Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tuesday afternoon drive

Today we decided to just go for a drive. Went to Hamilton Dome. I've never been there, just passed the signs on the highway on the way to Thermop. So today we just decided to drive the loop. There used to be a town there and a school, now its just an oil field with some offices and, of course, the wells and storage tanks. We met some fellow at the Cody cowboy song thing, who was talking to Joe and told him he bought Hamilton Dome. Apparently he bought some acres there and it had the old school on the property he purchased. Coming back to one of the main roads there was a sign to Anchor Dam. I've never been there either. Gma says it goes quite a way back up in the hills along Owl Creek and ends up near the MBar. We decided to go there another day when we get an earlier start. On our way back we took the Grass Creek loop too. Haven't been on that road since we went to a Gooseberry picnic at Gilbreath's place. That was when you girls were just little and so were the Bain girls. There used to be a town there with a post office and store, but just old broken down buildings now, and the oil field with offices and storage tanks, and the wells.

Two places are off our list now, but we added two more. Want to go to Anchor Dam, and Gma said we could take the road that we took a short cut to Kirby one time and instead of going to Kirby we would take a jog somewhere and come out on the Gooseberry cutoff road somewhere. There are places there she knows about and hasn't been that way for years. I never have been there, so we will go.

These are just short day trips, in fact, just a few hours trips.

Sunday we drove up to the upper Sunshine to see where all the traffic was going. Apparently not there. There were three trucks with 9 county plates and three trucks with 15 county plates. The ice is just melting away from the bank, so the people were fishing from the shore. No way a boat could get out there yet. The ice is thin and you can see the big cracks in it, but its still there.

They are hauling pit run gravel from our hill for the road by the lower lake. They are widening the turn out there and fixing guard rails. Soon they will start the work on the highway between Meeteetse and Thermop. Guess they are getting the crusher set up for that this week. Too many trucks coming and going on our hill to walk the road. I've been raking weeds for my exercise. Need to get in shape for my Hardin yard. That will be coming up next week sometime.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

After Easter

Easter is over and so far we haven't had any more major snow storms. Just some flurries and a bit of rain here and there. I'm sure something will come along one of these days. Lots of wind though.

Just saw one of the rabbits for the first time in a couple of weeks. Will probably be seeing some baby bunnies soon. The deer go through in the middle of the night when I can't see them. They have been going around the yard in the daytime. Silly deer! I'm not getting my exercise chasing them.

Joe and Joy were here Friday on their way to the cowboy singing and poetry weekend in Cody. Joe played in the Friday concert and jam session after. Then again this morning. We missed his performances as we didn't get over to Cody until about 11:30. But we got in a good visit there anyway and Gma got her own private concert. It was fun and worth the trip.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Good Friday storm

Its snowing and snowing and snowing. This is the Good Friday storm only its just Thursday, supposed to be sunny on Friday, then snow again Saturday. So far we have an inch or so and its still coming down. Didn't start sticking until 8:00p.m. The road out front was just wet and slushy, our driveway was clear. When I came home on the bus I parked in the garage as it was too wet to get the frost cover on the car. The red van is at the car shop, so the garage was clear. Hope I can get out in the morning. As long as it doesn't blow and drift I should be ok. Its pretty wet so may not blow anyway.

It was nice when we went to Cody in the morning, but was getting wetter and more snow by the time we came back. The road was getting really slushy and there was some snow pack on the rim. That was at 2:00p.m. By now it't probably pretty bad. We didn't go in to play cards tonight.

After coffee tomorrow we are supposed to go to the rec center and help stuff eggs. John ran out of candy so didn't get them finished last week. He re-stocked today. We can do that.....if I can get out of the garage.

We have our eggs and dye for this weekend. Will have lamb chops for Easter Sunday dinner.

Happy Easter!!!!