Thursday, November 12, 2009

Men of Worth

Gma and I went to a concert tonight at the school cafeteria. These two guys were really good. One is from Scotland and one from Ireland. They play celtic music on different instruments. There were two guitars, a banjo, a Toys R Us remade banjo type guitar and a mandolin, plus two goat skin drums. It was a most enjoyable evening of music and storytelling. They just told a few funny stories. But they did give some history of the area they were singing about, or where the songs were written. They weren't the usual tunes you hear all the time, but were definitely Celtic. They even sang some in Celtic. Don't think I've ever heard Celtic sung.

It was a 2 1/2 hour program and we went a 1/2 hour early to get a good parking spot and good seats. That was a long time for Gma to sit. She was pretty stiff when we got up, even though we stood up at the break time. They had a 10 minute break and sold CDs and had info on tours to Ireland and Scotland. These tours go more into the music parts of the countries. I didn't pick one up. Not ready to go back yet. I haven't digested our last trip.

Went to Cody on the bus today and our waitress in Sunset House said she wanted to go the Meeteetse to hear these guys if it wasn't snowing. She was there, so I guess it didn't snow. There were quite a few people from Cody there. Sure was cloudy and dark today. Maybe I'll have to shovel my way to the house in the morning.

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