Friday, January 28, 2011

End of Jan

January is nearly over already. I haven't even gotten used to the idea this is a new year, although I have put the correct year on all my checks. That's a plus.

We have had a couple of visitors already. Fendts came one Sunday just to visit and show us the pictures of their time in Michigan. Their grandson was home on leave from the Navy, so they had some good family groupings.

Then the next weekend Clint, Sara, and Zeke came to visit. We've talked about it since shortly after Zeke was born. They were in Cody and just decided to take a chance that we'd be home. We were. Zeke is such a little cutie and was ever so good all afternoon. He sat in GGAunt Grace's lap for quite awhile. He even let me hold him. So curious.

The fish fairy came by last Thursday and left a dead fish hanging on our door. My car was gone so guess he thought no one was home. One nice little trout, just our size. It's in the freezer now waiting for some day when we want something different to eat.

I have finally finished scanning all the pictures in the cupboard under the phone. Now I can start on the ones on the shelves by the stove.

Monday, January 10, 2011


Haven't been doing anything exciting in Jan. Just our usual stuff.

I did get to go to Hdn to pay bills and read all my Christmas cards. December was not conducive to traveling so hadn't been back since first part of November. It was time. I really needed my Hardin "fix". I had it all figured out to leave here Jan 1, as people would be sleeping in after the previous night out or watching a ball game. Perfect time to be on the road. Mother Nature didn't see it that way. It was slippery and windy. Just not worth being out in it. So I left on Monday the 3rd instead. That gave it an extra day to get the slick spots beat off. Was a beautiful day for me and the roads were good all the way. Got all my bills paid and visited with the P.O. people and the City Hall people.

Had coffee with Pat, but she had to go to Blgs and spend all day there. I had work to do, so we settled for early (8:00am) coffee.

I couldn't get in my driveway for awhile as the City had plowed the streets and there were three big ice chunks in front of my driveway. Too big to hit with my car. Then the snow in the driveway was rather deep. I could scoop the top layer of snow off that quite easily. It was real light and fluffy. Then I found a crow bar in the basement so whacked the ice junks with that and it worked well. They came apart and I scooped them out of the way with my trusty shovel. Took me a couple of hours (I took a couple of coffee breaks), but I was able to park off the street.

Wednesday (5th) I had all my projects done that I needed to do for this trip, so came back to Meeteetse. Thursday (6th) I went on the Senior bus to Cody. Friday (7th) Gma had an eye doctor appointment. Snowed over the weekend, but we didn't need to go anywhere anyway.

Nothing exciting, but we keep busy.