Wednesday, December 15, 2010


We haven't done anything new and exciting this month. Just the usual stuff - coffee break, Senior lunches, Senior bus to Cody.

We did attend some of the activities for Christmas in Meeteetse. We had lunch at Lucille's for the chicken strip special, then went next door to the Elkhorn to hear a lady sing. That was our after dinner drink. If you wanted a special request there was a $3.00 donation as that is the price of a Senior meal and all the money she took in went to the Seniors. Then we went home for the rest of the afternoon and came back at 5:00 for the lighting of the tree. They reinstituted purchasing a string of lights in someone's memory to decorate a tree in Riverside Park. It was a brief ceremony and to the point. They read the names for the memorials and while one lady plugged in the tree lights the one from the Elkhorn sang "O Holy Night". Very appropriate. Then the names for the raffle items were drawn and the winners of the photo contest and house decorations were announced. After that there was soup and chili at the Senior Center and oyster stew and spaghetti dinner at the Community Church. So we did the Seniors first, then to the church for the rest. Lots of good food.

During the day they had a craft fair all day at the Senior Center, Santa was there from 2 - 4, and there were hay rides all afternoon. We didn't do any of that. I understand that it was all quite successful though. Santa had quite a lot of little kids and the hay ride wagon was nearly full for most of its runs around town. The ride lasted about 20 minutes, but I didn't find out where it went. The crafters seemed to do well.

It wasn't snowing that day, but was kinda cold and windy. There was also a basketball tournament going on. Guess the Museum was busy with people and kids waiting for their teams to play.

I have cleaned house so we can put up decorations. And we made some little fruit cakes one day. Still have to do some baking for our goodie plates, but can't do that until closer to time to give them out. Sunday is our Church Christmas dinner and we are bringing cheesey cauliflower.

We got our cards and letters out before the 10th, so we feel we are really organized this year.

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