all too busy to get it in.  So this week we just did it.  Was a fun morning and we all enjoyed our breakfasts and the visit.  Will have to do it more often now. 

Tuesday I went to Cody in the morning to get my hair cut.  It was long, long, long overdue.  Then got back in time to fix lunch and go back to Cody to take Gma to the doctor about her sore shoulder.  She wrenched it one night pulling up the covers.  Said she heard it pop.  She thought it would go away, so we put thergesic on it a couple of nights, but that didn't help.  She would take tylenol which did help her sleep some, but it wasn't working real well either.  If she could get it positioned just right she could sleep, but then she'd move and it would hurt enough to wake her up again.  So off to the doc we went Tuesday afternoon.  It wasn't swollen or bruised, but he thought it needed to be x-rayed.  Good news was it wasn't broken, bad news was she had torn the rotor cuff.  She doesn't do well with pain pills, but she told him she could handle codeine.  He prescribed tylenol 3 which has codeine and it seems to help some.  At least she sleeps for longer periods of time at night.  She will only take one at night.  She says it doesn't hurt so much in the daytime when she's sitting up.  She can rest it on the arm of her chair.  He also showed her an easy exercise to do so it doesn't stiffen up.  It doesn't put any pressure on the shoulder, but keeps it moving.  She does that when she comes to the table. 

Gayle brought more stuff to put in my shop.  This is the big furniture type stuff.  She had some Sunday and again on Thursday. 

Saturday evening I went to a wedding.  It was supposed to be in the back yard of the Oasis, but it was raining tonight, so they moved it into the ElkHorn.  That was where the reception was to be held anyway.  I didn't stay for all that. 

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Busy week

Last week we were on the go all week.  Monday was Seniors, Tuesday I went to Hdn to vacuum more cobwebs and check out my house.  Then went to the realtor and put it on the market.  Good feeling to have that done.  Wednesday was Seniors again, Thursday went to Cody on the Senior bus, Friday the Seniors went to lunch at the Senior Center in Worland.  That was fun as we got to visit with some Mtse people that now live in Worland.  Two of us used to live in Worland and now live in Mtse.  Saturday I went back to Worland for Katie Janicek's party.  She earned her degree in Criminal Justice.  It was also the same time as the Geis's Old Geezer Party so they combined it all in one.  They are all relatives, so it worked out. Got a short visit with all the Bains and Janiceks.  Sunday Dave and Karen were here for a visit and I took them to lunch at the ElkHorn.

This week has been just about as busy.  Senior lunches Monday and Wednesday, Senior bus to Cody on Thursday.  Tuesday Gma went to see the doctor about her sore shoulder.  She wrenched it pulling up the covers a couple of weeks ago and figured it would go away.  But it didn't and seemed to be getting sorer.  They took x-rays and she has a torn rotor cuff.  Gave her a prescription for tylenol 3 for pain and some easy exercises that won't over tax it, but will keep it moving.  The tylenol makes her sleep better and she only takes one a night.  She can take more, but she won't. 

So far nothing going on Friday, but Saturday I go to the Oasis for a wedding. Reception to follow at ElkHorn. 

Sometime next week I'm going to have to mow my grass.  I noticed today that it's getting tall since the last wet snow. Dandelions are showing up as well, so will have to get out the weed spray too. 

Monday, April 13, 2015

Art Work

George came over and helped me hang some pictures in the garage and shop.  It was payment for three pieces of wood.  He said he'd come back and help me put some of the tables back together, if I want. 

Then I got most of the lawn raked up.  Just have one little corner of the back lawn and the side with the trees and rocks and the garden.  That won't be too bad, I don't think.  After that I can get to the side of the garage now that the woodpile is gone.  Millie and Yvonne have all the weed spray stuff so we will spray soon.  Things are really looking up. 

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Life in Mtse

We had a nice Easter just doing nothing.  Ate pot pies for our Easter dinner.  Nice change and very little clean up or preparation.  Betty Potas brought Gma some mint ice cream bars on Saturday, so we had that for dessert.

I've been cleaning my yard for spring.  So far I've raked 4 garbage bags of dead grass and leaves.  Got all the side yard done and pulled some stuff out of the bushes in front.  Raked up part of the back yard.  Did where the bushes are between the house and garage and by the greenhouse. 

George Franzen asked me for some pieces of wood, so I have him three and he is to come Friday or Saturday and hang some big pictures for me in the garage.  Gayle fixed that one of Spain and I've decided to hang it above one of the windows in the garage along with the beer one that was left there.  She washed that one and cleaned it up too.  Looks quite nice.  Then I have a couple of other big ones that I want up high. 

Yesterday and today I moved the wood pile.  Figured if its out of sight it'll be out of mind.  I'm not using it, but I don't want to sell it either.  Not sure what I'll do with it, but for now I'm keeping it.  Will use a couple of them for sitting on by the front steps or the back steps.  Might use some for seating in the greenhouse picnic area.  I'll think of something.  There is a big community yard sale coming up May 1st in conjunction with the fishing derby.  Don't really want to have to explain the wood then.  There were 151 pieces of wood that I moved.  Took the smaller ones in the wagon and the bigger pieces with the dolly.  Worked at it an hour and a half yesterday and another hour today.  There is still one big log between the garage and the fence, but I can't lift it.  Now I can get to that part of my yard and rake dead weeds.  Will make it easier to get back there to spray weeds, too.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Arlene's retirement

Last Sunday we went to Arlene's retirement party at the Senior Center.  She has been delivering mail on our route for 25 1/2 years.  We will miss her as she did extra stuff for us sometimes.  Now we have to train a new person.  The new guy went with her a couple of times and she said he was writing everything down in a notebook, so will see how well he remembers.  I rather suspect I'll have to actually check our mail box from time to time.  Arlene would raise the flag if we had mail.  We don't get much on the route anymore except junk mail.  But now and again we get a card from someone who doesn't have our box. 

It was a nice party.  Gma wasn't going to go, but later decided she would if we went early before the crowd started.  So she went.  Arlene was really happy to see her there.  Joe and Alice were there and Alice really got excited to see her.  Wanted her picture taken with Gracie and also with Dan and Arlene.  She forgot to bring a camera so asked if I'd take them for her.  I did.  One of Arlene's daughters was taking pics of everyone so she got some too.  Won't have to make extras for Arlene.  All of the Griffin kids and most of their kids were there.  Lots of local people came as well as lots of Arlene's relatives. 

Virginia Salzman Foreman and her cousin Fr. Tom Ogg were there from Ten Sleep. They are cousins to Arlene.  I had seen Virginia at the REA meeting and told her to stop by if she ever happened to be over here.  So she took me up on it and Fr. Tom brought her up to the house before the party.  It was good to see her and she and Gma had a nice visit.  Virginia was in my sister's high school class.  Fr. Tom was in Sonny Bain's class. 

After Gma visited and had her picture taken with the Griffins and Kordonoways, she inspected the cake and told Dan to save her a piece.  Then she was ready to go home.  I took her home and then went back and actually visited with Arlene and some of her kids, had my cake and punch.  Dan fixed a piece of cake for Gma and I brought it home.  She thought it was a pretty big piece and we could cut it in two, so I could have some too.  I said I had my cake there.  And she did eat the whole thing with her ice cream.