Saturday, June 12, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy

I went to the Legend Rock talk at the museum and the following week went on the tour to the site. It was great!!! This is the place near Hamilton Dome.

Last week one set of company came one day and left the next. We had a good time and ate out with them twice. The day they left the second set arrived. We had to hurry to get them fed as they got here at 8:30pm and everything closes at 9:00pm. We made it. The next day they went swimming in Thermop, but came back in time to eat at the Elkhorn. Came back to the house and we read maps so they could decide which Interstate they wanted to take to get to Chicago. Decided on I 90 so they could see Mt Rushmore and the Spam museum. Forgot to tell them about the SD badlands. Maybe they will figure it out. They left after breakfast at Lucilles to go to Crowheart. They were to stop at the Thermopolis dinosaur museum on the way. Never heard if they got there or not, but I'm sure they did or we would have heard something.

They are having such a good time on their excursion. The ultimate goal is Kentucky by June 15th.

Went to Ginnie's 90th birthday party. Lots of people, good conversation, good food, and just plain good time.

Haven't heard anymore about the trip to Hole-in-the-Wall, but it's still raining and the rivers are super high. Not flooding here yet, but close. Might not be able to do that one til July or August.

Next weekend is Father's Day and we've been invited to the annual Larsen breakfast. That's always fun, with super good breakfast items. Get in some good visits there and even entertainment most times.

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  1. Loved your photos of Legend Rock, we need to see the Pictograph Caves in Billings. Pretty soon we will be headed on our road trip. Jason and Jeni will be in Oxnard when we go, so it's back to the original plan.