Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Home again. Home again. Jiggety Jog!

I'm back in Mtse again.

My computer wouldn't connect to the internet. Had to call TCT and was talked through several things which didn't work. Today they sent a guy out to the house and he couldn't make it work either. He had to call for extra instructions and they finally reconfigured the isp or something like that and it works. So I'm back in business. Hooray!!

Gma and I got back from Napa in between snow storms. It was good weather the day we came home and the roads were dry until we got to five mile hill. There was more slush on that one than on South Pass. Was just wet and slushy, but not bad. It was icy on our road out of Mtse, but again, not too bad. And we were home!!!

Its been cold ever since, but hasn't really snowed any more. We did have a few flakes now and then, and a slight dusting on Sunday morning. Its supposed to warm up some now.

Got the car unloaded into the trailer. Today I picked up the three big heavy boxes I mailed and brought them to the trailer. Will have to go through all that stuff and repack it according to which kid will inherit what. I'll take some pics and post them for you so you can choose some of it.

We got everything done that we could do. Cleaned out the house, attic, and 3 sheds. However one shed was rat infested so we just left everything in that one and let the shed man haul that. He was to come and haul off all the sheds and whatever was left in them. I did look in the rat shed and there were probably some treasures there, but they would be ruined anyway. There were a couple of shelves of books and old 78 records. I couldn't read the titles from the doorway, but they were no good anyway.

Went through the other two sheds and there were lots of crafty stuff that Spuddie made Christmas decorations with and stuff like that. Lots of old fancy jars and bottles that went to Goodwill. The ladies made two trips to the thrift shop and Goodwill with stuff. There was still a load to go when we left. I got everything I could in the car and the rest just had to stay there. Gave Susan a couple of boxes of glasses because they sort of matched the ones she had already taken. She doesn't know she's getting them. I think there are quite a few Payne pictures in all the picture and letter stuff, so will send it to her after I scan it.

The train set will go with the tool sale. We boxed up all the loose pieces, but left the track and attached buildings in the attic.

So, my dear children, when you come to visit next summer leave space in your vehicle to take back some stuff.

More later.

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