Wednesday, December 15, 2010


We haven't done anything new and exciting this month. Just the usual stuff - coffee break, Senior lunches, Senior bus to Cody.

We did attend some of the activities for Christmas in Meeteetse. We had lunch at Lucille's for the chicken strip special, then went next door to the Elkhorn to hear a lady sing. That was our after dinner drink. If you wanted a special request there was a $3.00 donation as that is the price of a Senior meal and all the money she took in went to the Seniors. Then we went home for the rest of the afternoon and came back at 5:00 for the lighting of the tree. They reinstituted purchasing a string of lights in someone's memory to decorate a tree in Riverside Park. It was a brief ceremony and to the point. They read the names for the memorials and while one lady plugged in the tree lights the one from the Elkhorn sang "O Holy Night". Very appropriate. Then the names for the raffle items were drawn and the winners of the photo contest and house decorations were announced. After that there was soup and chili at the Senior Center and oyster stew and spaghetti dinner at the Community Church. So we did the Seniors first, then to the church for the rest. Lots of good food.

During the day they had a craft fair all day at the Senior Center, Santa was there from 2 - 4, and there were hay rides all afternoon. We didn't do any of that. I understand that it was all quite successful though. Santa had quite a lot of little kids and the hay ride wagon was nearly full for most of its runs around town. The ride lasted about 20 minutes, but I didn't find out where it went. The crafters seemed to do well.

It wasn't snowing that day, but was kinda cold and windy. There was also a basketball tournament going on. Guess the Museum was busy with people and kids waiting for their teams to play.

I have cleaned house so we can put up decorations. And we made some little fruit cakes one day. Still have to do some baking for our goodie plates, but can't do that until closer to time to give them out. Sunday is our Church Christmas dinner and we are bringing cheesey cauliflower.

We got our cards and letters out before the 10th, so we feel we are really organized this year.

Monday, November 15, 2010

We're Celebrities!!!

The U S Capitol Christmas Tree came through Meeteetse on its way from Thermopolis to Cody on Sunday, Nov 14th. Local papers reported that it was to be in those two towns on its way to Washington DC. Those were the only two towns in the basin that had scheduled stops. We wondered why it was coming way up here when they cut it near Jackson. The Park is closed so it couldn't go that way and going all the way around and back up here seemed strange.

Well, as more news reports were unveiled we learned it was crisscrossing all across Wyoming. Since this is the first time in history that a tree has been chosen from Wyoming it was a big deal. Kids from all over the state have been making decorations to send with it, as well as other groups of people. The towns selected for the scheduled stops were all having special events in honor of the tree. Thermop was having Mr & Mrs Santa Claus there, the Jr Hi band to play, and many other events. Cody was having the Hi School Choir sing, stores open for the event, the first 500 people would have their picture taken with the tree wearing Buffalo Bill goatees and mustaches, plus other stuff too.

The paper published a web site for the tree tour and I bookmarked it. This really is a Big Deal! Its kinda exciting to follow it along. They even have links to facebook and twitter. There is a tracking link. It tells where it is, but doesn't give the highway numbers.

We figured if it went from Thermop to Cody it would have to go through Meeteetse. Thought if I parked in front of the Museum I should be able to get a picture as it went whipping down the hill through town. It should go through around 2:00 p.m. as it was to leave Thermop at 1:00pm and be in Cody by 3:00pm. I guess it could have gone through Worland, Basin & Greybull to Cody, but that would be a longer trip and they only had two hours to get from one to the other. It would take approximately one and a half hours to get there, or a little less. Its a big truck and probably wouldn't be whipping down the road terribly fast. There was also quite a caravan of vehicles as they had law enforcement and another semi full of decorations, plus forest service people.

So Gma and I went down about 1:45 and its a good thing we went a bit early as there was a crowd starting to gather. We got the choice parking spot. The Museum was open so people could go in there to warm up. Was 37 degrees. Ann said the Fire Department went out to meet them. Her husband works there. They reported the caravan left Thermop at 1:08pm, so it would be awhile. Pretty soon three State Trooper cars came. The caravan was about 10 minutes behind them. They talked to Ann and she told them about this 102 year old that came to see the tree. They said they couldn't actually stop here, but they would "pause" for a brief time and the officers would escort Gma across the street. Wow! Great!!

These guys were the advance group for crowd control. They stopped traffic at the top of the hill and at the bridge. Said we'd have about 5 minutes. When the truck rolled to a stop the officers were right there to get Gma's arm. They really visited with her and she met all the truck drivers. The publicity girl asked it they could get a picture and post it on their blog. I said "sure". So they did. I even got in one. I did get lots of pics of them escorting Gma and of the crowd. The 5 minutes turned into 15 or 20, but everyone got to look in the one opening to see a few branches on the tree. And lots of people signed the banner on the side of the truck. The Forest Service lady gave Gma a complimentary gift. The bag had several things in it and Gma thought she was just to pick one, but the whole bag and contents were for her.

We found out lots of info about the tree and how much fun the "Tree Team" was having just because the people were so enthusiastic. They would stop anywhere along the route where there were people out to greet them. The couldn't officially stop, but they would "pause". Worked for us. They did put Gma's pic on their blog and on their facebook. It really was a fun and exciting thing. Glad we were able to be part of it.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Senior bus to Cody

What an adventure we had last Thursday. I wondered why I didn't see the little white rec bus anywhere and since it was getting late, I thought maybe I had missed it. I was quite surprised when a big yellow school bus picked me up at my parking spot. John said he'd sure be glad when we got our new bus. It's been ordered for over a year and is supposed to be delivered in Oct. This is Oct. Seems the little bus had a blow out when he came down the hill and he didn't have time to deal with it. Thought about calling all of us and cancelling, but then decided to take the ski bus. It's a big 30 passenger school bus, for 6 of us.

I didn't go all the way to the back row as I wouldn't have been able to visit or hear. He told us we could buy lots of stuff as we had plenty of room. Since this was such a bigger bus it was harder to maneuver around the parking lots. We took the wider street routes and the parking was farther away than usual. We got our exercise walking to the bus. He would have come and picked us up at the door, but everyone wanted to walk the extra miles. (Maybe not quite miles, but you get the idea)

The steps are much higher than we are used to, so one lady couldn't go with us as she just couldn't manage them. At the lunch place he parked by a curb so we didn't have to step so high for the first step. Didn't do much for steps 2 and 3. They were higher than the first one anyway. Besides by the time we finished lunch the parking lot was full and he would have had quite a time maneuvering that big monster around the parked cars. Not a lot of room.

On our way to Albertson's we just missed a bad accident at the intersection. It had just happened so we were stuck there until fire department, police, and ambulance arrived and took care of things before traffic could get moving again. By the time we finished our shopping the street was cleared, but there were still cop cars with their light flashing at the corner there. They must have been measuring and figuring out which one was at fault. Have to check the paper on this one.

Riding the Senior bus is always an adventure.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Castle Gardens & Murphy Draw

Tuesday we went back to Ten Sleep to Castle Gardens. Went in my subaru this time so I could use air conditioning. Took our water jug too. Got more pics of the Gardens than the first time as we weren't in a hurry and knew where we were going this time. There was another car there looking around. Then we took the Two Mile Road as we heard there were more rock formations on around the hill. Well there weren't any of those kinds of rocks, but after about 6 miles we did run into some pretty bad lands with interesting formations and a bit of color. It was actually 10 miles from the Two Mile junction back to the highway. Don't know who names their roads.

Had lunch in Worland and I took pics of the big mammoth in front of the new Museum. He's quite impressive.

Then on our way back down Gooseberry, Gma asked if I wanted to go down Murphy Draw and come out at Little Buffalo Basin. Well, sure! She said she didn't know how the road would be as its been many many years since she was on it. But it looked good and it does get used quite a bit. So away we went. It was really pretty back in there. She told me about a reservoir that used to be out there somewhere and an old cabin. They went ice skating there one time and kept warm in the cabin. Had to chip the snow off before they could skate. Anyway we didn't see it because she didn't remember exactly where it was and its not there anymore anyway. ok. There were several junctions out there so I can see how one could get lost out in there, if you didn't know where you were going. There is oil activity out there and I suppose hunting too. The roads look well gravelled and we didn't have any trouble getting around. The pics are on picasa. There was traffic on that road too. We met one pickup.

It was kinda fun and looks like a place to do more exploring sometime. Probably in the truck though, and with someone who knows the area. Gma says those roads are longer than they used to be. She doesn't remember going on for such a long time before getting to the highway. I figured she probably didn't use the same road that is there now. They probably took off across country on a cow path or something. That would be shorter.

Tonight we went to Cody to have dinner with several friends in honor of Fendt's 59th anniversary. They go to Michigan in a couple of weeks.

Discovered I have a headlight out again. On the passenger side this time. Hope its just a loose connection again, as that's quick and easy to fix. Too many rough roads.

Tomorrow is bus day, so will stop in and get the light fixed after I get back.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Yes! Where did September go???

Shortly after we came back from our 5 generation trip to CA we went to Mt to see hay bales. We do this nearly every year. Its always fun and interesting to see all the different things those clever people come up with year after year. That was Tuesday Sept 14th.

Wednesday the 15th was the Mtse Firemen's appreciation dinner at the fire hall, so we went to that. A yearly thing.

Thursday Sept 15 we had company from Iowa and Ten Sleep. Took them out to lunch and had a really good visit.

Friday the 17th Gma had a dr appt check up on her carpal tunnel. It is healing just great. Can't even tell where they did the surgery, but she still has some tingling in her fingers now and then. Guess it takes quit awhile for that all to go away as her nerve was pinched very tight..

Sunday the 19th we took a drive down the upper Gooseberry. Went up WoodRiver to a turn off that goes up Brackney Hill, then there is a fork in the road where the county quits maintaining. One direction goes to the head of Gooseberry and the Wall Rock. The other way goes past Renner's, Larsen's, and Dickey's LU sheep ranch. That's the way we went. When Gma went on that road before it was the only road that way. Now there are all kinds of roads branching off here and there (oil roads). But it was interesting. Bumpy, but interesting just the same. It comes out just east of the Gooseberry rest area and bridge.

Tuesday Sept 22 we went to Anchor Dam. Couldn't actually get to the dam part as they had gates across the road, but we got close. There is another road out there that I think goes to Grass Creek, but not sure. Will have to explore that one some other time. Had lunch at the Pumpernickel Cafe in Thermop and I ran into one of my classmates there, and her sister, who was in my sister's class, and their cousin, and a daughter of one of them. Then we went down Cottonwood. Another dirt road that I had never been on. Gma has, but it seemed much longer this time. She didn't remember these roads as going on so long.

Thursday, Sept 23 I took the bus to Cody since I hadn't done that for several weeks. That night we went to Senior Citizens supper.

Friday, Sept 24th we took a tour of the lower loop of Yellowstone. Couldn't get from Canyon to Roosevelt Lodge anyway as there was a fire that way. So we went from Canyon to Norris and over the new Gibbon River bridge. It wasn't quite finished and we had to wait for construction. They were putting the asphalt down, so was one way traffic for quite a way. Lots of cars being held up. While we waited for the pilot car to lead us we counted 113 vehicles that they had brought through. Couldn't tell how many in our line as I couldn't see how far they went beyond the curve. The road never did straighten out enough for me to see the end of our line in my mirror. We had our picnic lunch along the Firehole River. It was kinda cool out there with the breeze by the river. The temp wasn't all that cool though. Several other people that stopped went back to their cars for heavier jackets too.

Tuesday, Sept 28th we went to Ten Sleep to see Castle Gardens, then went into town for lunch with our Ten Sleep friends. Was a fun day, but got hot before we got home. We went in the pickup as we didn't know how the dirt road would be. Last time Gma went there it was quite rutty and we didn't want to straddle big ruts in my little subaru. It was very nicely graveled now. Will have to go back again before the weather gets bad as I lost all the pics I took. When I put my camera card in the computer I got a different kind of box and when I pushed the button it erased the card. Fortunately I had already put everything before that on the computer so just lost the ones I took that day. Grrrrrrr!!! Will have to get the lunch pics from one of the others.

Sept 29th I went to Hardin to pay bills and rake sticks. The sticks were already gone, so didn't have to do that. Went to therapy with Pat after her dental appt. Got a bunch of Spuddie pics scanned, and all the housework I intended to do is done for this trip.

Now its October already. Looking back it's no wonder Sept went so fast. We never slowed down.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

California trip - 5 Generations - Whooee!!

We missed all the Meeteetse Labor Day celebrations because I went to Hardin to pay bills and when I got back to Meeteetse it was time to head to CA. Gma said she didn't care about Labor Day as she'd seen all that stuff before anyway. OK. Works for me!

We left at 6:00 a.m., had lunch at Little America, and made it to St George, Utah. It was a long day, but we got there about 6:45 p.m. which wasn't bad. Usually we make it to Cedar City around 6:00 p.m. and St George is only about an hour farther. I liked St. George. It was easy off and easy on the Interstate. We stayed at a Motel 6 which was only half a block from a Denny's. Very convenient. There were at least three other motels on that same street. Will definitely stay there again. The motel guy even called after we got into our room to see if everything was working and in good order. It was. Another reason for getting as far south as we could was so that we could get an earlier start across the desert.

Left St George shortly before 7:00 a.m. Had called Ed to let him know where we were and when we might be going through Vegas. He was already on his way to Mary's. That was good. We had cloud cover for most of the day, so wasn't too hot. It did get up to 95 at Baker, but then we went over a hill and it dropped down to the high 80s. Got to Mary's fairly early, too early to check in the motel, so just visited and got to meet Charlie. What a little cutie!! Bonnie had sent a couple of packages so Lexie had a mini shower. Got lots of goodies for her and for Charlie, too.

Wednesday was dinking around day. Went to a park to play, visited, played with Charlie, ate, and before we knew it it was time to go the Pachenga for pictures. All parties arrived at pretty much the same time. Had fun taking lots and lots of pics. Even though we had a professional photographer everyone was snapping their own pics anyway.

Paynes met us there and were waiting in the lobby for dinner. It was good. Charlie slept through the whole thing (pics, being wrassled around, dinner, the whole bit). Gracie and Libby were very good. They got lots of running time while we were doing pics so they behaved at dinner very well. I was impressed. Had a good visit with the Paynes. Sure glad they could be there. We don't see enough of them.

Thursday was visiting and relaxing. I went to Gracie's school to tell one of my stories. Did the "Little Dove" one. Then I got my picture taken with the class. They were cute. Gracie introduced me and then she introduced me again after I was finished. That worked!

We got another full day with Charlie and Lexie too. Ed fixed biscuits and gravy for breakfast for us and then he made French Dips for lunch. Very good. He made is own brand of salsa, two batches. One was supposedly mild and the other hot. You could actually taste the mild before it started to burn. I didn't even attempt the other. I'm not real keen on lots of hot stuff anyway.

Said our goodbyes Thursday night as we were leaving early Friday morning. Ed called and said he'd meet us and caravan with us to Vegas. We could have lunch there. I suggested we meet him in Jean instead of Vegas. When I started through there, I wasn't stopping. So that's what we did. Called each other at potty stops to see if we were still together. Had a good lunch at Jean and then followed Ed the rest of the way into Vegas until he turned at his exit.

We had a super good time and Gma loved every minute of it. We stayed in Nephi, Utah Friday night, then home Saturday. Gma wasn't too tired and worn out after this trip. Probably because it wasn't too hot. It never got up to 90 on our way back. Only 89 at Baker. And this trip was Gma's idea and she really wanted to to this. She was calling the shots on this one. She kept telling people what a great time she had and Charlie was sooo cute. She said for a big baby he was sure little. She got a lot of cuddle time. He was such a good baby. So cooperative. But then look at his ancestors. How can he not be beautiful and perfect??

Sunday, September 12, 2010

August Happenings

Gosh, we've been busy for awhile. August was full of doing "stuff".

8-7-10 We went to Sheridan to see all the statues around the streets there. Pat had told us about them and had pics. Looked like something we'd want to see. Gma sat in the car where I managed to find shady spots to park. Then I ran around snapping pics for several blocks at a time. They had lots of statues.

8-12-10 One day we took a ride to Louis Lake. Went through Sinks Canyon out of Lander and over the mountain to the lake and came out on South Pass. So went to South Pass City and Atlantic City just because we could. Have been there before, but its been years ago. We didn't stop and look around there, but did drive through them to be sure they were still there. We had a picnic lunch at Louis Lake. I'd never been there before and its a beautiful area. All dirt and gravel roads, of course.

8-14-10 Pat called us one day and said the Patriot Guard would be bringing a flag through Cody that morning on the way to Jackson. Did we want to meet them in Cody for coffee break? Sure. Why not? So off we went and it turned out to be quite impressive to see them parade the flag down the street to the Harley place. Took pics then went to coffee at the Irma before they left on their way through the Park to Jackson. Got back in time for the Senior picnic in the park.

8-20,21,22-10 Two Steeles came for a visit and we took them all over the country in three days. Went to Joe and Joy's one day and had a scrumptious fish fry. Good visit, beautiful country, and just plain fun. Joe met us at the store and I rode with him in his "ol' truck". That wasn't a ride, it was an experience. Managed to get some decent pics of the route in spite of bouncing around.

The next day we took them down Gooseberry. That should have been a couple of hours trip, tops. Took six hours. We all got our history lessons and stopped every little whip stitch to take pics. Lots of fun. Stopped at Woody's but they weren't home. The guys checked out the back lot with all the junked cars and had a ball. Went into Worland for lunch and stopped by the cemetary where the Steele grandparents are buried. After we got back to Meeteetse I took John up to Kirwin. He really wanted to see that. We left here at 4:00pm and got up there at 6:00pm. Of course we had to take pics along the way while the light was good. Then he went into several of the buildings and a mine before the sun got too low behind the hills. Actually it was only about 45 minutes of exploring time. Got back down the hill before it got dark for which I was grateful. I really didn't want to have to be driving down that road in the dark. It's bad enough in the daytime. We made it. Then the guys and I went to the Cowboy for supper. That also happened to be the night that Craig Johnson was giving a talk about his newest book. Had forgotten about that and I wanted the book too. The Johnsons and sponsors came to the Cowboy too, so it all worked out. We got to buy his book and they even bought his first one, which he signed for them. Then photo op time. They also bought some of Big Jim's books and listened to some of Jim's stories. Great time!

Sunday they met us at Church, then lunch. After lunch Gma and I went to Griffin's 50th Anniversary. I was scheduled to take pictures for them. The Steeles went to Thermop for swimming and to see the dinosaur museum. Met them for supper at the ElkHorn, then they left early the next morning to catch their flights from Cody.

8-24-10 Went to LaBarge to eat in the New York Diner one day. Met Dawn there which was fun. She's such a good jolly person. The Diner is "Moondance" and was trucked there from New York as it was scheduled to be demolished there. These people in LaBarge heard about it and bought it to save it. Then brought it back here on a flatbed. Took over a year to get it fixed up and ready to open for business. On our way back we stopped at Fontenelle Dam, just because its there. Never been in there before. Now we have. On our way back down South Pass we took the dirt road that goes through Red Canyon there. Sure is pretty down there. Gives a whole different perspective on the red cliffs from down below.

8-26,27,28-10 The Meeteetse Trail Regulators were here for a few days. They spent a lot of time at the rifle range. We went out there for their final shoot out and watched. Took some pics, but we didn't shoot. This year their big dinner was scheduled at Trail Town in Cody with a tour and talk by Clay Gibbons. Gma didn't want to go for all that, it would have been too long a sitting for her. We did go to the Oasis for breakfast with them Saturday morning and visited. Good to see all of them every year.

Then August was over and its time to start on the September adventures.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Gma's cabin fever

Gma has a case of cabin fever since I left her home by herself for 10 days.

We have been out to Seniors and for coffee after I got back. Wednesday the 4th we went to Cody to get her hair cut after Senior lunch. I need to do that too. Friday the 6th we went for her carpal tunnel check up with the doctor, this time. She is doing great. Her hand has healed nicely and she isn't hurting all the time now. Still has a bit of numbness in her little finger, but it will take awhile for everything to go away. Her nerve was pinched really tight. Saturday the 7th we went over the Big Horns via Highway 14A to Sheridan. Took pics of all the statues that Pat told us about. Then came back via Highway 14 through Shell Canyon. Really a nice day. Tuesday was another Cody trip to the foot doctor for toenail clipping. Thursday we went to McCue to have some skin cancers burned off her arm.

Tomorrow we might go to Lewis Lake and then South Pass and Atlantic City. Then again, that might be too much and we will skip the cities as we have been there before. I have never been to Lewis Lake. We will take the truck for this trip as its on a dirt road and has some big bumps. Probably not a good idea to take my little car. The Church people had been there a couple of weeks ago and said it was kinda rough, but not bad. Steeles will be here the 18th, but not sure how long. Joe and Joy want to come over when they are here. Then the bikers will be here, then it will be time for our CA trip for 5 generations. Yippee!!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Rest of the IDCA trip

The Boomtown motel was kind of a neat place. They had a million dollar saddle on display there and a nice cowboy sculpture out front. Pat had fun gambling, but I was tired, so just had a night cap with her and went to bed. Left her on her own and she won then.

Tuesday we got to Napa in time for lunch with Spuddie's friends. Was sure good to see them again and get in a nice visit. Picked up the quarters and made our way down the coast to San Luis Opbispo. Had a bit of a mix up on the motel reservations there, but it all worked out ok. Met Roma and she took us to a nice eating place. Had a good visit with her and she showed us a couple of sites to see on our city map. Wednesday morning we toured the San Luis Obispo Mission. It is still an active Church and has a museum in the side. Nice courtyard with all kinds of flowers and cactus plants, but I have no idea what they are. Then we went downtown to see Bubble Gum Alley. Now there's an interesting place. Talk about "icky sticky goo". That's Ed's kind of place. After that we went on down the coast to Oxnard. Got instructions to Jason & Jeni's place which was really quite easy to find. Visited there until Aunt Susan got home then out to dinner at the Olive Garden. Visited there until the chairs got hard, then more visiting back at the apartment. Was dark when we went back to the motel and on one of the street corners there was a police road block. We drove across toward the policelady and she really got excited. But all we wanted was directions on how to get back to our motel. Their investigation was interfering with our easy route. She told us how to get back which was relatively easy except the main street we needed to be on didn't have a street name sign on it at that intersection. Going straight looked really dark and it was a main thoroughfare, so we took it and, sure enough, it was the street we needed to be on.

Thursday Mary and little girls came to visit too. We had been at the Ventura Mall so went back to motel to get them and went swimming at the apartment complex. Then wandered through a small outdoor mall and ate at BJs Restuarant and Brewery. Nice place. I went back to the motel with Mary and girls while Pat & Jen took the kids home. Said our goodbyes that night.

Friday we left Oxnard. Susan had given Pat instructions on which highways to take to best get back to I15. Worked very smoothly. Mary was on the same road, so we had fun passing each other. When we got to the 15 we went North and she went South. Traffic was wall to wall on both sides of the highway. Guess everyone in CA was going to Vegas and everyone in NV was going to the beaches. We got stopped just before Primm for a good half hour for an accident. Called Ed, but he was working so couldn't see him anyway. Called my friend, Sally, and told her we wouldn't have time to stop in Vegas after all. She wasn't home anyway. So we just kept going. Ended up staying in Parawan, UT as Cedar City was full.

Sat. had lunch with Robert on our way back, then went through Big Sky to Belgrade where we got back on I90 to home. Long drives, lots of CA/NV traffic. Salt Lake was the last big traffic area and it was peanuts compared to LA & Vegas traffic.

It was a fun time and we sure had a good time visiting. August calendar is getting filled up, so will be Sept before we get another big trip. That's the way we planned it anyway.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Home again - Idaho portion

Had a really fun trip to Idaho and California to see two of my Grandsons.

Left Hardin Saturday and arrived in Idaho Falls around fourish. Met Robert and he drove us all around Idaho Falls. Nothing looked a bit familiar, but after all its been 40 years since I was there. The zoo is there, but its practically in the middle of town now. Think it was quite a way out before. We were in some older parts of town, but nothing I remembered. No landmarks or anything. Didn't even figure our where the road came into town that we used to take from Jackson. But it was fun to have a tour guide. Went around a round-about which was decorated with a beautiful sculpture of eagles and a mountain lion on rocks with a waterfall. Robert wouldn't go around the other direction so I could get pics. I was on the wrong side and he just grinned at me. He did pull over in a lot so we could get pics.

He had to work the next day so wouldn't go out with us. The bar in the motel was having karaoke. We went for a nightcap and one of the locals tried hitting on Jen. The waitress signaled us to see if he was being obnoxious. He wasn't at that point, but believe he would have gotten that way it we had stayed longer. We needed Ed there to liven the songs up a bit. They really weren't very good, but the locals were all having fun. We had our one drink and went to bed.

Robert was over at 8;30a.m. to go to the air show. The gates opened at 9:00, but the show didn't start until noon. We got a good parking spot by being early and there were quite a lot of people going then. We had plenty of time to check out all the planes and stuff along the display route. Went through a cargo plane and Pat got to sit in the pilot's chair. We had taken our own chairs and its a good thing as there was no bleachers or anything there. After all it is an airport.

At 11:00 they had a preliminary "fly by" with some World War II planes. At noon the Mayor gave a brief welcome and then the show got under way. It was very impressive. I enjoyed it. That precision formation stuff is awesome. We had sunscreen, sunglasses, hats so didn't get burned. Although I did sunburn my lips. Couldn't believe that!! Don't know what the temp was, but it must have been at least 90, however there was a nice breeze which helped. The show kept us busy so you didn't really notice the heat or the time. There were food and drink vendors all over. You weren't allowed to take coolers in. Show was over about 4:00, but by the time we got out it was after 5:00. Had to wait for traffic to clear in the parking lot quite awhile, but at least we had air conditioning there.

Went out for a nice dinner at Jaker's which was just across the street from the motel. Next morning we stopped by Robert's work place before leaving town.

Went through Twin Falls to Jackpot and then across Nevada to Boomtown.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Getting Ready, and set to GO

Think we have most of the doctor visits over with now. Gma's carpal tunnel is healing quite nicely and all the medical people are impressed with her progress. She had her last therapist visit Monday. She could bend her wrist both directions as far as her other hand had done when they first tested. Her grip strength was 23 pounds. It had been 3o in her good hand. This one they did the surgery on was her left hand, which probably isn't as strong anyway. Still have to go back to the surgeon one last time when I get back from CA.

The painter came today to power wash the house. She will be back Thursday to paint. Actually its just stain on the logs, but it is painting just the same.

Got one load of clothes washed today and will do another one tomorrow. Then I'll be all set to go.
Go to Hardin Friday after lunch, then we leave early Sat morning. Have e-mailed Amy in CA and she is ready for us. Have her phone programmed in mine. Have e-mailed Roma and she is anxious to meet us. Also have her phone programmed into mine. Robert has tickets to a Naval Air Show for us. That sounds fun. Think Jason and Jeni are excited to see us too. Mary is booked in the hotel in Oxnard too. Wow! No plans after Oxnard as yet. At least none that I know about. Never know which route we might decide to take. There are lots of roads out there we've never traveled.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy

Gma's carpal tunnel is healing. Went to the therapist and she got finger exercises instructions. They took off the big bandage and now she just uses a big bandaid. She still has to wear the brace though. Then I went to Hdn to pay bills. Just a quick trip, but I got done all that was necessary. Back to Mtse before the Bleys got here Friday afternoon.

They have been having a good trip. Ken had a stomach ache so he napped while we visited. Then a sandwich and salad supper. Ken and boys went back to motel, so BJ and I went through the jewels and then went to close up the Cowboy. Had quite a visit with Big Jim.

Sat. Ken wanted to go to Cody for medicine for his stomach, so I went with him to show him where to go. Ended up going to the ER and spending most of the afternoon. Limings came down Saturday and got a good visit with Bonnie, boys and Gma. Ken and I didn't get back til 4:00. Too late to go to Legend Rock. Were scheduled to go out to dinner at the Cowboy for ribs. Ken was supposed to be on a clear liquid diet for 10-12 hours. So he just ate a few ribs and took the rest home.

Uncle Gary gave the boys motorcycle rides. Kevin went twice, but once was enough for Sam. Their Mom had to go first though to make sure it was an ok ride.

When we went out later Ken had 7up for the first drink, then had vodka in it after that. Clear liquids. We had great fun at the Cowboy. They had a band and were celebrating all Big Jim's kids being together for first time in many, many years. Jim was ecstatic. So there was plenty of drinks and dancing. See my picasa site for the contest in which BJ and Pat participated. They didn't win. The big winners were Big Jim's granddaughter, one of the band member's wife, and another band member's daughter. Jim said he really tried to be fair. Hmmmm! Anyway all had fun and that's the main thing. Even Pam and I danced, but not in the contest. Pam is my bar "Mom". We were in a dinner theater Big Jim wrote one time and in that she was my "Mom". So we've been playing the parts ever since. Anyway we didn't quite close up the bar that night. There were still a couple of people there after us and the band was still playing.

Sunday Limings had to go back, so they didn't get to Legend Rock this time. It will still be there whenever they can get down again. I went with Bleys to Legend Rock after Church and lunch. We had to look kinda quick as a big thunder storm was coming over the hill. Maybe not all that big a cloud, but it had loud thunder in it. We got back to the car just as it started raining big drops. No hail though which was good. By the time we got back to the pavement it was over. However they did get to see all they wanted to see and BJ got lots of pics. The paper we had explaining things really helped.

After supper we had some fireworks in the yard. Set up a chair for Gma in the front door so she didn't have to go outside. She could see great. Then Sam decided to join her as it was too loud for him outside. They brought fireworks with them so we used half of them here so Gma could see. Took the rest up to Upper Sunshine after dark and also to see what other people were setting off over the lake. The band was playing there too. They sounded better out in the open. Lots of pretty stuff going off, and our ground ones really lit up after dark. Got home at 11:oo so they just dropped me off and went to the motel. They had to get up early as they had to be in Park City, Utah Monday night. They made it. We met them at Lucille's for breakfast and took our annual family portraits on the bench in front of the cafe.

Figured we'd take a couple of days to get back in our usual routine, but Gma decided she wanted to go somewhere. She was tired staying home. So Tuesday we got up early to go through Yellowstone. Fixed up a picnic lunch and left here at 6:38 a.m. Went over Dead Indian Hill and had coffee break at Silver Gate. Everything in Cooke City looked full. That was a really nice place and we just might have to go back there for a dinner sometime. Anyway we went in that entrance to Tower, then over Dunraven pass and out the East Gate to home. Got home at 4:00p.m. Not too shabby. Was a nice day and overcast most of the time, so was cool. Had our picnic at that Steamboat Point on the Lake. Saw lots of buffalo and a couple of bunches with babies. Saw a bear in Lamarr Valley. He was just sitting out there by a tree. Looked like something was harassing him, but couldn't make it out. Finally some antelope came running out and those unidentified things turned out to be antelope. One might have been some other kind of critter though as it was black and followed the bear. Maybe it was a cub. Too far away to tell, even with our binoculars. But I took pics anyway. That was entertaining.

Tomorrow is Senior Lunch, Thursday is bus day, Friday we go to the carpal tunnel doc for the two week follow up. Always something!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Phone calls

Today was our day for phone calls. They were all good ones, just not from people we expected.

First Judy Steele called to let us know they got home ok and offer Gma a donut pillow for sitting since she hurt her tailbone when she tipped over as well as her vertebrae. That's better now so she really doesn't need it. Had a nice visit. They had a good trip and got to see lots of fun things.

Then Bonnie called to let us know she has her motel reserved for when they come. Glad she got it done as they have been full every night in both motels. They have road construction people and oil rig people (I think) and lots of tourists. This weekend the ones for the all class reunion will be here and some of those might stay over. Its just been busy, busy, busy. Anyway it was good to hear from Bonnie and to know she got a place. Thought she might be camping out in the front yard if she didn't get it done.

Then Robert called. He's doing good, working two jobs and keeping his nose to the grindstone. Wondered if we wanted to go to a Naval air show when we come to visit him. Sounded good to me, but he needed to check with his Mom first as she's the driver, I'm just the passenger taking pics. But I haven't been to an air show for years and years. He hasn't seen one since his school. Was sure good to hear from him.

Then Will called to get Gma's mailing address. They did get Charlie to the Dinosaur Museum. The rain chased them to Joe's, but they left their car in Crowheart and rode with Joe to his place. Good thing as it rained a lot the next day and they would have bogged down in mud a couple of times on the way out. Saw Mt Rushmore, but missed Crazy Horse as he was fogged in. Went to the Spam museum and even bought some spam. Rain followed them all the way to Chicago, but they were having fun anyway. They got to Kentucky when they were supposed to and got back to Portland just fine.

Sure was nice to get all these phone calls. I like days like this.

Gma is doing great since her carpal tunnel surgery. Her fingers were a bit puffy the first day, but no swelling now. She keeps it elevated on a pillow when napping and sitting in her chair. Her arm kinda aches where the numbness is coming out, but not too bad and she takes her tylenol now and then. She just got the barest amount of anesthesia so think that might be out of her system now as she isn't so dizzy anymore. Pretty much back to normal. However she didn't feel like going out today to coffee or Senior lunch. So I did and made my reports and brought home a lunch for us.

No rain today so maybe I can clip some of the grass around the edges tomorrow after the bus to Cody routine. Don't have to get anything, so I'll just go for lunch and to give Gma plenty of rest time. The other day a young man from the Cowboy's across the road came over and finished mowing the yard. That was really nice. He said he'd be back in a few days to do some weed eating, but I can clip the tall grass between the irises. Can't really weed eat there or it will do in the irises. There are quite a bunch of them this time.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy

I went to the Legend Rock talk at the museum and the following week went on the tour to the site. It was great!!! This is the place near Hamilton Dome.

Last week one set of company came one day and left the next. We had a good time and ate out with them twice. The day they left the second set arrived. We had to hurry to get them fed as they got here at 8:30pm and everything closes at 9:00pm. We made it. The next day they went swimming in Thermop, but came back in time to eat at the Elkhorn. Came back to the house and we read maps so they could decide which Interstate they wanted to take to get to Chicago. Decided on I 90 so they could see Mt Rushmore and the Spam museum. Forgot to tell them about the SD badlands. Maybe they will figure it out. They left after breakfast at Lucilles to go to Crowheart. They were to stop at the Thermopolis dinosaur museum on the way. Never heard if they got there or not, but I'm sure they did or we would have heard something.

They are having such a good time on their excursion. The ultimate goal is Kentucky by June 15th.

Went to Ginnie's 90th birthday party. Lots of people, good conversation, good food, and just plain good time.

Haven't heard anymore about the trip to Hole-in-the-Wall, but it's still raining and the rivers are super high. Not flooding here yet, but close. Might not be able to do that one til July or August.

Next weekend is Father's Day and we've been invited to the annual Larsen breakfast. That's always fun, with super good breakfast items. Get in some good visits there and even entertainment most times.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Homeward bound

The wild week is over. Sure had fun though. Didn't do quite all the things on the list, but got most of them done and even some other adventures that weren't on the list. We missed the Museum and the school playground, but we got the Lion's Park playground. Gracie and Uncle Ed went to pet the Game Warden's mules down at the check station. They were gone, so the went up the hill by way of the road and came back down the trail. Long way for Gracie, but didn't seem to phase her a bit. Ed went out picket pin hunting and got five of them. Then Gracie found a dead critter in the yard which she thought must have been a picket pin. It turned out to be a dead mouse, so Ed had the job of disposing of it. Gracie thinks I need to shovel all the deer poop out of my yard.

Sunday was Church day and the day of GGma's Birthday party at the Irma. That was very nice and the girls were really good. The waitress even commented on how good they were. After the party there they went shopping at Wal-Mart. Even Pat and Gary went. They all had a good time and Gracie talked Aunt Patty into some toys for her and Libby. What a soft touch.

Monday we went to Hardin in the rain. Not too bad though. I did get to the house a few minutes before them and had time to put up some little things not meant for little girls. Got Spuddie's pictures put away and three other boxes of breakables before they got there. Ed helped me get the rest of the stuff put in the basement. Was a really hurried clean up job, so will take awhile to find it all again.

Ed had his cookout with his friends and the rest of us went to Pat's. Jen's MacDonald's toys were a big hit with the little girls. Jen is now their best cousin ever. Tuesday Ed took Gracie on another adventure, walking downtown then to the Park before we met Pat and Jen for coffee at MacDonalds, where the girls talked someone into getting new mermaid dolls. Jen got to show off her cousins to her co-workers. Mary got to visit briefly with a couple of her classmates during our time in Hardin. We did get some of Spuddie's treasures packed up for Mary. Then I had to come back to Meeteetse. They leave bright and early tomorrow morning.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Party time

My kids are here!!! They arrived safely tonight about 7:30 p.m. Now the fun begins. Champagne and chocolate coffee break in the morning, visit the museum, play in park and/or school grounds, pet the Game Warden's mules. They are shut up at the check station, so will have to walk down there. Bath time for the little girls as they have mermaid dolls that need to swim. Their tails wag too. The mermaids, that is. Ed fits into Dad's old Levi jacket that I have been using for yard work as it has batter acid holes in it and has little tear here and there.

Glad they had a good safe trip and took lots of pics along the way. Girls got to play in the snow on South Pass. They took an excursion to South Pass City and Atlantic City, which wasn't a real good idea. But they didn't get stuck in the mud or a snow bank, so all is well.

Monday, May 3, 2010

My Kids are Coming!

My kids are coming! My kids are coming! Yippee!!!!

My Mother will celebrate her 102nd birthday on Mother's Day. Some Mtse people are having a dinner party for her in Cody, and three of her Grandchildren will be there as well as two Great Grandchildren and a Grandson-in-law. I am so excited you'd think it was my birthday. ( I guess I can claim the Mother's Day part.) There will also be a "champagne and chocolate" coffee break on Sat morning. We will have cake and ice cream somewhere in all this too. Two of her friends are making cakes for her. One is a decadent chocolate cake and one is a rum cake. MMMMMMMM!!!!!

What a great time we will all have. Life is good.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tuesday afternoon drive

Today we decided to just go for a drive. Went to Hamilton Dome. I've never been there, just passed the signs on the highway on the way to Thermop. So today we just decided to drive the loop. There used to be a town there and a school, now its just an oil field with some offices and, of course, the wells and storage tanks. We met some fellow at the Cody cowboy song thing, who was talking to Joe and told him he bought Hamilton Dome. Apparently he bought some acres there and it had the old school on the property he purchased. Coming back to one of the main roads there was a sign to Anchor Dam. I've never been there either. Gma says it goes quite a way back up in the hills along Owl Creek and ends up near the MBar. We decided to go there another day when we get an earlier start. On our way back we took the Grass Creek loop too. Haven't been on that road since we went to a Gooseberry picnic at Gilbreath's place. That was when you girls were just little and so were the Bain girls. There used to be a town there with a post office and store, but just old broken down buildings now, and the oil field with offices and storage tanks, and the wells.

Two places are off our list now, but we added two more. Want to go to Anchor Dam, and Gma said we could take the road that we took a short cut to Kirby one time and instead of going to Kirby we would take a jog somewhere and come out on the Gooseberry cutoff road somewhere. There are places there she knows about and hasn't been that way for years. I never have been there, so we will go.

These are just short day trips, in fact, just a few hours trips.

Sunday we drove up to the upper Sunshine to see where all the traffic was going. Apparently not there. There were three trucks with 9 county plates and three trucks with 15 county plates. The ice is just melting away from the bank, so the people were fishing from the shore. No way a boat could get out there yet. The ice is thin and you can see the big cracks in it, but its still there.

They are hauling pit run gravel from our hill for the road by the lower lake. They are widening the turn out there and fixing guard rails. Soon they will start the work on the highway between Meeteetse and Thermop. Guess they are getting the crusher set up for that this week. Too many trucks coming and going on our hill to walk the road. I've been raking weeds for my exercise. Need to get in shape for my Hardin yard. That will be coming up next week sometime.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

After Easter

Easter is over and so far we haven't had any more major snow storms. Just some flurries and a bit of rain here and there. I'm sure something will come along one of these days. Lots of wind though.

Just saw one of the rabbits for the first time in a couple of weeks. Will probably be seeing some baby bunnies soon. The deer go through in the middle of the night when I can't see them. They have been going around the yard in the daytime. Silly deer! I'm not getting my exercise chasing them.

Joe and Joy were here Friday on their way to the cowboy singing and poetry weekend in Cody. Joe played in the Friday concert and jam session after. Then again this morning. We missed his performances as we didn't get over to Cody until about 11:30. But we got in a good visit there anyway and Gma got her own private concert. It was fun and worth the trip.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Good Friday storm

Its snowing and snowing and snowing. This is the Good Friday storm only its just Thursday, supposed to be sunny on Friday, then snow again Saturday. So far we have an inch or so and its still coming down. Didn't start sticking until 8:00p.m. The road out front was just wet and slushy, our driveway was clear. When I came home on the bus I parked in the garage as it was too wet to get the frost cover on the car. The red van is at the car shop, so the garage was clear. Hope I can get out in the morning. As long as it doesn't blow and drift I should be ok. Its pretty wet so may not blow anyway.

It was nice when we went to Cody in the morning, but was getting wetter and more snow by the time we came back. The road was getting really slushy and there was some snow pack on the rim. That was at 2:00p.m. By now it't probably pretty bad. We didn't go in to play cards tonight.

After coffee tomorrow we are supposed to go to the rec center and help stuff eggs. John ran out of candy so didn't get them finished last week. He re-stocked today. We can do that.....if I can get out of the garage.

We have our eggs and dye for this weekend. Will have lamb chops for Easter Sunday dinner.

Happy Easter!!!!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

March happenings

Nothing exciting. We drove up the North Fork one day for our nature drive. Saw a buffalo and some sheep. They posed very nicely for me.

Have just been doing our usual stuff and looking in the magazines to see where we might want to go this summer. Already we want to go to Oregon. Gma is now talking about going to CA for 5 generation pictures. Will just have to see when it gets closer to the time. We've also been looking for things for "The New Kid". We want to go to the sinks and over a dirt road to Louis Lake on top of South Pass, then tour South Pass City and Atlantic City. That's a day trip. Want to go to eastern Wyoming to some of those little towns over there that we've never seen. That might involve an over nighter.

Politics are getting interesting. The hospital wants to put a cap tax on the primary ballot and the dump wants to put a cap tax on the general election ballot. The letters to the editor are all against another cap tax for anything. Meeteetse school made the front page of the Cody paper for their drastic budget cuts. The locals are pretty upset about the changes. Glad I'm retired and don't have kids going to school. Doubt if Mtse will make national news with this like Hardin did with the detention center, but its interesting just the same.

Then the Senior Center got in trouble for having corned beef and cabbage on the menu for St. Patrick's Day. Although other Senior Centers in the basin advertised it in the newspapers for their centers. Don't know if they got in trouble too, or just us. Good grief!!

Is this full moon time or what? Maybe its just been a long winter and everyone is getting a little crazy.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

To Hdn and back

Had to go home to Hdn as its the end of the month and bill paying time. Lucky me.

It was also Jen's B'Day. After 22 years she is now officially 5 1/2 years old. Whooo hooo! No wonder they asked to see her ID when she ordered a drink at Applebys. That's where we went for her dinner. Pat & I had "Perfect Margueritas", Gary had beer, and Jen had a Strawberry Daquiri. Nice dinner and then back to Jen's for B'Day cake. It was an ice cream cake. Very good!!

Had to go to Blgs bright and early Monday for my car's big servicing where they flush out all the stuff and put in new fluids, check belts, rotate tires, change oil. All that good stuff. It was time for a new timing belt as well. Also got new wiper blades. And, Oh yeh, the "check engine light" is on all the time. Took all day to do all that good stuff. I was there from 9:00a.m to 3:10p.m. The "check enginge" problem was a faulty oxygen sensor which they fixed. No more orange light in my eye and the blinking cruise light. I can use cruise control again. This was an $8oo and some excursion, but I'm good to go again for the summer. It had been a year since I had all that servicing done, so was time.

Weather was good and is still being good. Snow is almost all melted. March is coming in like a lamb, so better be prepared for some more good stuff later. Anyway it was so nice in Blgs that I walked to the Mall only to find nothing is open until 10:00a.m. So I decided to go to Barnes & Noble for coffee. Wal-Mart was just over the hill and I could cut through a couple of parking lots and down the hill and avoid the street traffic. So I got a few pics processed and walked all over Wal-Mart for exercise. Visited with Etta K for a bit. Also saw Salyer there, but no visiting. Finally wandered back to Rimrock about 11:30. Didn't want cafeteria at Country kitchen so went into the little cafe at Barnes & Noble. They had half sandwiches and soup and lots of dessert goodies. They had chicken tortilla and chicken noodle soups. Had the chicken tortilla and it was really good. Also had a frappachino to go with it which it was all very filling. Killed another hour there, got back to Rimrock at 12:30. I had purchased a puzzle book so pulled up a table and did puzzles until they got finished with my car. It was really a nice day for walking. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Good exercise, but I was tired by 12:30. After I got back to Hdn I walked to post office to mail bills and to water department. Was too late to go to the bank. Did that this morning and paid off my house. Hip, hip, hooray!!!! My house is all mine now. I can put that amount in savings now for more trips.

Had lunch with Pat & Gary, then back to Mtse. Had to chase deer first thing. There were a whole bunch of them lazing around in our yard. They jumped the fence fast and were soon gone. Probably went behind the trailer where I couldn't see them. It's a game with them.

Friday, February 19, 2010

February - Good ol Groundhog predictions - Ha!

Gosh February is almost over and it just got started.

I went home to Hdn for three days and had to shovel snow twice. Good grief!!! I've done a bit of shoveling here in Mtse since I came back. All the Spring storms are good for the ground, and I do get my exercise since I haven't been walking the highway in the snow and wet. However it's just going to make the grass come up nice and lush green which will attract the deer and I'll get more exercise chasing them out of the yard.

Limings took me out for my birthday which was fun. The night I got there I took Pat to the movie to see the one loosely based on the concept of small town Meeteetse. Really wasn't a good movie, but it was just nice to get out and eat buttered popcorn. The only thing that resembled Mtse was that they went through town so fast the guy asked where the rest of the town was and was told that was it. He then asked if they could go back because he'd missed it. Then when the bad guy checked out the map of WY the fictional town was located on highway 120. And they did fly into Cody and one woman went to Cody shopping. So Cody actually got mentioned, but that's as close as it gets.

The Game Warden had been to visit Gma one day when I was in Cody on the bus. He has his mules in here again. He was wondering if we'd ever sell the Game & Fish any more land. NOPE!
Actually I'd like to buy that acre back from them.

Last Thursday it had snowed a bunch (about 6 inches) when I went to town for the Senior bus. But it quit before we left and the bus really did go. Roads were really icy and slick on the way over, but all melted by the time we came back. When I got home our driveway had been scraped out. Even the place where we back up to turn around. Didn't know who did it as Gma didn't recognize the tractor or who was in it and he didn't come to the door. But it was really a nice job. Found out this morning at coffee that it was our neighbor on the hill. I like those people.

I had asked Fr. Dube if he would like me to take pictures of him in our little church sometime. So he could show his friends and family in Nigeria what sort of people he had to deal with here. He liked the idea so I said I could take them when he came down for Ash Wednesday as he was doing a Mass then too. I figured just a few snaps which would get the views of the altar and a little bit to show the size of the Church. He wanted pics snapped all the time. He kept gesturing for me to take some whenever he did something. So I did. He also wanted me to be sure to get one of him when he put ashes on Gma's forehead and when he gave her communion. I did. Then he got all the congregation up afterwards for a group pic. Was glad we had a lot of people there for a change. It came out pretty good.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Jan happenings

Not a whole lot happening here, but we do manage to keep busy. Jan 16 we went to Worland to Clint & Sara's wedding. That was fun and everyone looked beautiful and happy. The rest of the pics are on my picasa site. Check them out.

We have just been doing our usual stuff. Seniors on Mondays and Wednesdays, Senior bus to Cody on Thursdays, card game at Griffins on Thursday evenings, coffee at Lucille's most mornings, and then back for lunch sometimes too. Now and then we eat at home.

Thursday, the 28th, celebrated my B'Day early at the Elk Horn as Fendt's were going south to visit relatives, and the others work when the weather is good. It's been good lately. This was the only time we could all get together until mid Feb. It was fun and I had a margarita because my Bday card said I could.

Monday, January 4, 2010

New Year happenings 2010

We ushered in the New Year with a card fest at Griffins. Although when the ball dropped in New York at 10:00 our time. We called it a night. I was disappointed in the view we got on tv as it didn't show the ball up close and I really wanted to see it. It had Waterford Crystal pieces in it and we were there. Anyway after it started down the pole it went behind a big Toshiba sign and that was that.

New Year's Day the Longs came by for a New Year's toast with our new Maker's Mark (the Kentucky whiskey).

Pat came down the 2nd for a visit and to get her Gma fix. We had a good time. Went out for dinner at the Elk Horn where Alice bought our drinks for the New Year. That was really nice. Sunday we went to Church at 9:00, then out to coffee/breakfast with the Cody Church people. That was fun. Got finished with that at 11:25, so hurried home for a potty stop and then back to Lucille's for lunch. Shrimp dinner was the special. After that Pat headed home.

She brought my bills and Christmas cards so I don't need to go back until next week when I have to get my driver's license renewed. Paid the bills this morning and half are dated 2009, but they were already sealed in the envelopes, so ....... I'm sure they get lots with the wrong year for January every year. Think I only did four of them wrong. Caught the rest of them. Not too shabby for me.