Friday, January 29, 2010

Jan happenings

Not a whole lot happening here, but we do manage to keep busy. Jan 16 we went to Worland to Clint & Sara's wedding. That was fun and everyone looked beautiful and happy. The rest of the pics are on my picasa site. Check them out.

We have just been doing our usual stuff. Seniors on Mondays and Wednesdays, Senior bus to Cody on Thursdays, card game at Griffins on Thursday evenings, coffee at Lucille's most mornings, and then back for lunch sometimes too. Now and then we eat at home.

Thursday, the 28th, celebrated my B'Day early at the Elk Horn as Fendt's were going south to visit relatives, and the others work when the weather is good. It's been good lately. This was the only time we could all get together until mid Feb. It was fun and I had a margarita because my Bday card said I could.

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  1. You guys always keep busy with your social life. I'm glad you had a margarita. You should have another one on your actual b-day too.