Monday, March 14, 2011

I'm behind

Gosh, its the middle of March and I haven't written any updates since Jan. Good Grief!!!!

February is birthday month. My Hardin kids took me to lunch on my birthday, then our Mtse friends took me out for dinner at the Elkhorn and then a card fest, with cake and ice cream too.

Kevin, Katie, and Jen also have birthdays in Feb. What a good month this is.

The weather cooperated for me to go to Hdn the first of Feb, Stormed after I came back to Mtse, but that was ok. The Church people from Cody couldn't come down the first Sunday because weather was bad, but we had coffee and goodies anyway, The Cody lady had brought her goodies down the week before, just in case. So the local lady helping her put everything out.

We haven't had a great lot of snow this month, but it just keeps coming and coming. It melts and makes ice. I've used up one twenty five pound bag of salt since December. I had a bag from two years ago that I finally finished in Dec. Then bought this one and its gone already. Had to buy another one last week and I've used one vasefull of it. Doesn't melt the ice, but it pocks it so it isn't slick.

March came in sort of sheepish. I got back to Hdn the first part to pay bills and got my hair cut. Yay! I can see! Got back to Mtse before it stormed again. Those first three days were nice though. No wind, no snow, just cold.

The first Sunday in March kept the Cody church people home again, so no goodies. We got them (the goodies) last Sunday. Weather has been warm and melting all the snow. Get wind in the afternoons so the snow is really going. My back up space is nearly normal again. Today I chipped ice from in front of our backdoor ramps. Its really thick but the salt hollowed out part of it so made it easy to chop with the crow bar.

Sunday Gma and I went to the Cody airport to check on my flight schedule. I'm in their system so all is "good to go".

This is going to be a busy week. Monday and Wednesday are Senior lunches. Monday we had a motorcycle group join us for lunch and also had an entertainer who sang Irish songs during lunch,. Wednesday is the birthday lunch. Thursday the bus isn't running as the driver will be gone and the alternate driver is going to Lunch Bunch. That group has a program from a sort of local fellow that has been teaching in Uganda for 6 months and is back. He will have a short slide presentation and talk about what he was doing. Should be interesting. Then that evening we are going to Cody for dinner with our usual birthday friends. Friday the Senior bus will run. Then Saturday I fly out of Cody for my whirlwind trip to CA. Gma will need a rest by then. She'll be glad to get rid of me for a couple of days.

Its a short trip, but will be filled with fun things. I'm ready!!

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