Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas activities

GGma and I didn't really go anywhere this year, as usual. Gave all my kids strict instructions to stay at their own homes or go to their in-laws. Don't come here. I don't want to have to worry about you in a snowstorm or some such.

Christmas Eve we went to the Oasis for some Christmas cheer with the Longs and took a couple of pics. That was in the afternoon. That evening we were invited up on the hill to the Porters for some Christmas snacks and cheer. It was really good food and they serve wine or champagne. Was a fun evening and good food. More pics there. Check my picasa site.

Christmas morning Gma and I opened our gifts and went to 9:00 Mass. Fr. Daley was the celebrant. He has been cleared by his doctor and the Bishop to come back and do Masses.

Went to the Irma in Cody with the Griffins for dinner at 11:30. Saw the Fendts there but weren't seated anywhere near them. Did get a bit of a visit though when we went to the buffet. Were home early and took naps, then had our happy hour and ate some of our goodies. We have lots.

It was a very nice peaceful day and the weather was decent.

Fr. Daley was back for a 9:00 a.m. Mass on Sunday and said he will be back for New Years day and the Sunday after. Fr. Dube has gone back to Nigeria for a month. He is scheduled to be back the end of January sometime. Might be interesting to see what happens then. He likes coming to Meeteetse too. Fr. Daley will probably be here every Sunday as long as his health allows. But it is kinda iffy. His determination will no doubt see him through his pain.

Went to Cody today as the bus isn't going to run New Year's Eve. John would take us if it was really a necessity, but no one had anything that couldn't wait. He told me going for lunch didn't constitute a necessity. Darn!! So Gma and I went this morning and had lunch at Our Place. Got enought stuff to last her when I go back to Hardin. That depends on weather. So far its looking good for the first of the month.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Sunny Southern California

I'm back from a trip to Sunny Southern California. Went to my cousin's wedding and it was beautiful. Check out the pics on picasa. The bride was glowing and so were all her family. The reception was great. Gracie got to dance a lot with several different people. She and "her brother" were doing quite well on the dance floor. Libby had fun too with the baby sitters. At least I think she must have. Her mother got away without any crying. She played awhile then slept.

When I arrived in California Gracie, Libby, Lexie, and Mary picked me up at the airport and we went to Seaport Village for supper. Wandered around for awhile looking at the lights and decorations before eating at the Pier Cafe. It was kinda cool after the sun went down, but I was fine. Lexie borrowed my heavy sweater and she really liked it. It did look good on her too. She was hoping I would forget she had it on, but I reminded her when we dropped her off at her house. I needed it in Salt Lake and Billings.

Friday we went shopping and the little girls got to see Santa. Libby didn't care much for that, but Gracie did. I ended up getting a new dress, a skirt and blouse, plus some other stuff. It was fun. Haven't done anything so rash for years.

Saturday was the wedding, Sunday we just rested. That evening we met the Dwyers for dinner at the Yard House. They serve Bailey's Coffee there and have Guinness too. I had Bailey's. Not as good as in Ireland, but there wasn't that Irish atmosphere.

Monday we were to go to Disneyland, but it was cold and rainy all day. In fact it was cold enough I had to wear my heavy winter sweater in Sunny Southern California. Can you believe that???? We thought about going to a fish museum and then driving up the coast for lunch, but it was just too miserable to go anywhere. However we did go to the movie in Murrieta. Saw "The Fantastic Mr. Fox". It was cute. Mary and I liked it, but Libby only lasted halfway through before she wanted to explore. Of course that distracted Gracie and she got bored with the movie too. She seemed to be enjoying it though until she got more interested in what Libby was doing.

Tuesday I left. It was -10 in Billings when we landed. Pat brought my tennis shoes and my scarf which was good. I needed those.

Got the oil changed in my car Wednesday and bought a toner cartridge for my printer. Thursday the weather was above zero and the sun was shining. Wind died down and roads were clear so I came back to Meeteetse while the getting was good. Now I'm back in business. I can print and I remembered to bring my cord for the computer so I don't run out of battery. My cell phone works, but I don't get a lot of calls. Hmmmm.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Men of Worth

Gma and I went to a concert tonight at the school cafeteria. These two guys were really good. One is from Scotland and one from Ireland. They play celtic music on different instruments. There were two guitars, a banjo, a Toys R Us remade banjo type guitar and a mandolin, plus two goat skin drums. It was a most enjoyable evening of music and storytelling. They just told a few funny stories. But they did give some history of the area they were singing about, or where the songs were written. They weren't the usual tunes you hear all the time, but were definitely Celtic. They even sang some in Celtic. Don't think I've ever heard Celtic sung.

It was a 2 1/2 hour program and we went a 1/2 hour early to get a good parking spot and good seats. That was a long time for Gma to sit. She was pretty stiff when we got up, even though we stood up at the break time. They had a 10 minute break and sold CDs and had info on tours to Ireland and Scotland. These tours go more into the music parts of the countries. I didn't pick one up. Not ready to go back yet. I haven't digested our last trip.

Went to Cody on the bus today and our waitress in Sunset House said she wanted to go the Meeteetse to hear these guys if it wasn't snowing. She was there, so I guess it didn't snow. There were quite a few people from Cody there. Sure was cloudy and dark today. Maybe I'll have to shovel my way to the house in the morning.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


I fixed my scanner all by myself. Guess I just needed a good night's sleep to calm down and follow directions. It said I needed to unlock the device and replug it in. I couldn't find an unlock place yesterday and pushed all buttons I could find. Today I found the unlock button on the bottom of the scanner which I thought was a place for batteries or some such. But there is a little unlock symbol on it. Did that, replugged it in, and it works just like always. So I've been busy scanning the old portraits. Don't know most of the people but they are interesting looking. Have also been taking pictures of all the treasures I brought home. Will get those up one of these days. I'm not done with the dishes yet.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Home again. Home again. Jiggety Jog!

I'm back in Mtse again.

My computer wouldn't connect to the internet. Had to call TCT and was talked through several things which didn't work. Today they sent a guy out to the house and he couldn't make it work either. He had to call for extra instructions and they finally reconfigured the isp or something like that and it works. So I'm back in business. Hooray!!

Gma and I got back from Napa in between snow storms. It was good weather the day we came home and the roads were dry until we got to five mile hill. There was more slush on that one than on South Pass. Was just wet and slushy, but not bad. It was icy on our road out of Mtse, but again, not too bad. And we were home!!!

Its been cold ever since, but hasn't really snowed any more. We did have a few flakes now and then, and a slight dusting on Sunday morning. Its supposed to warm up some now.

Got the car unloaded into the trailer. Today I picked up the three big heavy boxes I mailed and brought them to the trailer. Will have to go through all that stuff and repack it according to which kid will inherit what. I'll take some pics and post them for you so you can choose some of it.

We got everything done that we could do. Cleaned out the house, attic, and 3 sheds. However one shed was rat infested so we just left everything in that one and let the shed man haul that. He was to come and haul off all the sheds and whatever was left in them. I did look in the rat shed and there were probably some treasures there, but they would be ruined anyway. There were a couple of shelves of books and old 78 records. I couldn't read the titles from the doorway, but they were no good anyway.

Went through the other two sheds and there were lots of crafty stuff that Spuddie made Christmas decorations with and stuff like that. Lots of old fancy jars and bottles that went to Goodwill. The ladies made two trips to the thrift shop and Goodwill with stuff. There was still a load to go when we left. I got everything I could in the car and the rest just had to stay there. Gave Susan a couple of boxes of glasses because they sort of matched the ones she had already taken. She doesn't know she's getting them. I think there are quite a few Payne pictures in all the picture and letter stuff, so will send it to her after I scan it.

The train set will go with the tool sale. We boxed up all the loose pieces, but left the track and attached buildings in the attic.

So, my dear children, when you come to visit next summer leave space in your vehicle to take back some stuff.

More later.

Monday, September 14, 2009

We're back!

WOW!!!! What a trip! Had a super good time and saw lots and lots of stuff. Want to go back again to see what we missed.

Got back in Hardin around 12:15 a.m. We left Dublin at 11:40 a.m., but had to get up that morning at 6:oo in order to get to the airport 3 hours before take off. The shuttle to the airport from the hotel went at 7:30, 9:30, and 11:30. That's actually the time they arrived at the airport. They left the hotel 45 minutes before that. Had to board the bus at 6:45. I suppose we could have gone on the 9:30 bus, but that didn't give us the 3 hours our instruction book said and we didn't want to take a chance on missing anything. It took quite awhile to go through all the stuff one has to do to get into the boarding gate area. Actually we only had about an hour wait before boarding. When you don't know where to go and how to decipher their signs it does take some time. But we did fine and really didn't have any hassle. The lines were long but moved fast. Some others from our tour came on the 9:30 bus and they made it just fine. Dublin to Atlanta was our super long flight. Had two hours between Atlanta and the Salt Lake flight. Took one of the hours to get through customs and recheck our baggage. I did have a couple of cat naps on that flight. Not on the one from Salt Lake to Billings though. That one was too short and had a few rough spots. Gary said it was really lightning when he came to pick us up. No wonder it was rough. I got in the house, after using all the wrong keys in the keyhole, and emptied the contents of my big suitcase all over the floor. The bag got dampish on the way home as it was raining. Then I crashed and didn't get up til 10:30a.m.

Got lots of stuff done today so I can head back to Meeteetse in the morning. Gma is anxiously waiting to hear the stories and see pictures. Good thing I didn't spend all my money in Ireland. Its going to cost a small fortune to get all the pics printed that I want. Also have to get an album for them.

More on all the activities later. I have to sort it all out yet.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Ready ! Set !

Is it time yet? Are we there yet? Can you tell I'm getting anxious for this trip to luxurious Ireland?

I'm headed for Hardin tomorrow after lunch. I'll bring Gma home and them I'm gone!
Have my Hardin stuff packed and ready to go. I'll be in Hardin Tuesday night and write out all the bills. Wed. I pay bills, vote, pack, and sleep. Thurs. we are outa here.

Saturday we took a drive up to the Jack Creek campground. Beautiful scenery and I got quite a local history lesson. Just hope I can remember it. I'm going to have to take you kids back up in there. Don't understand why anyone in their right mind would want to pull campers and horse trailers over those rocky roads and steep hills, but I'm not an outfitter or hunting guide. And I'm not a hunter either. Except with a camera. We need to go in a high clearance vehicle, and with 4wheel drive, not in my subaru.

Now I want to go to some of the other places that I've heard about for years, but never been there.

Will let you know all about the trip when we get back

Friday, August 21, 2009

Fun visitors

We've been busy. The relatives arrived really late Tuesday, actually Wednesday a.m. as in 2:00a.m. When Gma and I went for coffee Wednesday we were greeted at the door by the relatives. WOW!! So we had coffee while they finished up their breakfast. Then we said we'd meet them at the Senior Center for lunch at noon. Told them at the Center we'd be having several extra guests and we set them up at the middle table. We waited and waited and waited. Finished our lunch and three of them showed up. So they got to eat after all and we visited some more. The rest had gone back after breakfast and taken naps . Originally we were expecting three of them, Tom, John, Will. There were seven, Tom, John, Will, Brandon, Mary Jo, Sam, Shannon. Anyway Tom, Will, Brandon were the ones that ate at Seniors. Then they got extra stuff to take home with them for later. They are growing boys, they need food. The boys went walking and Tom came to the house with us. Wasn't long before all the rest came out.

We took them for a drive up to Sunshine and they had a great time up there just looking around. The boys found a bunch of good dried driftwood on the lake shore that they loaded in their van for their camping excursion. They wanted to spend at least one night camping up Wood River. That evening we had really good sausages for supper at their cabin at the Oasis. They get the sausages at a certain place in Oregon that just sells it one day. They have some sort of celebration that day and make lots of sausage for the celebration. The extra is sold to whoever gets there first. So you have to be sure you are there super early to get your place in line.

Thursday we met them all at Lucille's for their breakfast, then we went to Joe and Joy's house. Mary Jo had gotten fresh salmon and had it vacuum sealed so they could bring it out here. That's what we took to Joe & Joy's. Joy had fresh garden salad, some chili she made, and brownies with fresh raspberries & cool whip. The garden stuff was from her garden, the chili was their own beef, and the raspberries were from her tree in the yard. After we ate Will and Joe played and sang for us. Joe fixed his guitar so he can sit and play it with a dobro (sp). He can't hold his guitar over his shoulder and pick like he did. His fingers don't bend as far as they should and he doesn't have full use of his thumb either. But they are getting better. Then Will played the dobro and picked it up quickly. Joe said he learned in five minutes what it took Joe three months to learn. Then Joe took them around his place and they had great fun looking in old barns and sheds and a cabin. Lots of machinery to see too.

This morning we met them at Lucille's again. Some wanted to go to Thermop swimming. The girls wanted to go shopping in Cody. So John went to Cody really early to see about renting a plane to take Gma for a ride. He came back before the rest were up for breakfast. Gma and I said we'd go for a ride. He had to go back to Cody to do the paperwork and then had to go up with an instructor for their and his safety and insurance purposes. Standard procedure. The girls went with him so they could shop. Tom and the boys dinked around town for awhile and then came to our house for lunch. We fed them lamb burgers from Bill Bain. They loved it. By that time the girls came back so they could go swimming. John was still doing plane stuff so Mary Jo had to go back to pick him up. Tom spent the afternoon at our house.

We planned to take them out to supper at the Cowboy tonight as Tom flies out of Cody at 6:00a.m. The boys were going the WoodRiver campground after supper. So that's what we did. Four of us had ribs and everyone else ordered off the menu. They all loved their food. Raved about it. They said they have to come to Wyoming to get really good meals. Everything they have eaten here was wonderful. Glad they like it. Maybe they will make this an annual trek.

Sometime tomorrow they will all leave. Probably after lunch. Gma and I will meet John at the Oasis at 7:30 as our plane ride is scheduled for 8:30a.m. John wants to fly over Joe's house to see if he got his hay cut yet. He has the plane for two hours. That will be fun.

Then Gma got a call from some friends of hers from Wisconsin and they will be in Cody next week and would really like to see her. They will call again with more particulars. We can do that.

Gma said she'd be glad when I go to Ireland so she can get some rest. Hmmm.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

new pics

I put some different pics on flickr and a new album on picasa. These are of Gma and the Regulators. There are also 4 of two of the bands that played at the Cowboy Sat night.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

MTR - Regulators

The Regulators were here this weekend. We were sure busy.

We didn't see them on Thursday, but they started arriving that day. Friday after Limings came we went out to the rifle range to watch them shoot, but by the time we got there they were through for the day. When we drove up Gma said "I don't know any of those guys" . Well they sure knew her and all came to the car to greet her. They were just waiting for their ride back to town, so we visited a bit then came back home.

We thought the "Taste of Meeteetse" started at 4:30, but it was pouring rain about that time so we wondered if they would have to cancel. Anyway we went into town about 5:00 and no one was out.
Checked in the Chocolatier and found out it wasn't to start until 6:00. Went to the Cowboy for awhile until they started. Then we got all our "tastes". There was shrimp, fry bread, and cheese cake at one booth. They had drunken duck and vodka slushes at the other booth. The drunken ducks were pieces of chicken cooked in rum wine and whiskey. Sure made a good flavor. The red slushes had vodka, the blue slushes were non-alcohol.

Gma got hugs from the Regulators all the way down the street. They were all glad to see her. She is their favorite Meeteetse person.

After tasting we went in the Cowboy for supper. The Elkhorn was packed and there was no way to get anything to eat for quite awhile. The Cowboy was almost as packed but not quite. We had a better chance of getting served faster there. Both places were full of Regulators so there was no point in getting to the bonfire at the Oasis until they were done eating anyway. All worked out just fine. We visited at the campfire until 9:30.

Limings were leaving Sat morning to go to Cody to ride with the Patriot Guard for the dedication of the new World War II memorial. The Governor was to speak and the whole bit. They had to be there to line up by 9:00, so we went to Lucille's shortly after 7:00 when they first opened. The place was full. Guess the people were lined up outside waiting for them to open at 7:00
we did get the one table that was left, but it would be too long for breakfast so just had coffee and they left. Gma and I ordered breakfast after they were gone. We got out food at 8:30 so the kids wouldn't have had time to eat anyway.

The people in there were going on the Kirwin tour which left the museum about 8:30. After our breakfast we came back home to regroup. Had my Saturday morning coffee break with my daughter before we went to the rifle range to watch the final shoot out.

They had a pistol ready for Gma. She was 100% better than last year. Last year she hit the target once. This year she hit it twice. Pistols are not her strong point.

After lunch we went to the museum to hear David Stalcup talk about his motorcycle adventures when he went around the world. Tomorrow there is a reception for him as it is the last day of his exhibit. He's quite interesting. Sounded like he had lots of fun on his travels. Not something I would want to do. 50 years ago I might have thought about it, but probably wouldn't have actually done it.

Then we went to the Oasis for the award ceremony. The group was all going out to Wagner's for the barbecue, entertainment, and trip to Arland with the story of "The Lady in Blue" by Clay Gibbons. So we wouldn't see them again for this year.

Tonight we went to the Cowboy to hear the bands. There were three of them. The first two only played for half hour to 45 minutes each. The third band was Wes Hogg's group. He has improved over the years. The first two were rather good too. Give them a couple more years and they might make names for themselves. The first group didn't look old enough to even be in the bar, but I guess I'm just getting old. The second group looked a tad older. Reminded me of Rocky Hert's group. The music was different, not such hard rock, sort of a bluegrass rock. Anyway it was interesting. Lots of locals in the bar. Almost like a Labor Day crowd.

Was a fun weekend. Monday we tour the new Lodge up WoodRiver. Tuesday we should have relatives arrive. No time to think about Ireland trip yet. But I'm ready.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Mules miss Gracie

Nothing exciting has been going on. Just our usual routine. The Game Warden's mules really miss Gracie. They hang around by our fence quite a bit and wait for us to come out. When we drive off for coffee break they go back to the check station or up the hill. Today one of the white ones has really been braying. Think he must be calling Gracie.

This morning we went to Cody for a haircut for Gma. She also stopped to get her glasses adjusted and they are going to fix one lens so hopefully she can see out of it better. Things are just too blurry for her and she really has trouble reading the newspaper. Said she can't tell the difference between the horses and cows across the road. The old ones were blurry, but at least she could distinguish stuff better. The lady said she had to tweak the left one.

Then we went for groceries and to Our Place for lunch. Then home for a nap. Also picked up pics that I had ordered the night before. Sure like the way that works.

Had a call from the Willises and they will be here for a visit tomorrow. Invited them to lunch at the Seniors. Then they will be off to the dinosaur museum in Thermop.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Kids are gone

Some of my kids were here for a couple of days. They got here early and came in to the Senior Citizens for lunch. I wasn't expecting them until 1:30 or 2:00. So they got polish sausage and sauerkraut for lunch. Gracie age three sausages. They made a big hit with the Seniors. Later I met them at the Chocolatier's for dessert. Libby had a chocolate covered pretzel. The rest of us had ice cream. Yummmmm!!

Sandy chased around the yard, but she didn't rout any bunnies, picket pins, or chipmunks. However they were kind of scarce for a couple of days. Gracie and Libby got to pet and feed grass stems to the Game Warden's mules. Both girls played with the trucks. Gracie also found GGma's two round rocks. They race down the ramp as well as the race cars.

Thursday we toured the Museum, visited Em and crew at Lucilles, pics in jail. Later in the afternoon we went to the two school playgrounds, then down to the Lion's Park playground. Lots of slides and tunnels and stuff to crawl through and slide on. Swings too. Check out new picasa pics.

Keith visited with Big Jim about Jimmy Wooten and then wrote a song about him. Thurs night he performed it at the Cowboy. Jim liked the song, but not Keith's singing. Hmph! He doesn't appreciate the finer things in life.

This morning they left bright and early, after breakfast, at 10:30. Were headed through Yellowstone. Wonder if they got into any rain. We had a few sprinkles.

This afternoon Gma and I had a pinochle date at the Oasis. Tomorrow we go to a Museum program.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Almost ready to go

I have my stuff done, almost. Got all the washing done and things sorted for my Ireland packing. We went to Blgs Monday and got the proper sized carry-on bags. They are sure little, but will hold quit a bit. More than it looks. Even got a paperback book to read in the airports and a puzzle book for variation. They fit in the little bag. Can also get camera stuff in it.

Raked the sticks out of the back yard yesterday. Now I have to do the side. Used my handy dandy push mower to knock down the cottonwood tree sprouts. The grass didn't need mowed, just these tall little hummers and a couple of taller weeds. Now I can rake again. That will be my physical labor for this trip. Vacuumed some cobwebs in the basement and window sills.

I looked up addresses online from Spuddie's address book. Sent notices to all those that matched. Quite a few didn't match up so they don't get one.

Made the picture cds for Ed and got those in the mail too. I called him and he's still at the same address. Have called Gma everyday and she's anxious for me to get back. She doesn't actually say that but drops subtle hints that I should be there no later than Friday. Since I got so much work actually accomplished I really don't have a good excuse to stay longer. All the bills arrived and have been paid except one insurance one.

Hope you have all the pics off my flickr site that you want as I'll change them when I get back to Mtse. It works faster on wireless. Whooeee!!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Hyattville Parade

Gma got to ride in the parade on the Old Timer's float. Thought there would be several people on it and they said there would be ice water on the float too. Didn't happen. Gma was the first one there to be on it. Had to ask a couple of different people where to get the ice water. Finally got some. We got there about 3:17. They were to start lining up at 3:30. Didn't know exactly where to go and they had one street blocked so had to detour around that block. The instructions said "south of town at the fork in the road". Asked someone on the street and she said just go around this block and head out of town. It was by the logging road, you'd see a bunch of cars there. ok. That wasn't a problem. Just like she said. Couldn't see which float was the one she was to be on and didn't see any other old timers out there. One official said just pull up on the other side of the sheep wagon and the float was there. They had steps for them to get on. Since we were sort of early we opted to stay in the air conditioned car until closer to the time to start. I was instructed to leave before the flag bearers started or I wouldn't be able to get out. ok. Finally they said Gma could sit in the truck pulling the sheep wagon until they started. No other old timers had shown up. So I left her in strangers' hands. The wagon driver said he'd let her off wherever I wanted uptown. I didn't know where I would be because people were parked all along the road in town. He said he'd drop her off at the second bridge or wherever I was standing. He'd see me. ok. I did get a really good parking spot by the second bridge. Then I went closer to town to watch and see what else was in the little town. Saw Eddie, Ginny, and Curtis sitting on the corner. They were supposed to be on the float. They had been told to wait on that corner and the wagon would pick them up. On that corner the parade would have been nearly over. They asked where Gma was and I said she was on the float. Where was it? Way out on that road out of town. By the time they decided maybe they should try to find the float the parade was at the first bridge. We got some officials to hold them up there while Ginny loaded the two guys into her car and whipped around the block to the line up. At first they said just stay at the corner and they'd get picked up. ok. Then the lady lining people up said let them through. ok. One of the flag bearers said that was who they had been waiting for. He said "Do you know who that was. They probably were in the bar and were late." I didn't bother to correct them, they wouldn't have believed me anyway. So I went back to a corner which wasn't crowded and I could hear the announcers. Got pics of the first of the parade. Two of my sister's classmates (one in real estate, the other a politician) were in it and Mike Enzi (politician). This isn't an election year either. When the Old Timers came by I had to hurry to my car, because the guy was going to drop Gma off there. They started to let her off and she decided to ride around the loop with them and go back through town. I'm not going to argue with a 101 year old. They did a loop further up the road and came back. Then she was ready to get off right at my car. The fellows were to get dropped off at the bar. Don't know what ever happened to Ginny. Gma said she did get turned around in the parade line up and was supposed to meet the guys at the bar. We just got in my car and left. Gma was pretty well done in. Really hot. It was 91. She had been given a bottle of cold water. Someone asked the wagon driver if they all wanted a drink. Said they'd get him a beer and Gma a Tequila Sunrise. She never got that but the driver did get his beer. He gave her some which was nice and cool for her. She just had a sip. Said if she had any more they'd be picking her up off the wagon bed. She'd never have made the whole trip.

I think they were all having fun, but those three from Meeteetse were the only old timers on the float. Too bad we couldn't have stayed for some of the later stuff. Hub Whitt was playing later on in the evening. Think they had other entertainment too, but that was way too long for Gma. We didn't go to the picnic either as it was at noon and the parade wasn't until 4:00.

We decided we will have to go back the Hyattville some time and eat at the little cafe. Gma says they had good food there. It was closed today as the 4H kids were selling food and stuff. The picnic grounds are out where there is an archealogical spot with petroglyphs. Will have to check that out sometime too. The map shows a gravel road from Shell to Hyattville and another gravel road from Hyattville to Ten Sleep with little marks that indicate a scenic drive. Will have to go on those roads. Gma has been on them with Fendts and Griffins, but I haven't.

We got milk shakes in Worland on the way home. Gma got her nap from 7:00 to 8:30, then to bed at 9:00. I put the parade pics on picasa.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

mail box saga

Yesterday when we went for coffee we noticed a big post propped against our fence (on the inside). Hmmmm. Where could that have come from? Oh!! Our mail box is gone. There it is down the road on a funny looking metal post along with the Cowboys' mail box. What's going on here? Who moved the boxes and why, and when? I didn't notice that when we came in Sunday. Must have been done by the construction guys. We drove to it and Gma opened it to see if she could reach it ok. She could but it sure wobbled on the skinny metal post. Looks kinda flimsy to me.

Called the Post Office to see if there was a reasonable and logical reason for moving the boxes. The post mistress had no idea about what I was talking. They have no regulations for where you place your box or what you put it on. The box does have to meet some standards and has to be far enough off the highway for the carrier to be off the road when putting the mail in the box. She suggested I call the Highway Dept. I did, but no one answered. Good luck with getting them to move it back.

Gma didn't say much about it and said she'd ask Dan to move it back. I thought those who moved it in the first place should put it back. They didn't bother to ask if we wanted it moved. It's quite a bit farther for a 101 year old woman to have to walk to get her mail if she ever has to when I'm gone. Although Arlene always brings it to her door when I'm gone. Actually it wouldn't hurt me to walk further for it. However, that's not the point. The point is they moved our possession without asking and for no apparent reason, at least not to us.

This morning at coffee Gma asked Edward if he had a post hole digger on a tractor. He does and would move the boxes back whenever she gives him the ok. She told him "those idiots moved it". She also said she'd ask Dan what he knew about it before we did anything. When I went into the post office I stopped in the office and Arlene was there. She told me she knew why they moved it. Apparently the highway dept has a regulation that there has to be a 10 foot approach to the box and a 10 foot exit space. The boxes are then placed in the middle. They are on the metal post because it has more give if someone runs into it, and it is less likely for the box to come off and go through a windshield. The post will break away. Also when the snow plows are working the snow bounces off the metal and doesn't make a drift. So it isn't a postal federal regulation, but it is a highway federal regulation. Probably based on some politician's idea of safety and convenience that has never used a rural mail box or even been anywhere near one, or lived in a rural area. But I guess it is sort of logical and possibly reasonable. Depending on your point of view. I can accept the explanation, but I don't have to like it. Gma said it might be logical, but it wasn't reasonable. They could have started the approach sooner so the boxes would have been in the middle where they were instead of moving them. Arlene said we could probably call Rick and he might have them moved back to across from our driveway, but then her approach wouldn't be 10 feet, but she would have room to be completely off the road. She didn't mind where it was or even if there were two separate boxes. The way they have it now both our box and the Cowboys' box are on the same post. The highway moved all the boxes on the route. On another of her routes they moved all the boxes to the right side of the road. So we aren't the only ones being rousted. It's a highway thing. Great! And they never tell anyone they are going to do it, not even the mail carriers or the post offices.

The box has been in that particular spot for 40 some years and not been a problem, now all of sudden its a safety hazard. Somebody did back into it last year and squashed them, but that's the only incident in over 40 years. The snow plows have never run into it in all that time. The construction guys poured asphalt on the road and along the approaches to all driveways and along those mail box pull outs without hitting any of them. They had some pretty big machinery too. The boxes were moved after all that was finished.

I guess it's Gma's call now. She can get someone to move it back or not. I have an explanation for who and why. I kinda feel if we move it back and some dingbat hits it we will get sued because it isn't "regulation". Someone will hit it just because they can and it will be our fault. I can just see that one coming.

Does everyone in the country have to have a mail box problem? Is this the "in" thing for 2009?
Good Grief!!!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Mtse home again

We are back from our quick road trip to Napa. It was not a "fun" trip, but we did manage to have a bit of fun on the road.
We left here Tuesday a.m and had lunch in Evanston. Stopped at the Salt Flats for a potty break and stretch legs. Stayed in Elko at a motel where they had restaurants and gambling. Pat won some money, but I didn't play. We didn't have a night cap because the bar had machines at each place. There was no place to sit your drink and just visit. Figured I'd just spill mine by sitting it in the middle of the machine or something. Anyway we got a good night's sleep and thought we were on the road by 8:00 when actually it was 9:00. Pat forgot her phone automatically changes at the time zones so she subtracted an hour thinking we were on Mt time. Had lunch that day in Truckee. That's a neat looking little town. We decided we need to go back there and just stay a couple of days to look around and visit all the historic stuff. Lots of history in the Sierras. Lots of road construction too. However, road construction is good, the roads really need it. Got to Napa around 7:00 and found all the turns we needed and went right to the house. Called everyone to let them know we were there safely.
We left Saturday morning loaded to the gills. I asked Pat if she was sure her front tires were still on the ground. We had breakfast at the "Black Bear" which had lots of really cute carved bears in front and inside as well. Got on the road around 9:00, not as early as we would have liked, but it was ok. Made good time and stayed the night in Wendover. Had a good parking lot that was down under the hill and had a high fence. Would not have been easily accessed from the street, and was well lighted. They had a "Rain Forest" buffet where we had supper. We played the poker machines until Pat lost all her winnings from Tuesday and I lost $10. That was our Nevada donations. Their bar also had machines at each place, but they did have some round tables where we could sit and visit with our drinks. Had marguaritas for our night cap, but they weren't "perfect". They were just ok. We had "perfect" ones at Applebee's Thursday night. Will have to check out the Applebees in Blgs to see if the serve "perfect" ones.
Anyway we had a good night's sleep there and got breakfast in their " Over the Rainbow" cafe. We were on the road by 8:00 Sunday a.m. Got to Mtse at 5:00p.m. and unloaded part of the stuff, then Gma and I took Pat to supper at the Elkhorn and she went on home. We took two cars to supper. Pat said her car was really a lot lighter after we took some out here. We did average 30 miles per gallon on the whole trip, even loaded like we were.
Today Gma and I went to coffee and Seniors. Now I have to get caught up on the newspapers and then I will be ready to see what I actually brought home with me. Have lots of pics to scan and some genealogy to copy.
Echo called today and invited us to the Hyattville Old Timers picnic and parade Saturday, July 25th. The parade isn't until 4:00p.m. so maybe we will skip the picnic part and just go for the parade as she said there will be a float for the "old timers". Gma will be in good company on the float as they have several from the basin to ride it. Curtis and Eddie will be on it too. She didn't mention Clarence. Anyway Gma should know some of the people and there will probably be some of the Ten Sleep friends there as well. Echo said she thought it would be really neat to have Gma there as she had so much to do with starting the "Old Timers" picnics in Meeteetse some years ago.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

playing with computer again

I just did some different flickr pics and they went on really fast. Used the updated portion where you can choose more than 6. I only did 12 at a time and it only took a couple of minutes. WOW!! Guess I have a modem and a router. One is hooked up to the phone jack and he put in a double jack or something so I can do computer and not interfere with the phone. We can talk on it while I'm on the net. It doesn't ring or anything like the Hardin one. I just turn on the puter and go right on line. Unless, of course, I switch the power cord off. Here's pics of the little gadgets.

it's me!!

Wireless works in the trailer. They installed a modem and a router. Works fine, so far.

I put a bunch of pic on picasa this afternoon. Put on files with over 100 and it only took less than 10 minutes each. The small files just took a couple of minutes (the ones with 40 some). They took an hour before. This works really snazzy. Anyway you can check out all the CA trip pics and a few others. Thought Kev would like the construction ones. Ride to the Wall ones were just taken today.

Now I have to try out the flickr pics and see if they load faster. Hope you got all the ones you wanted off for this time. They are Gpa's trip to Sweden.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Mtse connection to wireless for me

The TCT West man just left after hooking up the wireless connection. The phone works and my computer works. We ran a speed test to Chicago and it was really good, he said. I signed the paper and they will send me a bill. Works for me.

He said he could hook up to any phone jack wherever we wanted, but we only had one which was behind a cupboard. Had to move the chest of drawers and the cupboard with all the photo albums in it to get to the jack. Not that big of a deal really, but sure was dusty down there. So I did a quick sweep up job while he was outside. He had to put on a new jack with two outlets. Then I had to find an adapter for the three prong power strip and he grounded that as well. Apparently the outside box needed replaced because it wasn't up to code anymore. He said they quit making that model about 40 years ago. I said it was probably "state of the art" when it was put in. Gma said they got the phone in 1979. That's when the line was put in out here. Before that she had to run to town and use McLean's phone. Anyway it took a little less than an hour and everything seems to be working just fine.

The road construction is working on the approaches today and they did ours shortly after we got home from coffee. Good thing we got home when we did and didn't want to go out for lunch. I got pics which I will share later.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

summer time

It's hotter here than it was in CA. Had 96 or so yesterday and its up to 98 on my porch thermometer. Don't know what the official temp is, but I don't really need to know. Not too bad in the house if I don't do anything physical. Have the fans going and a nice big glass of iced tea. Ahhh!

When I got here yesterday I had a note on my door that the MDU guys had been here changing the gas meter and needed to get in to relight my gas appliances. After I called necessary people to let them know I arrived here safely, I was in the process of calling the 800 number when the MDU guy came back. He had just been 3 houses away and decided to see if anyone was home yet. I was so he came in and lit the water heater. My furnace would relight itself (which it did - I tried it out early this morning while it was still cool - had to turn it up to 75 to get it to come on and when it did I turned it back down as far as it goes). Everything else is electric. He had done the meter at 3:30 and I got here at 4:30, so timing was good for this trip. I never did get anyone on the 800 number, I was still waiting when he came back.

Our CA trip was great! The weather was beautiful. Was only 79 at Baker when we crossed the desert. Was 103 on the way back, but it didn't last long. Ed was in front with me so Gma couldn't see what we were doing with the air conditioning. She was real surprised to find out how hot it was, sure didn't feel that hot. We stopped at Peggy's Diner for a break. We always pass it and think we should stop there sometime. This time we did. It's strictly a tourist trap, but has lots of 50s era stuff. I liked it. There were a couple of Betty Boop things there so I got picks for our Senior Citizen cook. She's a Betty Boop collector.

We got Ed home just fine. He drove to Vegas from Jean and showed me how to get out from his house. It was really easy and his directions were just right. No problems. We were in all the correct lanes for all routes. Just like I really knew where I was going.

The wedding was very nice and Katie was beautiful. Andrew was at his handsomest (hmm, wonder if that is a real word). The bridesmaids were in mermaid colored dresses and shoes. The groomsmen had tuxes, but their vests were the same color as the girls's dresses. Even Gracie was at her best. Libby never squawked, at least not loud enough for anyone but her mother to hear. The ceremony was short and to the point, the reception was fun with really good food. Some of us stayed at Pachenga for the wedding and the accomodations were great. We got in some good visiting too. My kids all had to try out the gaming machines and I think they all won a little, but don't know how much they spent to win something.

Graduation was impressive. Lex didn't like getting her picture taken, but she was resigned to it and did cooperate quite nicely. We got lots of pics. There were 725 graduates or something in that neighborhood. She even had a small cheering section in front of us. We didn't know who they were, but they knew Lex was the one with the pretty eyes. The graduation reception was on Sunday with lots of the SD relatives. Was good to get to see them all again. It's been many years since I've seen any of them. Most of them was at K&M's wedding over 20 years ago.

It was a long 10 days for Gma, but she did well. She's just super tired now. After we got home we were busy. Went to the Larsen annual Father's Day barbecue the next day, then Mon & Wed we were in town for coffee and Senior lunch. Tues we had to make a quick trip to Cody to the highway dept. There were 9 campers on our hill and our contract says "no camping". We no sooner got back than the foreman was at our door to see if we'd reconsider if they offered to pay. But Gma said "NO! No camping means no camping". She felt someone should have read the contract. Not sure if they have all moved yet or not, but I do know where 6 of them relocated. The road construction is really coming along fast. They are repaving from the main street to the Wood River bridge. Its 6 miles out of town and that one main street. Its moving right along. Who knows, they might be done by the time I get back. Then another company comes for the final overcoat and chip sealing (I think).

While we were in CA the Game Warden mowed the rest of the lawn that I didn't get done before we left. That was a relief because it was getting really tall. The front part that I had done was as high when we got home as it was when I did it the first time. I did get one little piece done again. Maybe the Game Warden will come back again while I'm in Hdn.

Sometime while we were in sunny CA there was a cloudburst and hail storm in Mtse. It flooded a bunch of the little gullies and the barrow pit and culverts couldn't handle all the water, so some flooded almost up to our house. Didn't quite make it to the house, but here was debris all over the yard. I did get some of it picked out of the fence along the highway and out of one side of the yard. Had to mow some to find were the gunk is so I can rake it up. We heard that the house up by where the big rock with the crack in it is located had water in their house. If they opened up their back door and front door it would have run right on out. There were a couple of places where it was over both sides of the highway and a couple of lanes had to be fixed, but don't know which ones. Glad we missed that storm.

I did get another album on picasa, but it took 3 hours. I went to the library to see if it would work faster on their wireless connection, but couldn't get it to work at all. Must not be doing something right. I'll keep working on it. Have to go back to the library tomorrow and take pics of all the quilts.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Sunny Southern California

Gma and I had a good trip. We stayed in Cedar City and left after breakfast at the motel. When we crossed the desert it was only in the high 70s all the way. What a pleasant surprise. We had lunch in Baker and it said 83 on their big thermometer, but my car one said 79. It did get up to 83 after that for a short while, then we went over a hill and it cooled off again and never go to 80 again the whole trip. Sure a difference from June two years ago. It's been real pleasant here too as its been overcast every day. Have met lots of family members we met years ago and haven't seen since and some new ones too. It's been fun. Graduation was nice and got lots of pics. Sunday we had the grad party and it was fun. Went to a farmer's market one morning and bought lots of fruit and veggies. Then Gracie got to ride on a tractor which she didn't ever get the hang of, so the guy gave us back the ticket and suggested we take her on the canoes instead. So we did and she loved that. Even told the attendant that she was a flower girl. Saturday she got her hair cut and her nails done. WOW!! Nail polish was almost off before we ever got home. Couldn't wash her hair again either, at least not the top of her head because she had sparkles in it on top. This evening we had the mini-wedding shower. The kids were thrilled with all the "stuff". And they knew what everything was. I"m impressed. It's been busy every day, but everyone is surviving just fine.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Hi All

I haven't done this for awhile so guess I'd better get on the ball.

I'm back in Hardin for bill paying time. Have all the washing done and the bills paid so don't want to start any more big projects as I'm going back to Mtse Sunday. Went to lunch with the wolfpak Thurs & Fri. Will have coffee with them Sat. morning, then maybe I'll put more pics on the flickr site since I have more room. I did change them and have Gpa's trip to Sweden in 1978. They are kinda interesting. Will have to take a trip there sometime. Anybody want to go with me?

Gma had a cute B'day card which was very fitting for her.

Today was Pete's last day at the library and they had cake and punch for his retirement. Had to go and have my pic taken with him since he had his taken with me when I retired. His wife also retired from Heritage Acres. Her party was last Wednesday. It was fun to visit with some I haven't seen for a long time..

Monday, April 27, 2009

New Outfit

You girls can get off your sister's back now. We took my car for servicing and went shopping. Got me a new pant suit. Its dressy, but casual, and can be worn for numerous occasions. The pants are gray and the blouse is multicolored (reds, greens, pinks) soft colors and springy. It has a white shift under the blouse, so can be buttoned or not. Depends on the temperature. And it's age appropriate. I did try on a dress and couldn't get it over my shoulders, let alone the rest of me. That was really an exercise in futility. The dresses really weren't "me". They don't make them for people with a waist like a sumo wrestler and a top like the wimp in the Charles Atlas ads. However my 20 year old red dress does cover up all those faults and I think it still looks good. And everyone else won't have one like it.

My car is already for a long trip. I told the service man that I wanted it made good and safe for a long trip and a few short ones, too. They did all the fluids and flushed out numerous things, changed oil, rotated tires, checked belts, washed it, did safety inspection, etc. Took it in at 9:30 and it wasn't finished until 1:30.

We had time for lots of shopping and lunch too. We had a good time.

Then later I went out to do some more raking. All that's left is the rose bush in the back yard corner. It is really full of leaves and garbage that has blown in over the years. That is always the last thing to get done and it usually gets put off until it is too bushy to get under it. The neighbor guy trimmed it for me last fall. He really trimmed a lot, so I can get under it now. Got two sacks full in a very short time. Then I broke the rake (not intentionally). I think I can fix it with a screw, but don't think I can drill a hole through the little metal piece that holds the rake to the handle. I'll take it back with me for some of Gma's helpers to do. Think I have another rake here somewhere. Seems like I used to have two of them when the boys helped me with my yard. I sure miss them at times like this. Oh well, I'll get it done eventually. I'm not getting stiff and sore which is a good thing. Maybe I'm in better shape than I thought. Must have been all the times I chased the deer out of the yard. I'm getting in practice for our Ireland trip.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Picasa download

The #1 Wolf came over this afternoon and we downloaded Picasa3 twice. It never did anything. Said it was done, but I never got the instructions to do anything. One little tab said it was still downloading, but none of the little round things were going like it was working. We looked for the file in the programs but it wasn't there. Went into the "computer drive c" thingy and it wasn't there either. Did a search for it but couldn't find it. All the little notices said it wasn't there. So I shut down and started over. Downloaded it again for the third time and now it says "one active download (unknown time remaining). It stayed that way while I went out and raked up another sack and a half of grass and leaves. So I shut everything down again while I finished the yard work and took the sacks to the garbage in the trusty little red wagon. Gave it an hour rest and now that I'm back on it still says its downloading with unknown time remaining. That's in the corner of the bottom bar. However it doesn't seem to be stopping me from getting into other programs. None of the little round things are going like its working. Don't know how to make it go away. I might just wait until we come to visit you. Oops! A little notice just came out the side that said all files were downloaded and the "download" stuff is gone off the bar.

When you go to my picasa site can you see the doll museum file as well as the wildlife one?

Thanks for all the info. I'll print it for reference. Will just have to see if I can put more pics on faster or something, or not.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Hardin Home

I'm back in Hardin again. Will be here for two weeks this time as I need to do some manual labor and get my yard in shape. Also have to do some sorting in the basement, and, of course, pay bills.

Got my windshield chip sealed this afternoon. It had a pretty big chip in it that looked like a quarter circle on the bottom. Now you can't even tell where it was. It was in the middle so wasn't interfering with my vision, but with all this warmer weather it would no doubt have spread. Anyway that's done.

Have to work on new pics on flickr too.

Sure can tell Spring is here. The bluebirds have been fighting over the nest building. Silly birds. The picket pins are out in full force, but so far are staying across the fence. Although one was in the pipe the other day and I got close enough I could have stepped on him, but he ducked in the pipe too quick. Another one sat by the pipe on the sidewalk until Gma got her gun out. Think he must have heard her getting it ready because he hasn't been back since. Haven't seen much of the rabbits, but there are a couple of them out once in a while. Haven't seen the baby bunny since I got his pic.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I'm Back!!

WOW!!! What a trip. Lots of things to do in a very short time, but we got it all in. Even got in a place we hadn't planned. As soon as I arrived everyone was hungry so we went to Seaport Village. Neat little place to wander. The little girls even got to ride the carousel. Gracie rode a horse and Lib rode the elephant. Gracie had to try out the elephant and a camel when we stopped. While eating a big bird came right on our table and stole Gracie's hamburger. It was really quick, but it got quite a scolding from G. The trucks drove all around the railing and didn't fall off into the ocean.

Sat. we went to San Juan Capistrano and wandered there for 2 hours. Lots to see and the little girls loved it. Gracie got to play hoops on the grass and even got to dance with the people from Lincoln's era. However, when she found out there were instructions and rules she decided she didn't want to dance. Got back home in time to get ready for the other party in San Diego. The was just M & Me. We had a fabulous dinner and even did some dancing.

Sunday we stayed home and celebrated with the Birthday Girl.

Monday we went to Disneyland all day. Got there about 11:00a.m. and left at 9:30p.m. The little girls had a great time. The big people did too. Gracie got to see her princesses. That was an hour and a half wait, but well worth it to see her with them. Even Libby got to sit with them. We rode the paddle wheel, cars, Buzz Lightyear, It's a Small World, went through the Tiki Hut, and did a lot of walking. I'm getting in practice for Ireland, and I really need to do more walking. We were all absolutely exhausted when we got home. It was such fun.

Then Tuesday it was time for me to fly home. My seat mates were chatters and I loved that part. Made the trip go so fast. The weather was good the whole time.

Now its time to figure out the next trip.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Off to Sunny Southern California

I'm off again!! This time to Sunny Southern California for two parties. I get to go to my granddaughter's' 3rd birthday party and also to a wedding reception for my cousin in San Diego. I get two parties for the price of one this time. We might also go to San Juan Capistrano one day and have plans to take in a day at Disneyland before I come back. I've got my bags all packed. Gma has everyone looking out for her while I'm gone. She said if she called on everyone that offered she'd have to make a long list. She probably gets better looking after when I'm gone than when I'm there. Made sure her vehicles are running and full of gas, but she probably won't go out except to Church and Seniors. One of the Seniors said she & Gma were going out and "tear up the town" , just like the old days. Hmmmm!

I did get back to Hardin for Jen's B'day. That was fun. Interesting ice cream cake. Now I've got three grandchildren that are old enough to walk in the front door of the Cowboy. Wow, I'm aging.

Gma and I had bad head colds for over a week. Mine got better quicker than her's , but she ended up just being weak. No energy. After she started eating real food again, she recuperated much faster. Then when we finally went out to the doc for her regular check up and found out she is healthy, that made her feel lots better. We were out Saturday night with the Tae Kwan Do team, then Sunday for Church, Monday for Seniors dinner, Tuesday for coffee, then Seniors again today. She's better. Time for me to go away for a few days. When I took off after lunch today I got almost to the top of the Meeteetse Rim when I remembered the battery charger for my camera. I had to recharge a battery and it was still plugged in at Gma's, so I turned around and went back for it. I might really need that as I plan to take lots of pics. I always have one battery in the camera and a spare ready to go. Good Grief! I almost left without a spare. That would not have been good. Luckily I hadn't gotten so far I couldn't go back. With the new time I still got here in plenty of daylight. My walk has been shovelled too. Hardin got more snow than Meeteetse. However the roads were dry all the way and no wind. Great travelling weather.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Back to Mtse

I have my work done for this trip. Paid all the bills, did washing, picked sticks out of yard, watered plants, and other regular household chores. Put different pics on flickr. No time to start any other projects so I'll just go back to Meeteetse. Saturday is the open house for the opening of the doll display at the Museum, library stuff on Feb 13th and 18th, open house for the new highway department building on the 10th. All the fun stuff. Probably have to sweep snow this weekend, then again, maybe not. One never knows about these groundhogs. Tricky little fellows.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Groundhog's Day

February 2 is a big day for groundhogs. Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow, as you can see in the pic, and ran back in his hole. I saw my shadow too when Gma took me out for breakfast. Then it got cloudy and overcast so didn't see it again all day. It's rather pleasant now, but in a few days we will get weather again. Be prepared.

Saturday night the Mtse gang took me out to dinner at Kirby (between Worland & Thermop). It was fun. Arlene brought a cherry cheesecake for dessert and I had a candle on it and the waitresses sang Happy Birthday to me. It was a different version than the usual, but was real cute. Then they took my pic with my piece of cheesecake. I'll have to get the pics off my camera and post them to flickr. We took a new route to Kirby. It's really an old way, but I've never been on that road before, so will have to show it to you sometime. Its a gravel road most of the way, but kind of interesting scenery. Will have to go over it again sometime in the summer when I can take pics of the sand rock formations. It was the Cottonwood Creek road, I think.

My Darling Daughter took me out to the movie tonight. Was a Clint Eastwood vehicle, Gran Torino. Not what I was expecting, but was good anyway. Good entertaining way to finish up the birthday.

I'll be here until Thursday so will have time for new pics.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I'm still here

Just to let everyone know I haven't fallen off the edge of the world yet. It's been cold and snowy here, so we aren't going anywhere except to town for coffee breaks and to Senior lunches. Went on the bus to Cody last week and it was nice that day. Maybe tomorrow we will both go as Gma has to get her new handicap sticker and we don't seem to be able to get there on any other day because of the weather.

I did get to go to school last week and do my story for the 1st and 2nd graders. I did "Where the Wild Things Are" and was a bit concerned about how I was going to get up and down off the floor when we had to get in and out of the boat, but I did fine. I had been doing a few minor exercises for a few days so I was in sort of shape. I really need to do some walking, but the weather is not cooperating. Don't want to be walking on the side of the road when its slick and if its wet the big trucks splash on me. If there is dry snow then they blow it all over me. It's too deep and crusty to walk inside the fence to the check station. Even the deer haven't been around to make paths. The bunny paths are just on top of the crust and I sink so that doesn't work. I'll just walk around Wal-Mart when we go on the bus tomorrow. Won't have to tell another story until my hair gets long enough to make a bit of a ponytail. Don't have to get on the floor for that one.

Friday, January 16, 2009

on way to Mtse

No more white fluffy stuff today. Roads are all clear where I want to go, so I'm off. Got enough physical exercise for this week. I think I'm in good enough shape to tell "Where the Wild Things Are". It's the one I have to get in the boat on the floor and row. Have to be able to get down and the floor and then get up again. Wouldn't do if the first and second graders had to pick me up off the floor. Gma will be glad to see me 'cause she's had to get all her own stuff for a whole week now. Someone did come and plow all her snow so she could get to the garage without any trouble, but they didn't get all the snow we did here. I couldn't find my pics of when Santa was out flying around in this area. I remember he came three or four years, but don't remember which years they were. I only got pics the first year. I remember the little wolves watching out their big picture window. I have seen the pics sometime when I have been scanning, but don't think I scanned them because he was so far away it was hard to tell what he was. But I know. I was telling the neighbors on the hill that I had actually seen Santa and his sleigh flying and had pictures to prove it. Now I can't find them. Oh Bother!!!!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Wow! I can do this again

Took me awhile to figure out how to post a second blog. Good Grief!!!

Anyway I have been doing exercises in futility. Went out to shovel in the snow yesterday afternoon. Seemed quite deep and I figured if I didn't do some of it I wouldn't be able to do any of it tomorrow. Was so light a fluffy I could just push it along. The man next door was out blowing his snow. He said after watching me shovel he thought it might be easier to shovel than blow when it was so deep. Then he was concerned about my shoes. I don't have boots, my Nikes are my boots. Told him I take my shovel with me to make a path and then I don't have to worry about snow in my shoes. Last time I was here and shoveling the guy across the street was concerned about my lack of boots too. These people must come from warm climates without snow and don't know what I usually wear for shoes. Tenny runners are quite "booty" for me. Besides we haven't had deep enough snow for boots for so many years there has been no need for them. Who knows when it will snow enough for them again. In Meeteetse I can use Gpa's rubber boots over my shoes if necessary.

Went out already this morning and shoveled again. Didn't take long. My coffee didn't even have a chance to cool off before I was finished. I did measure the snow on my car as I haven't swept it off since the snow started. There is 6 inches on the hood and the roof. Was consistent so I guess that's all there was. However it looked like I shoveled more than that when I was out there. When I was out at 7:30 this morning there were three other guys out blowing snow (one was using a shovel). Now that I have finished I see a guy with a big tractor across the street. I can hear more blowers nearby too.

Looks like there might be a few more flakes to come down, but its clearing up. Will probably be going back the Mtse tomorrow.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I made a blog

I decided to join the crowd and create my own blog spot. Don't really know what I'm doing, but I'm going to do it anyway. Will take me awhile to figure out stuff. I can't figure out which font to use. Can't see any difference in the fonts.