Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Castle Gardens & Murphy Draw

Tuesday we went back to Ten Sleep to Castle Gardens. Went in my subaru this time so I could use air conditioning. Took our water jug too. Got more pics of the Gardens than the first time as we weren't in a hurry and knew where we were going this time. There was another car there looking around. Then we took the Two Mile Road as we heard there were more rock formations on around the hill. Well there weren't any of those kinds of rocks, but after about 6 miles we did run into some pretty bad lands with interesting formations and a bit of color. It was actually 10 miles from the Two Mile junction back to the highway. Don't know who names their roads.

Had lunch in Worland and I took pics of the big mammoth in front of the new Museum. He's quite impressive.

Then on our way back down Gooseberry, Gma asked if I wanted to go down Murphy Draw and come out at Little Buffalo Basin. Well, sure! She said she didn't know how the road would be as its been many many years since she was on it. But it looked good and it does get used quite a bit. So away we went. It was really pretty back in there. She told me about a reservoir that used to be out there somewhere and an old cabin. They went ice skating there one time and kept warm in the cabin. Had to chip the snow off before they could skate. Anyway we didn't see it because she didn't remember exactly where it was and its not there anymore anyway. ok. There were several junctions out there so I can see how one could get lost out in there, if you didn't know where you were going. There is oil activity out there and I suppose hunting too. The roads look well gravelled and we didn't have any trouble getting around. The pics are on picasa. There was traffic on that road too. We met one pickup.

It was kinda fun and looks like a place to do more exploring sometime. Probably in the truck though, and with someone who knows the area. Gma says those roads are longer than they used to be. She doesn't remember going on for such a long time before getting to the highway. I figured she probably didn't use the same road that is there now. They probably took off across country on a cow path or something. That would be shorter.

Tonight we went to Cody to have dinner with several friends in honor of Fendt's 59th anniversary. They go to Michigan in a couple of weeks.

Discovered I have a headlight out again. On the passenger side this time. Hope its just a loose connection again, as that's quick and easy to fix. Too many rough roads.

Tomorrow is bus day, so will stop in and get the light fixed after I get back.

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