Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Check up time

Gma had her 2 week check up from her hospital stay.  She is fine.  She had the doctor and nurse in stitches (laughing). He asked what they told her at the hospital and she said they didn't tell her anything.  They just talked to me and ignored her. She said they checked out her heart and had her hooked up to all kinds of things all over, but it wasn't her heart. It was a pain down her side. They didn't pay any attention. He asked if she was afraid of dying or if that bothered her at all.  She said, No, of course not.  Everybody dies sooner or later so no need to worry about it. I think they might have thought she was depressed.  That seems to be a big thing right now. 

She did get another shot in her leg as it still bothers her.  Last time she was getting sharp pains down her leg and he gave her a shot which helped a little. Also prescribed some anti inflammatory cream to rub on it, which she said didn't help.  The pain was still there, but not the sharp shooting ones.  She wasn't sure if she could have another shot yet or not, and he said she could.  It might not help, but it wouldn't hurt either.  So she got one and today said her leg didn't hurt much at all, so maybe this one worked.  He did tell her it was Iliotibial Band Syndrome and gave us a paper with exercises on it to stretch it.  He wasn't sure if she could do any of them as they require some exertion, but there was one which might help if she can lean on a chair or couch and lean over.  But her stability isn't all that great, so we might have to improvise.  She did do her other leg exercises today.  She probably does need to do more moving around than what she has been doing lately.

Gayle Barnett came for a visit this morning and brought a really good chocolate treat.  It is more like bars and has chocolate chips and raisins.  I made real coffee for our coffee break and visit. 

We had a skiff of snow last night, so got a bit of manual labor in today as I had to sweep the ramps and my town steps.  Didn't get the sidewalk done today.  Maybe tomorrow.  Just the deer use the sidewalk anyway.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Town House

Finally took down my Christmas decorations.  One day I boxed up all the scene things and took everything off the tree.  The next day I took the branches off the tree and put it away, then boxed the decorations in their proper boxes.  The third day I took everything back out to the garage.  Used my new little red wagon to haul it all.  Only took three trips that way.  Worked very well.  I kinda missed the thunk thunk of the tires on the old wagon though. 

Next time I work in the Town House I'll hang more pictures.  Have lots to put up, just can't decide where I want them.  I'm not so reluctant to put holes in the walls as I was.  I'm getting used to the fact that this is "my house".  I can do it "my way".  Such a satisfying feeling.  I love it!

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

West Park Hilton

Friday Gma said she was having chest pains.  One was quite sharp and strong around 5:00pm, but after that they were just little tweaks.  And they weren't really in her chest, more to the left and her upper side.  She said they weren't like heart chest pains.  We decided she'd better go to the ER in Cody just to be sure as we didn't want to have to wake up in the middle of the night and have to go.  So off we went.  They checked her all out and couldn't really find anything.  She did have a couple of tweaks there, but they weren't long enough for them to get a handle on it.  They took blood, did vitals, chest x-ray and all that good stuff.  Waited for results from all that and then decided that she could either have an MRI or stay overnight for observation to see if anything more happened.  The MRI would involve iodine being injected into her system which could or could not cause other problems, especially with her liver.  So we opted for the overnight stay.  They got her admitted to the hospital and there we stayed.  They took vitals quite often in the night and blood that night and in the morning.  She did have a couple of tweaks, but again not long or sharp.  Got breakfast in the morning - scrambled eggs and a big danish roll, coffee, juice, and oatmeal.  Gma ate all her roll and a bite of egg, drank all her coffee.  Pretty good for her.  I ate everything, but the oatmeal.  Doctor finally came about 11:00am and said she could go home.  They didn't find anything going on with her.  He thought the pain could be a muscle at the rib cage.  Said to take tylenol for pain and it would probably go away.  All her vital signs were good, her blood was good, heart good.  They called it atypical chest pain. Anyway we could stay for lunch since it was coming in about 10 minutes, then we could go home.  So we did.  Gma had ordered a half chicken salad sandwich and a cup of tomato soup, with chocolate ice cream for dessert.  They brought a bowl of soup, but she ate half of it and the sandwich and ice cream.  I got  roast pork, scalloped potatoes, cauliflower-broccoli  veggies, and rice krispie bar for dessert. She doesn't have to take any medication except her baby aspirin as usual, but she has to have a follow up appointment with her regular doctor in two weeks.  We are to keep track of the pains.  She told me twice that she had one and I wrote it down, but she hasn't told me of any more and I can't tell unless she jumps or something.  When I ask she just says she doesn't think so at least not so you could tell as they go so fast she isn't sure.

Gma sure starts these years off with a bang. 

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

New Year - 2015

I started out last year doing pretty well with posts.  Then Gma fell down and ended up in the hospital and I just never got around to doing any more.  Don't know why,  I just didn't.

So I'll give it another go this year.

First off we got a New Year's Baby.  Not "THE" New Year's baby, but "OUR" New Year's Baby.  Little Martin Elliot Dwyer was born at 5:05 am January 1, 2015.  Whooooeeeee!  Congratulations Katie and Andrew.

There are four little 5th generation boys running around now.  That's awesome!