Friday, May 7, 2010

Party time

My kids are here!!! They arrived safely tonight about 7:30 p.m. Now the fun begins. Champagne and chocolate coffee break in the morning, visit the museum, play in park and/or school grounds, pet the Game Warden's mules. They are shut up at the check station, so will have to walk down there. Bath time for the little girls as they have mermaid dolls that need to swim. Their tails wag too. The mermaids, that is. Ed fits into Dad's old Levi jacket that I have been using for yard work as it has batter acid holes in it and has little tear here and there.

Glad they had a good safe trip and took lots of pics along the way. Girls got to play in the snow on South Pass. They took an excursion to South Pass City and Atlantic City, which wasn't a real good idea. But they didn't get stuck in the mud or a snow bank, so all is well.

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