Monday, July 13, 2015

June 2015

June was busy.  We had several visitors.  Joy stopped in on the 3rd.  Bill, Judy and Katie were here the 25th, Dave and Karen were here the 30th.

Gma and I went to Roger Fernandez's funeral.  They used to live in Meeteetse and Gma knew them quite well.  I went to a Memorial service for Mary Fisher in Thermop.  She was a Gma era friend.

Mowed grass at the Town House twice and the Country Estate once.  The Game Warden finished that one for me.

Went to a movie at the rec center with the Senior book group.  Saw "Waking Ned DeVine".  Then the rec center started doing movies on Thursday evenings for the kids.  They had one at 5:00 for all ages - 0-107, and one at 6:45 for older kids, but all movies are rated PG.  I didn't have time to see both as there wasn't enough time between movies to come home for ice cream with Gma.   So I opted for the later movie.  No one else showed up so I got a private showing. It was "If I Had Wings".  The next week the lights fell down in the building so they had to cancel.  The next week, John had told us on the bus that they weren't having one because of the Fourth.  Besides the Schumachers and Limings were here.  Apparently they did have one and called a few people but nobody could go.  Now they aren't having them anymore because nobody showed up.  I tried.

Big Jim  is back.  They had a party at the Cowboy for him the 21st.  I went down and visited for a bit, but there were just a couple of people there.  They didn't have any goodies out like they advertised.  So I visited a bit, got my picture taken with him, and came home.

Had breakfast at the ElkHorn with one of the Church ladies and her daughter and son-in-law the 14th. That was fun.  The daughter is the head janitor at the school here.

Then there was the usual Senior lunches on Mondays and Wednesdays and the bus trips to Cody on Thursdays. Fridays the bus ladies have coffee or breakast at the ElkHorn now.

Keeps us busy just doing normal everyday stuff.  

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