Monday, June 15, 2009

Sunny Southern California

Gma and I had a good trip. We stayed in Cedar City and left after breakfast at the motel. When we crossed the desert it was only in the high 70s all the way. What a pleasant surprise. We had lunch in Baker and it said 83 on their big thermometer, but my car one said 79. It did get up to 83 after that for a short while, then we went over a hill and it cooled off again and never go to 80 again the whole trip. Sure a difference from June two years ago. It's been real pleasant here too as its been overcast every day. Have met lots of family members we met years ago and haven't seen since and some new ones too. It's been fun. Graduation was nice and got lots of pics. Sunday we had the grad party and it was fun. Went to a farmer's market one morning and bought lots of fruit and veggies. Then Gracie got to ride on a tractor which she didn't ever get the hang of, so the guy gave us back the ticket and suggested we take her on the canoes instead. So we did and she loved that. Even told the attendant that she was a flower girl. Saturday she got her hair cut and her nails done. WOW!! Nail polish was almost off before we ever got home. Couldn't wash her hair again either, at least not the top of her head because she had sparkles in it on top. This evening we had the mini-wedding shower. The kids were thrilled with all the "stuff". And they knew what everything was. I"m impressed. It's been busy every day, but everyone is surviving just fine.

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  1. We area all packed and ready to leave in the morning. Got ahold of Ed and I got directions.