Friday, February 19, 2010

February - Good ol Groundhog predictions - Ha!

Gosh February is almost over and it just got started.

I went home to Hdn for three days and had to shovel snow twice. Good grief!!! I've done a bit of shoveling here in Mtse since I came back. All the Spring storms are good for the ground, and I do get my exercise since I haven't been walking the highway in the snow and wet. However it's just going to make the grass come up nice and lush green which will attract the deer and I'll get more exercise chasing them out of the yard.

Limings took me out for my birthday which was fun. The night I got there I took Pat to the movie to see the one loosely based on the concept of small town Meeteetse. Really wasn't a good movie, but it was just nice to get out and eat buttered popcorn. The only thing that resembled Mtse was that they went through town so fast the guy asked where the rest of the town was and was told that was it. He then asked if they could go back because he'd missed it. Then when the bad guy checked out the map of WY the fictional town was located on highway 120. And they did fly into Cody and one woman went to Cody shopping. So Cody actually got mentioned, but that's as close as it gets.

The Game Warden had been to visit Gma one day when I was in Cody on the bus. He has his mules in here again. He was wondering if we'd ever sell the Game & Fish any more land. NOPE!
Actually I'd like to buy that acre back from them.

Last Thursday it had snowed a bunch (about 6 inches) when I went to town for the Senior bus. But it quit before we left and the bus really did go. Roads were really icy and slick on the way over, but all melted by the time we came back. When I got home our driveway had been scraped out. Even the place where we back up to turn around. Didn't know who did it as Gma didn't recognize the tractor or who was in it and he didn't come to the door. But it was really a nice job. Found out this morning at coffee that it was our neighbor on the hill. I like those people.

I had asked Fr. Dube if he would like me to take pictures of him in our little church sometime. So he could show his friends and family in Nigeria what sort of people he had to deal with here. He liked the idea so I said I could take them when he came down for Ash Wednesday as he was doing a Mass then too. I figured just a few snaps which would get the views of the altar and a little bit to show the size of the Church. He wanted pics snapped all the time. He kept gesturing for me to take some whenever he did something. So I did. He also wanted me to be sure to get one of him when he put ashes on Gma's forehead and when he gave her communion. I did. Then he got all the congregation up afterwards for a group pic. Was glad we had a lot of people there for a change. It came out pretty good.

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