Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Pat's 30th class reunion & YNP

I got to go to Pat's 30 year class reunion last weekend. She went with me to my 30th 26 years ago. It was fun and they were all a good, jolly bunch. I took lots of pics for her and gave them all to her. Friday night was the "Meet and Greet" get together. Just visiting and they provided some snack goodies. You had to bring your own drink. I visited quite a bit with Tim Wagner (husband of one in the class). He's my heater man. One girl lives in Red Lodge, so I visited with her a bit about Bob Moran. Bob was one of my Library colleagues, who has since retired. Saw one of Bonnie's classmates there as she works at Mojoes where the get together was held. Then later another of Bonnie's classmates came with her husband who was in Pat's class. We stayed until 11:00ish.

Saturday night was the dinner at the Elk's Club, or Golf Course (not sure what they are calling it now). There were a few new ones that night. Cocktail hour was from 6 to 7 then the dinner (prime rib) at 7:00. Was good prime rib and they even got mine rare like it should be done. I was impressed. Had two drinks there with the meal, then switched to 7-up as I was the designated driver, after all.

They had a DJ who was the son of one of the classmates, so we had background music and a slide show of activities of the day before. After dinner there was dancing and some karaoke. One fellow worked real hard to make sure everyone was dancing and having a good time. They even got me on the dance floor a couple of times. The pictures didn't turn out too bad in the dim light with strobes blinking. It was fun to watch. I'm glad I was able to go. One fellow even said I should come back for their 50th. Hmmmm.

Saw the same two of Bonnie's classmates that night and one of Ed's classmates. None of Mary's. Went home about midnight that night.

Since the main purpose of my time in Hardin was to pay bills and do manual labor, I did get that done too. Raked up and dumped 5 garbage cans of sticks and twigs. The neighbor kid mowed the grass except for part of the back yard. Don't know if he ran out of gas, or didn't know where the property line was, or just flat didn't finish. But I did do that strip too. Was kinda stiff and sore for a couple of days as I'm really out of shape for manual labor. Was doing it in 84 degree heat too. Should have sweated off a couple of pounds. Went to the Library one day and took pics of the quilt show. That was a cool break.

Back to Meeteetse on Sunday. Monday Gma and I went through Yellowstone, did the lower loop and out the south entrance. Had our picnic lunch at the south entrance. Then over Togwotee to Dubois. Shortly after Crowheart we were detoured toward Lander as there was water over the road near Diversion Dam. Went to Ft. Washakie, north to Ethete and then back to Highway 26 at Kinnear. It was raining by then, just a nice rain, but not enough to wash the dust off my car. Did get some of the bird doo-doo off the top though.

It was a nice scenic drive and a pleasant day, not too hot, some cloud cover. Didn't get home until 7:30. Saw lots of buffalo, but only one buffalo jamb and a ranger was clearing that one. Lots of wildflowers and a possible "wolf" sighting. It was way over in some dead timber and was a four legged critter with a long tail, but was probably a coyote. Didn't look big enough to be a wolf, but then we were quite a way from it. By the time I got the binoculars out it was gone. There were a couple of other places where people were stopped, but we never could see anything and by the time we found a place to pull over whatever had been out there was gone. So is goes!

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