Sunday, October 10, 2010

Senior bus to Cody

What an adventure we had last Thursday. I wondered why I didn't see the little white rec bus anywhere and since it was getting late, I thought maybe I had missed it. I was quite surprised when a big yellow school bus picked me up at my parking spot. John said he'd sure be glad when we got our new bus. It's been ordered for over a year and is supposed to be delivered in Oct. This is Oct. Seems the little bus had a blow out when he came down the hill and he didn't have time to deal with it. Thought about calling all of us and cancelling, but then decided to take the ski bus. It's a big 30 passenger school bus, for 6 of us.

I didn't go all the way to the back row as I wouldn't have been able to visit or hear. He told us we could buy lots of stuff as we had plenty of room. Since this was such a bigger bus it was harder to maneuver around the parking lots. We took the wider street routes and the parking was farther away than usual. We got our exercise walking to the bus. He would have come and picked us up at the door, but everyone wanted to walk the extra miles. (Maybe not quite miles, but you get the idea)

The steps are much higher than we are used to, so one lady couldn't go with us as she just couldn't manage them. At the lunch place he parked by a curb so we didn't have to step so high for the first step. Didn't do much for steps 2 and 3. They were higher than the first one anyway. Besides by the time we finished lunch the parking lot was full and he would have had quite a time maneuvering that big monster around the parked cars. Not a lot of room.

On our way to Albertson's we just missed a bad accident at the intersection. It had just happened so we were stuck there until fire department, police, and ambulance arrived and took care of things before traffic could get moving again. By the time we finished our shopping the street was cleared, but there were still cop cars with their light flashing at the corner there. They must have been measuring and figuring out which one was at fault. Have to check the paper on this one.

Riding the Senior bus is always an adventure.

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