Monday, April 27, 2009

New Outfit

You girls can get off your sister's back now. We took my car for servicing and went shopping. Got me a new pant suit. Its dressy, but casual, and can be worn for numerous occasions. The pants are gray and the blouse is multicolored (reds, greens, pinks) soft colors and springy. It has a white shift under the blouse, so can be buttoned or not. Depends on the temperature. And it's age appropriate. I did try on a dress and couldn't get it over my shoulders, let alone the rest of me. That was really an exercise in futility. The dresses really weren't "me". They don't make them for people with a waist like a sumo wrestler and a top like the wimp in the Charles Atlas ads. However my 20 year old red dress does cover up all those faults and I think it still looks good. And everyone else won't have one like it.

My car is already for a long trip. I told the service man that I wanted it made good and safe for a long trip and a few short ones, too. They did all the fluids and flushed out numerous things, changed oil, rotated tires, checked belts, washed it, did safety inspection, etc. Took it in at 9:30 and it wasn't finished until 1:30.

We had time for lots of shopping and lunch too. We had a good time.

Then later I went out to do some more raking. All that's left is the rose bush in the back yard corner. It is really full of leaves and garbage that has blown in over the years. That is always the last thing to get done and it usually gets put off until it is too bushy to get under it. The neighbor guy trimmed it for me last fall. He really trimmed a lot, so I can get under it now. Got two sacks full in a very short time. Then I broke the rake (not intentionally). I think I can fix it with a screw, but don't think I can drill a hole through the little metal piece that holds the rake to the handle. I'll take it back with me for some of Gma's helpers to do. Think I have another rake here somewhere. Seems like I used to have two of them when the boys helped me with my yard. I sure miss them at times like this. Oh well, I'll get it done eventually. I'm not getting stiff and sore which is a good thing. Maybe I'm in better shape than I thought. Must have been all the times I chased the deer out of the yard. I'm getting in practice for our Ireland trip.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Picasa download

The #1 Wolf came over this afternoon and we downloaded Picasa3 twice. It never did anything. Said it was done, but I never got the instructions to do anything. One little tab said it was still downloading, but none of the little round things were going like it was working. We looked for the file in the programs but it wasn't there. Went into the "computer drive c" thingy and it wasn't there either. Did a search for it but couldn't find it. All the little notices said it wasn't there. So I shut down and started over. Downloaded it again for the third time and now it says "one active download (unknown time remaining). It stayed that way while I went out and raked up another sack and a half of grass and leaves. So I shut everything down again while I finished the yard work and took the sacks to the garbage in the trusty little red wagon. Gave it an hour rest and now that I'm back on it still says its downloading with unknown time remaining. That's in the corner of the bottom bar. However it doesn't seem to be stopping me from getting into other programs. None of the little round things are going like its working. Don't know how to make it go away. I might just wait until we come to visit you. Oops! A little notice just came out the side that said all files were downloaded and the "download" stuff is gone off the bar.

When you go to my picasa site can you see the doll museum file as well as the wildlife one?

Thanks for all the info. I'll print it for reference. Will just have to see if I can put more pics on faster or something, or not.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Hardin Home

I'm back in Hardin again. Will be here for two weeks this time as I need to do some manual labor and get my yard in shape. Also have to do some sorting in the basement, and, of course, pay bills.

Got my windshield chip sealed this afternoon. It had a pretty big chip in it that looked like a quarter circle on the bottom. Now you can't even tell where it was. It was in the middle so wasn't interfering with my vision, but with all this warmer weather it would no doubt have spread. Anyway that's done.

Have to work on new pics on flickr too.

Sure can tell Spring is here. The bluebirds have been fighting over the nest building. Silly birds. The picket pins are out in full force, but so far are staying across the fence. Although one was in the pipe the other day and I got close enough I could have stepped on him, but he ducked in the pipe too quick. Another one sat by the pipe on the sidewalk until Gma got her gun out. Think he must have heard her getting it ready because he hasn't been back since. Haven't seen much of the rabbits, but there are a couple of them out once in a while. Haven't seen the baby bunny since I got his pic.