Monday, August 31, 2009

Ready ! Set !

Is it time yet? Are we there yet? Can you tell I'm getting anxious for this trip to luxurious Ireland?

I'm headed for Hardin tomorrow after lunch. I'll bring Gma home and them I'm gone!
Have my Hardin stuff packed and ready to go. I'll be in Hardin Tuesday night and write out all the bills. Wed. I pay bills, vote, pack, and sleep. Thurs. we are outa here.

Saturday we took a drive up to the Jack Creek campground. Beautiful scenery and I got quite a local history lesson. Just hope I can remember it. I'm going to have to take you kids back up in there. Don't understand why anyone in their right mind would want to pull campers and horse trailers over those rocky roads and steep hills, but I'm not an outfitter or hunting guide. And I'm not a hunter either. Except with a camera. We need to go in a high clearance vehicle, and with 4wheel drive, not in my subaru.

Now I want to go to some of the other places that I've heard about for years, but never been there.

Will let you know all about the trip when we get back

Friday, August 21, 2009

Fun visitors

We've been busy. The relatives arrived really late Tuesday, actually Wednesday a.m. as in 2:00a.m. When Gma and I went for coffee Wednesday we were greeted at the door by the relatives. WOW!! So we had coffee while they finished up their breakfast. Then we said we'd meet them at the Senior Center for lunch at noon. Told them at the Center we'd be having several extra guests and we set them up at the middle table. We waited and waited and waited. Finished our lunch and three of them showed up. So they got to eat after all and we visited some more. The rest had gone back after breakfast and taken naps . Originally we were expecting three of them, Tom, John, Will. There were seven, Tom, John, Will, Brandon, Mary Jo, Sam, Shannon. Anyway Tom, Will, Brandon were the ones that ate at Seniors. Then they got extra stuff to take home with them for later. They are growing boys, they need food. The boys went walking and Tom came to the house with us. Wasn't long before all the rest came out.

We took them for a drive up to Sunshine and they had a great time up there just looking around. The boys found a bunch of good dried driftwood on the lake shore that they loaded in their van for their camping excursion. They wanted to spend at least one night camping up Wood River. That evening we had really good sausages for supper at their cabin at the Oasis. They get the sausages at a certain place in Oregon that just sells it one day. They have some sort of celebration that day and make lots of sausage for the celebration. The extra is sold to whoever gets there first. So you have to be sure you are there super early to get your place in line.

Thursday we met them all at Lucille's for their breakfast, then we went to Joe and Joy's house. Mary Jo had gotten fresh salmon and had it vacuum sealed so they could bring it out here. That's what we took to Joe & Joy's. Joy had fresh garden salad, some chili she made, and brownies with fresh raspberries & cool whip. The garden stuff was from her garden, the chili was their own beef, and the raspberries were from her tree in the yard. After we ate Will and Joe played and sang for us. Joe fixed his guitar so he can sit and play it with a dobro (sp). He can't hold his guitar over his shoulder and pick like he did. His fingers don't bend as far as they should and he doesn't have full use of his thumb either. But they are getting better. Then Will played the dobro and picked it up quickly. Joe said he learned in five minutes what it took Joe three months to learn. Then Joe took them around his place and they had great fun looking in old barns and sheds and a cabin. Lots of machinery to see too.

This morning we met them at Lucille's again. Some wanted to go to Thermop swimming. The girls wanted to go shopping in Cody. So John went to Cody really early to see about renting a plane to take Gma for a ride. He came back before the rest were up for breakfast. Gma and I said we'd go for a ride. He had to go back to Cody to do the paperwork and then had to go up with an instructor for their and his safety and insurance purposes. Standard procedure. The girls went with him so they could shop. Tom and the boys dinked around town for awhile and then came to our house for lunch. We fed them lamb burgers from Bill Bain. They loved it. By that time the girls came back so they could go swimming. John was still doing plane stuff so Mary Jo had to go back to pick him up. Tom spent the afternoon at our house.

We planned to take them out to supper at the Cowboy tonight as Tom flies out of Cody at 6:00a.m. The boys were going the WoodRiver campground after supper. So that's what we did. Four of us had ribs and everyone else ordered off the menu. They all loved their food. Raved about it. They said they have to come to Wyoming to get really good meals. Everything they have eaten here was wonderful. Glad they like it. Maybe they will make this an annual trek.

Sometime tomorrow they will all leave. Probably after lunch. Gma and I will meet John at the Oasis at 7:30 as our plane ride is scheduled for 8:30a.m. John wants to fly over Joe's house to see if he got his hay cut yet. He has the plane for two hours. That will be fun.

Then Gma got a call from some friends of hers from Wisconsin and they will be in Cody next week and would really like to see her. They will call again with more particulars. We can do that.

Gma said she'd be glad when I go to Ireland so she can get some rest. Hmmm.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

new pics

I put some different pics on flickr and a new album on picasa. These are of Gma and the Regulators. There are also 4 of two of the bands that played at the Cowboy Sat night.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

MTR - Regulators

The Regulators were here this weekend. We were sure busy.

We didn't see them on Thursday, but they started arriving that day. Friday after Limings came we went out to the rifle range to watch them shoot, but by the time we got there they were through for the day. When we drove up Gma said "I don't know any of those guys" . Well they sure knew her and all came to the car to greet her. They were just waiting for their ride back to town, so we visited a bit then came back home.

We thought the "Taste of Meeteetse" started at 4:30, but it was pouring rain about that time so we wondered if they would have to cancel. Anyway we went into town about 5:00 and no one was out.
Checked in the Chocolatier and found out it wasn't to start until 6:00. Went to the Cowboy for awhile until they started. Then we got all our "tastes". There was shrimp, fry bread, and cheese cake at one booth. They had drunken duck and vodka slushes at the other booth. The drunken ducks were pieces of chicken cooked in rum wine and whiskey. Sure made a good flavor. The red slushes had vodka, the blue slushes were non-alcohol.

Gma got hugs from the Regulators all the way down the street. They were all glad to see her. She is their favorite Meeteetse person.

After tasting we went in the Cowboy for supper. The Elkhorn was packed and there was no way to get anything to eat for quite awhile. The Cowboy was almost as packed but not quite. We had a better chance of getting served faster there. Both places were full of Regulators so there was no point in getting to the bonfire at the Oasis until they were done eating anyway. All worked out just fine. We visited at the campfire until 9:30.

Limings were leaving Sat morning to go to Cody to ride with the Patriot Guard for the dedication of the new World War II memorial. The Governor was to speak and the whole bit. They had to be there to line up by 9:00, so we went to Lucille's shortly after 7:00 when they first opened. The place was full. Guess the people were lined up outside waiting for them to open at 7:00
we did get the one table that was left, but it would be too long for breakfast so just had coffee and they left. Gma and I ordered breakfast after they were gone. We got out food at 8:30 so the kids wouldn't have had time to eat anyway.

The people in there were going on the Kirwin tour which left the museum about 8:30. After our breakfast we came back home to regroup. Had my Saturday morning coffee break with my daughter before we went to the rifle range to watch the final shoot out.

They had a pistol ready for Gma. She was 100% better than last year. Last year she hit the target once. This year she hit it twice. Pistols are not her strong point.

After lunch we went to the museum to hear David Stalcup talk about his motorcycle adventures when he went around the world. Tomorrow there is a reception for him as it is the last day of his exhibit. He's quite interesting. Sounded like he had lots of fun on his travels. Not something I would want to do. 50 years ago I might have thought about it, but probably wouldn't have actually done it.

Then we went to the Oasis for the award ceremony. The group was all going out to Wagner's for the barbecue, entertainment, and trip to Arland with the story of "The Lady in Blue" by Clay Gibbons. So we wouldn't see them again for this year.

Tonight we went to the Cowboy to hear the bands. There were three of them. The first two only played for half hour to 45 minutes each. The third band was Wes Hogg's group. He has improved over the years. The first two were rather good too. Give them a couple more years and they might make names for themselves. The first group didn't look old enough to even be in the bar, but I guess I'm just getting old. The second group looked a tad older. Reminded me of Rocky Hert's group. The music was different, not such hard rock, sort of a bluegrass rock. Anyway it was interesting. Lots of locals in the bar. Almost like a Labor Day crowd.

Was a fun weekend. Monday we tour the new Lodge up WoodRiver. Tuesday we should have relatives arrive. No time to think about Ireland trip yet. But I'm ready.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Mules miss Gracie

Nothing exciting has been going on. Just our usual routine. The Game Warden's mules really miss Gracie. They hang around by our fence quite a bit and wait for us to come out. When we drive off for coffee break they go back to the check station or up the hill. Today one of the white ones has really been braying. Think he must be calling Gracie.

This morning we went to Cody for a haircut for Gma. She also stopped to get her glasses adjusted and they are going to fix one lens so hopefully she can see out of it better. Things are just too blurry for her and she really has trouble reading the newspaper. Said she can't tell the difference between the horses and cows across the road. The old ones were blurry, but at least she could distinguish stuff better. The lady said she had to tweak the left one.

Then we went for groceries and to Our Place for lunch. Then home for a nap. Also picked up pics that I had ordered the night before. Sure like the way that works.

Had a call from the Willises and they will be here for a visit tomorrow. Invited them to lunch at the Seniors. Then they will be off to the dinosaur museum in Thermop.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Kids are gone

Some of my kids were here for a couple of days. They got here early and came in to the Senior Citizens for lunch. I wasn't expecting them until 1:30 or 2:00. So they got polish sausage and sauerkraut for lunch. Gracie age three sausages. They made a big hit with the Seniors. Later I met them at the Chocolatier's for dessert. Libby had a chocolate covered pretzel. The rest of us had ice cream. Yummmmm!!

Sandy chased around the yard, but she didn't rout any bunnies, picket pins, or chipmunks. However they were kind of scarce for a couple of days. Gracie and Libby got to pet and feed grass stems to the Game Warden's mules. Both girls played with the trucks. Gracie also found GGma's two round rocks. They race down the ramp as well as the race cars.

Thursday we toured the Museum, visited Em and crew at Lucilles, pics in jail. Later in the afternoon we went to the two school playgrounds, then down to the Lion's Park playground. Lots of slides and tunnels and stuff to crawl through and slide on. Swings too. Check out new picasa pics.

Keith visited with Big Jim about Jimmy Wooten and then wrote a song about him. Thurs night he performed it at the Cowboy. Jim liked the song, but not Keith's singing. Hmph! He doesn't appreciate the finer things in life.

This morning they left bright and early, after breakfast, at 10:30. Were headed through Yellowstone. Wonder if they got into any rain. We had a few sprinkles.

This afternoon Gma and I had a pinochle date at the Oasis. Tomorrow we go to a Museum program.