Sunday, June 12, 2011

5 Generations - CA trip

Its been awhile since I posted anything and lots has been happening. May just went through like a roller coaster. Celebrated Gma's 103rd B'Day at Lucille's with champagne coffee break. There were 52 people for that affair. Then the Limings took us out to lunch at the Cowboy for Mother's Day / B'day dinner. Went back to Blgs for final nose check up and it was doing really good. The docs were very pleased with its progress. Me too! Gma and I made several trips to Cody to get ready for our BIG trip, Gma's hair cut, toe nail clipping, last minute shopping. Attended Ginnie's 91st B'Day party, a museum program on black footed ferrets with a live one for show and tell, Church breakfast for Confirmants, had a couple of visits from the fox, and paid Hdn bills at the first of the month.

Memorial Day we went to Worland in a snow storm, turned to rain. Rained all the time we were there, but we got coffee and apple bread at Bains. Also got to visit Randi and Audie with little Maddy. She is so cute and quite a show off. Was just spitting snow in Worland when we left right after putting out the flowers. Thought we'd better get back before we got too much snow in the Mtse hills. The closer we got to Mtse the clearer the weather. Was rather nice when we got home.

Back to Hdn to pay June bills. Then get back in time to pack for our trip. We left on Monday, 6th which gave us time to go to the Church breakfast on Sun, 5th.

The trip was great and weather was good. We did get into some sort of foggy/dust cloud. There were a few rain drops which just made mud with the wipers, even when I used the window spray. Was very windy too. This was in Utah around Provo. After we got out of that the wind was horrendous. At one construction area it was blowing the road cones over. These were the big cones, Some guy was desperately trying to pick them up and direct traffic around them. Was like doing barrel racing or slalom skiing. Stayed in Cedar City first night. Next day the temp at Baker was only 77. That was the highest across the desert. When we got over the hill to the ocean side temp got up to 84.

Ed got to come for pics and showed up Tuesday night after he got off work. Wednesday we all went to San Diego for the pics. Did very well getting together. Paynes came too. Andrew couldn't make it. He had to work until 5 and then came out and found he had a flat tire. Pictures went very well and then we went to the Cheesecake Factory for dinner. It was a 45 minute wait for a table for 14. They don't take reservations there. We didn't all arrive at the same time, so the little people really only had to wait about 15 minutes which wasn't so bad. Food was really good though and we all had a good visit.

Thursday Gma and I slept in and Mary, Libby, & Charlie came to see where we were. We were at breakfast in the hotel by then, so they joined us. That evening we went to Gracie's pre-school graduation ceremony. She had a short piece to say and her class sang some songs. She did very well. She got a certificate for "imagination" Ed had to work Thurs so he left super early and we didn't get to see him again.

Friday we left and Mary came by herself to have breakfast with us at the hotel. Weather was great again. Saw a bad semi truck accident near Barstow. Don't know what happened, but there was part of a Fed-Ex trailer across the median and into the far left lane of the east bound lane. Accident happened on the West bound side. Traffic just had to merge from 4 lanes into 3 on our side. Tractors were cleaning up the median which was really smashed. That was our excitement for the day. Was 91 at Baker this time and finally got up to 98 in the Virgin Gorge. After we got over the hill out of St. George it started cooling down again. Still not bad for desert temps. Stayed at Nephi. Going through Provo we had to wait for some police directed traffic stops as there was some sort of Marathon Race going on. They started at that dam in Provo Canyon. Got home Saturday about 4:45pm. Had a tail wind in Utah this time. Saw some rain clouds, but they were never where we were. Just missed them at Thermop. Nice drive.

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