Thursday, April 1, 2010

Good Friday storm

Its snowing and snowing and snowing. This is the Good Friday storm only its just Thursday, supposed to be sunny on Friday, then snow again Saturday. So far we have an inch or so and its still coming down. Didn't start sticking until 8:00p.m. The road out front was just wet and slushy, our driveway was clear. When I came home on the bus I parked in the garage as it was too wet to get the frost cover on the car. The red van is at the car shop, so the garage was clear. Hope I can get out in the morning. As long as it doesn't blow and drift I should be ok. Its pretty wet so may not blow anyway.

It was nice when we went to Cody in the morning, but was getting wetter and more snow by the time we came back. The road was getting really slushy and there was some snow pack on the rim. That was at 2:00p.m. By now it't probably pretty bad. We didn't go in to play cards tonight.

After coffee tomorrow we are supposed to go to the rec center and help stuff eggs. John ran out of candy so didn't get them finished last week. He re-stocked today. We can do that.....if I can get out of the garage.

We have our eggs and dye for this weekend. Will have lamb chops for Easter Sunday dinner.

Happy Easter!!!!

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  1. We just got rain here yesterday. It did snow in Lodge Grass, higher elevation. This am it is sunny.