Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Phone calls

Today was our day for phone calls. They were all good ones, just not from people we expected.

First Judy Steele called to let us know they got home ok and offer Gma a donut pillow for sitting since she hurt her tailbone when she tipped over as well as her vertebrae. That's better now so she really doesn't need it. Had a nice visit. They had a good trip and got to see lots of fun things.

Then Bonnie called to let us know she has her motel reserved for when they come. Glad she got it done as they have been full every night in both motels. They have road construction people and oil rig people (I think) and lots of tourists. This weekend the ones for the all class reunion will be here and some of those might stay over. Its just been busy, busy, busy. Anyway it was good to hear from Bonnie and to know she got a place. Thought she might be camping out in the front yard if she didn't get it done.

Then Robert called. He's doing good, working two jobs and keeping his nose to the grindstone. Wondered if we wanted to go to a Naval air show when we come to visit him. Sounded good to me, but he needed to check with his Mom first as she's the driver, I'm just the passenger taking pics. But I haven't been to an air show for years and years. He hasn't seen one since his school. Was sure good to hear from him.

Then Will called to get Gma's mailing address. They did get Charlie to the Dinosaur Museum. The rain chased them to Joe's, but they left their car in Crowheart and rode with Joe to his place. Good thing as it rained a lot the next day and they would have bogged down in mud a couple of times on the way out. Saw Mt Rushmore, but missed Crazy Horse as he was fogged in. Went to the Spam museum and even bought some spam. Rain followed them all the way to Chicago, but they were having fun anyway. They got to Kentucky when they were supposed to and got back to Portland just fine.

Sure was nice to get all these phone calls. I like days like this.

Gma is doing great since her carpal tunnel surgery. Her fingers were a bit puffy the first day, but no swelling now. She keeps it elevated on a pillow when napping and sitting in her chair. Her arm kinda aches where the numbness is coming out, but not too bad and she takes her tylenol now and then. She just got the barest amount of anesthesia so think that might be out of her system now as she isn't so dizzy anymore. Pretty much back to normal. However she didn't feel like going out today to coffee or Senior lunch. So I did and made my reports and brought home a lunch for us.

No rain today so maybe I can clip some of the grass around the edges tomorrow after the bus to Cody routine. Don't have to get anything, so I'll just go for lunch and to give Gma plenty of rest time. The other day a young man from the Cowboy's across the road came over and finished mowing the yard. That was really nice. He said he'd be back in a few days to do some weed eating, but I can clip the tall grass between the irises. Can't really weed eat there or it will do in the irises. There are quite a bunch of them this time.


  1. I was going to call today and never had a chance. Most likely I would have gotten a busy signal!

  2. I did talk to Robert and will be sending him money for the tickets today. Told him to get tickets for Sunday, as I didn't know when we would land in Idaho Falls on Saturday.