Sunday, March 22, 2015

ElkHorn, Em, Church

Last Thursday was a busy day.  Went to Cody on the Senior bus for our usual shopping trip.  Then that evening I went to the ElkHorn for Joe and Alice's surprise retirement party.  They sold the bar last week which was finalized the 13th..  The party wasn't until the 19th to coincide with the NRA Wall of Guns raffle.  They didn't suspect they're honors.  The raffle cost $10 per ticket and after 100 tickets were sold they drew a name.  Then they started another 100 tickets for the next gun.  Your ticket also included a spaghetti dinner.  I didn't participate in that. I just went to wish the Kordonoways well.  The place was packed, but I managed to get some visiting done.  After one of the raffles, the Visitor Center gal announced the gifts for Joe and Alice.  They were truly surprised. I got a few pics, and then I got my picture taken with both of them.  That took some doing as people were congratulating them and hugging.  But we got it done.  They were presented with a Memory Picture album.  The album was leather bound, done by a local person.  Everyone who wanted was included in sending in pictures or making their own page for the album.  Was a really neat thing. 

I didn't stay long, about an hour and I didn't want a plate full of spaghetti or a gun, so didn't eat.  They were much too busy to get around to tables for drinks, so I didn't have one of those either.  One fellow had gone up to the bar to get drinks, but they were too busy to even notice him, so he didn't get any either.  Think he had some later, though.  I talked to Emily on the way out and she was dog sitting for Scott and Diane, so wanted to come visit Gma.  I thought that was a splendid idea, so she was here the next morning and we had a great visit.  She looks really good.

Today, Sunday we had cake and coffee after Church for Fr. Vaske's birthday.  There were quite a lot of people today and most of them stayed.  Nice time.

There's always something going on in Mtse.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

REA Annual Meeting

Saturday I got to go to the Annual REA meeting.  I'm official now as I have a place in town and am connected to their service.  I could have gone last year, but that's when Gma fell down and just got home from the hospital.  I wouldn't go then. 

Anyway this year I got to go.  Rode the Senior bus.  There were 12 of us including the driver.  We left Meeteetse at 8:00am, so had to hustle a bit to get ready in the morning.  Takes about an hour to get to Greybull.  They had registration from 9:30 to 10:30, then the meeting started at 10:30.  They were quite prompt with it.  This year they streamlined the meeting so it didn't go past lunch.  They didn't have all the prize drawings that they have done in the past, but this year everyone who registered got $50 credit on their bill.  There was a grand prize drawing for $500 credit.  Then Tri-State Electric had a drawing for a big TV.  I didn't win either of those.  Oh well!  There's always next year.

The meeting was finished by 11:55.  Lunch was cafeteria style with three tables set up in different parts of the gym.  People could go on either side, so they moved 270 some people through in 15 minutes.  It was an interesting day and I did see my sister's classmate, Alice, again.  Also got a quick visit with another of my sister's classmates, Virginia.  As soon as lunch was over we went home.  Got back here about 2:30 as I had to pick up the mail and check my town house.  Betty Potas had come to fix lunch for Gma and they had a good visit too.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Little Shirley

I went to a funeral in Ten Sleep today.  My friend, Little Shirley, died March 7th.  She had been in ill health for several years, but still it's sad to lose a friend.  At least she is not suffering any more. 

It was a very "up beat" service.  The singer did a beautiful job.  The minister read a poem from the children, and a granddaughter read one from all the grandchildren.  Then people were invited to share little stories for the memories.  There were quite a few.  The Church was packed.  After the service they went across the street to the cemetary for graveside service, then back to the church for a luncheon.

I missed the graveside service as I was visiting with a woman from my childhood.  They lived across the street from us when I was in 1st, 2nd and 3rd grades.  She was two years younger and her sister was a year older.  Anyway she now lives in the house that we lived in way back then.  We had quite a chat.  She met her husband in Las Vegas and they came back to Worland to get married.  Usually people go to Vegas to get married not leave.  She thought that was funny. 

When the people came back for the lunch I got in a short visit with Little Shirley's sisters from Nebraska.  I knew two of them from Omaha days.  The older sister I had met a time or two, but didn't know her as well.  It was good to see them and find out about some of the others that we all roomed with from time to time back then.  Also got to visit Big Shirley.  She lived with Little Shirley in Worland when I was in High School and is Little Shirley's husband's sister.  Finally got a chance to visit with Alice, who is my sister's classmate, but she was always my friend too.  

The day was overcast, but warm and nice.  On the way out of Mtse this morning I drove by the Grass Creek turn off and there was a huge bull elk right in the gateway.  Had to turn around and go back to get his picture.  Two Game and Fish trucks were there by then, but he wasn't going away.  It was like he was pacing back and forth to guard the gateway.  Then a big semi came around the corner, so I assume he moved, but I was gone by then and the elk wasn't anywhere around when I came back.