Saturday, April 25, 2009

Picasa download

The #1 Wolf came over this afternoon and we downloaded Picasa3 twice. It never did anything. Said it was done, but I never got the instructions to do anything. One little tab said it was still downloading, but none of the little round things were going like it was working. We looked for the file in the programs but it wasn't there. Went into the "computer drive c" thingy and it wasn't there either. Did a search for it but couldn't find it. All the little notices said it wasn't there. So I shut down and started over. Downloaded it again for the third time and now it says "one active download (unknown time remaining). It stayed that way while I went out and raked up another sack and a half of grass and leaves. So I shut everything down again while I finished the yard work and took the sacks to the garbage in the trusty little red wagon. Gave it an hour rest and now that I'm back on it still says its downloading with unknown time remaining. That's in the corner of the bottom bar. However it doesn't seem to be stopping me from getting into other programs. None of the little round things are going like its working. Don't know how to make it go away. I might just wait until we come to visit you. Oops! A little notice just came out the side that said all files were downloaded and the "download" stuff is gone off the bar.

When you go to my picasa site can you see the doll museum file as well as the wildlife one?

Thanks for all the info. I'll print it for reference. Will just have to see if I can put more pics on faster or something, or not.


  1. Did you get it downloaded finally or not? I did find your photos on Picasa and saved it to my favorites.

  2. I found your photos on your picasa page, they're great!

    I think the laptop goes into sleeping mode when you aren't doing anything and that either slows down the download or stops it, I have no idea. Just tap the space bar or the mouse pad once in a while to keep it alive and working.

    And, like Patty pointed out to me, you have dial up and I have Fios, so my experience with picasa might be different than yours since I have a faster connection.

    I am going to have to have a picasa page of photos just for Katie's wedding like I did for Gma's birthday party.

    I added new photos today and put them in my April folder.

  3. Mother, mother, mother....(shakes my head).

    Hopefully you get it downloaded and working soon.