Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I'm still here

Just to let everyone know I haven't fallen off the edge of the world yet. It's been cold and snowy here, so we aren't going anywhere except to town for coffee breaks and to Senior lunches. Went on the bus to Cody last week and it was nice that day. Maybe tomorrow we will both go as Gma has to get her new handicap sticker and we don't seem to be able to get there on any other day because of the weather.

I did get to go to school last week and do my story for the 1st and 2nd graders. I did "Where the Wild Things Are" and was a bit concerned about how I was going to get up and down off the floor when we had to get in and out of the boat, but I did fine. I had been doing a few minor exercises for a few days so I was in sort of shape. I really need to do some walking, but the weather is not cooperating. Don't want to be walking on the side of the road when its slick and if its wet the big trucks splash on me. If there is dry snow then they blow it all over me. It's too deep and crusty to walk inside the fence to the check station. Even the deer haven't been around to make paths. The bunny paths are just on top of the crust and I sink so that doesn't work. I'll just walk around Wal-Mart when we go on the bus tomorrow. Won't have to tell another story until my hair gets long enough to make a bit of a ponytail. Don't have to get on the floor for that one.

Friday, January 16, 2009

on way to Mtse

No more white fluffy stuff today. Roads are all clear where I want to go, so I'm off. Got enough physical exercise for this week. I think I'm in good enough shape to tell "Where the Wild Things Are". It's the one I have to get in the boat on the floor and row. Have to be able to get down and the floor and then get up again. Wouldn't do if the first and second graders had to pick me up off the floor. Gma will be glad to see me 'cause she's had to get all her own stuff for a whole week now. Someone did come and plow all her snow so she could get to the garage without any trouble, but they didn't get all the snow we did here. I couldn't find my pics of when Santa was out flying around in this area. I remember he came three or four years, but don't remember which years they were. I only got pics the first year. I remember the little wolves watching out their big picture window. I have seen the pics sometime when I have been scanning, but don't think I scanned them because he was so far away it was hard to tell what he was. But I know. I was telling the neighbors on the hill that I had actually seen Santa and his sleigh flying and had pictures to prove it. Now I can't find them. Oh Bother!!!!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Wow! I can do this again

Took me awhile to figure out how to post a second blog. Good Grief!!!

Anyway I have been doing exercises in futility. Went out to shovel in the snow yesterday afternoon. Seemed quite deep and I figured if I didn't do some of it I wouldn't be able to do any of it tomorrow. Was so light a fluffy I could just push it along. The man next door was out blowing his snow. He said after watching me shovel he thought it might be easier to shovel than blow when it was so deep. Then he was concerned about my shoes. I don't have boots, my Nikes are my boots. Told him I take my shovel with me to make a path and then I don't have to worry about snow in my shoes. Last time I was here and shoveling the guy across the street was concerned about my lack of boots too. These people must come from warm climates without snow and don't know what I usually wear for shoes. Tenny runners are quite "booty" for me. Besides we haven't had deep enough snow for boots for so many years there has been no need for them. Who knows when it will snow enough for them again. In Meeteetse I can use Gpa's rubber boots over my shoes if necessary.

Went out already this morning and shoveled again. Didn't take long. My coffee didn't even have a chance to cool off before I was finished. I did measure the snow on my car as I haven't swept it off since the snow started. There is 6 inches on the hood and the roof. Was consistent so I guess that's all there was. However it looked like I shoveled more than that when I was out there. When I was out at 7:30 this morning there were three other guys out blowing snow (one was using a shovel). Now that I have finished I see a guy with a big tractor across the street. I can hear more blowers nearby too.

Looks like there might be a few more flakes to come down, but its clearing up. Will probably be going back the Mtse tomorrow.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I made a blog

I decided to join the crowd and create my own blog spot. Don't really know what I'm doing, but I'm going to do it anyway. Will take me awhile to figure out stuff. I can't figure out which font to use. Can't see any difference in the fonts.