Monday, April 20, 2009

Hardin Home

I'm back in Hardin again. Will be here for two weeks this time as I need to do some manual labor and get my yard in shape. Also have to do some sorting in the basement, and, of course, pay bills.

Got my windshield chip sealed this afternoon. It had a pretty big chip in it that looked like a quarter circle on the bottom. Now you can't even tell where it was. It was in the middle so wasn't interfering with my vision, but with all this warmer weather it would no doubt have spread. Anyway that's done.

Have to work on new pics on flickr too.

Sure can tell Spring is here. The bluebirds have been fighting over the nest building. Silly birds. The picket pins are out in full force, but so far are staying across the fence. Although one was in the pipe the other day and I got close enough I could have stepped on him, but he ducked in the pipe too quick. Another one sat by the pipe on the sidewalk until Gma got her gun out. Think he must have heard her getting it ready because he hasn't been back since. Haven't seen much of the rabbits, but there are a couple of them out once in a while. Haven't seen the baby bunny since I got his pic.


  1. In my next life, I do NOT want to be a rodent in Grandma's yard! She gets her gun out! No wonder he hasn't been back, we all know she doesn't waste ammo.

  2. Now that Mmom is home, so much for my dieting plan. Good thing I'm not in a contest this time.

  3. I wonder how many picket pins Gma will blast while you are gone. You sure she didn't get the rabbits while you weren't looking?

    We have cardinals in our trees. They sure have fun chasing each other around the neighborhood. The robins look like they are all ready to explode, they are so fat.

    Lots of buds on the trees, but still a ways to go.