Saturday, September 3, 2011


Went back to Hdn to do usual monthly bill stuff. Which I did do.

Got a lot of house work done this trip. Vacuumed the whole house, walls, ceilings, floors, and basement. Even vacuumed cobwebs off the porch. Emptied the two garbage cans full of sticks and twigs and then filled them up again. Got the whole yard picked up. Watered, watered, watered. Really soaked up the whole yard and it looks a bit greener. Did my washing and dried it. Scanned Mtse Labor Day pics for the Museum. Shredded junk mail, read a few magazines and papers, emptied one plastic sack of misc stuff (most went in garbage). Did banking and bought some clothesline wire. Didn't get it up yet, though.

That was quite a bit for two days. Did dishes, watered plants, washed hair, swept floors, emptied garbage and it was time to head back to Mtse.

Next time I go I'll take truck so I can stand in it to reach the low hanging tree branches. Then they will fall right into the truck bed and I can take them to the dump.

Had to get back to Mtse as its party time here, Labor Day festivities.

Tuesday & Wednesday we might be going over Union Pass with Joe and Joy. Should be an interesting trip and we might have to stay overnight somewhere. Guess its 75 miles over the pass from Dubois to Pinedale and takes quite awhile as its a dirt road all the way, so can't go very fast.

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