Sunday, February 12, 2012

Feb 2012

Had a great Birthday.

Went to Cody on the Senior bus, then in the evening we went to dinner at the ElkHorn with the Fendts, Griffins, and Rankines. Good dinner, good conversation, and just plain fun. Even had cake and ice cream.

Got lots of well wishes. Didn't see my shadow all day. However I have a sneaking suspicion winter isn't over yet.

Friday, the 10th, the Mtse Senior bus went to the Ten Sleep Senior Center for lunch. That was fun. It started snowing very lightly while we were eating, but some fellow had just come from Worland and said it wasn't snowing there. Thought we would run out of it then. Didn't happen. It was snowing more there than in TenSleep. In fact we got snowed on all the way back to Mtse, but it was very light and not blowing or anything nasty like that. Roads were wet, but not freezing. Later, after we got home, we did get quite a bit more snow. Figured we timed that trip right.

Anyway I had called Alice Beckley to let her know we were coming there and hoped she could have lunch with us. She did and even paid for me and Gma. Had a good visit with her and she introduced us to Myrna Bader. Baders used to work on Gooseberry and she remembered us, but her folks left there when she was 7 years old. Think they went to Ten Sleep then. Anyway I used to play with her when we were little. I remember that, but can't remember just where we played. Don't remember them coming to our house. Probably we played at card parties and the picnics.

Alice said she and her husband will be over for my 3/4 Century party. She couldn't believe I was 75. I should still be just a little kid. Alice was in my sister's class and they were 4 years older.

Virginia Foreman wasn't at lunch, so didn't see her. Alice had a dental appointment the day before so she didn't call her either. Maybe we will get to TenSleep again before party time.

The Museum found the story Elmer wrote about the old sheepherders around Mtse. They said they'd make a copy of it for me. I'm supposed to make them a copy of his story about the Sodbusters. Better get that done.

Then I visited with Clara Mae about the places on Gooseberry and she didn't remember them the same as I do, so we decided we have to take a trip there with my Mom. Something to shoot for this summer.

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