Saturday, September 25, 2010

California trip - 5 Generations - Whooee!!

We missed all the Meeteetse Labor Day celebrations because I went to Hardin to pay bills and when I got back to Meeteetse it was time to head to CA. Gma said she didn't care about Labor Day as she'd seen all that stuff before anyway. OK. Works for me!

We left at 6:00 a.m., had lunch at Little America, and made it to St George, Utah. It was a long day, but we got there about 6:45 p.m. which wasn't bad. Usually we make it to Cedar City around 6:00 p.m. and St George is only about an hour farther. I liked St. George. It was easy off and easy on the Interstate. We stayed at a Motel 6 which was only half a block from a Denny's. Very convenient. There were at least three other motels on that same street. Will definitely stay there again. The motel guy even called after we got into our room to see if everything was working and in good order. It was. Another reason for getting as far south as we could was so that we could get an earlier start across the desert.

Left St George shortly before 7:00 a.m. Had called Ed to let him know where we were and when we might be going through Vegas. He was already on his way to Mary's. That was good. We had cloud cover for most of the day, so wasn't too hot. It did get up to 95 at Baker, but then we went over a hill and it dropped down to the high 80s. Got to Mary's fairly early, too early to check in the motel, so just visited and got to meet Charlie. What a little cutie!! Bonnie had sent a couple of packages so Lexie had a mini shower. Got lots of goodies for her and for Charlie, too.

Wednesday was dinking around day. Went to a park to play, visited, played with Charlie, ate, and before we knew it it was time to go the Pachenga for pictures. All parties arrived at pretty much the same time. Had fun taking lots and lots of pics. Even though we had a professional photographer everyone was snapping their own pics anyway.

Paynes met us there and were waiting in the lobby for dinner. It was good. Charlie slept through the whole thing (pics, being wrassled around, dinner, the whole bit). Gracie and Libby were very good. They got lots of running time while we were doing pics so they behaved at dinner very well. I was impressed. Had a good visit with the Paynes. Sure glad they could be there. We don't see enough of them.

Thursday was visiting and relaxing. I went to Gracie's school to tell one of my stories. Did the "Little Dove" one. Then I got my picture taken with the class. They were cute. Gracie introduced me and then she introduced me again after I was finished. That worked!

We got another full day with Charlie and Lexie too. Ed fixed biscuits and gravy for breakfast for us and then he made French Dips for lunch. Very good. He made is own brand of salsa, two batches. One was supposedly mild and the other hot. You could actually taste the mild before it started to burn. I didn't even attempt the other. I'm not real keen on lots of hot stuff anyway.

Said our goodbyes Thursday night as we were leaving early Friday morning. Ed called and said he'd meet us and caravan with us to Vegas. We could have lunch there. I suggested we meet him in Jean instead of Vegas. When I started through there, I wasn't stopping. So that's what we did. Called each other at potty stops to see if we were still together. Had a good lunch at Jean and then followed Ed the rest of the way into Vegas until he turned at his exit.

We had a super good time and Gma loved every minute of it. We stayed in Nephi, Utah Friday night, then home Saturday. Gma wasn't too tired and worn out after this trip. Probably because it wasn't too hot. It never got up to 90 on our way back. Only 89 at Baker. And this trip was Gma's idea and she really wanted to to this. She was calling the shots on this one. She kept telling people what a great time she had and Charlie was sooo cute. She said for a big baby he was sure little. She got a lot of cuddle time. He was such a good baby. So cooperative. But then look at his ancestors. How can he not be beautiful and perfect??

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