Thursday, March 18, 2010

March happenings

Nothing exciting. We drove up the North Fork one day for our nature drive. Saw a buffalo and some sheep. They posed very nicely for me.

Have just been doing our usual stuff and looking in the magazines to see where we might want to go this summer. Already we want to go to Oregon. Gma is now talking about going to CA for 5 generation pictures. Will just have to see when it gets closer to the time. We've also been looking for things for "The New Kid". We want to go to the sinks and over a dirt road to Louis Lake on top of South Pass, then tour South Pass City and Atlantic City. That's a day trip. Want to go to eastern Wyoming to some of those little towns over there that we've never seen. That might involve an over nighter.

Politics are getting interesting. The hospital wants to put a cap tax on the primary ballot and the dump wants to put a cap tax on the general election ballot. The letters to the editor are all against another cap tax for anything. Meeteetse school made the front page of the Cody paper for their drastic budget cuts. The locals are pretty upset about the changes. Glad I'm retired and don't have kids going to school. Doubt if Mtse will make national news with this like Hardin did with the detention center, but its interesting just the same.

Then the Senior Center got in trouble for having corned beef and cabbage on the menu for St. Patrick's Day. Although other Senior Centers in the basin advertised it in the newspapers for their centers. Don't know if they got in trouble too, or just us. Good grief!!

Is this full moon time or what? Maybe its just been a long winter and everyone is getting a little crazy.


  1. Why would they get in trouble for corned beef and cabbage? Did they serve it anyway?

  2. Yes we got to eat it anyway, but she is not to do it again. Corned beef has too much sodium for the dietician menus. Apparently they can only serve x amount of sodium per meal and x amount of calories. That sort of thing. And corned beef has too much sodium, but ham is ok. They never salt anything they cook, but they are allowed to have salt shakers on the tables. You have to remember that this is government logic, not normal people logic.