Thursday, June 18, 2015

Help from the Rec District

On June 1st the kids from the Rec district came to help do yard work for Seniors.  They were not allowed to use any motorized equipment.  I said it they couldn't use a mower or weed eater I didn't have anything for them to do.  Then I gave it some thought and decided that if I got the lawn mowed they could rake up all that grass.  Usually after mowing it looks like I need a hay baler.  Raking would be good.  And they could pull weeds.  Then I thought of the sheep shears for trimming.  I called John and asked if they could use the sheep shears.  They aren't mechanized, but they are a sharp object.  He said he'd have to check on that.  Next day he called me and said the 16 year old could use a weed eater.  I thought that might be safer for them than the shears anyway as I doubt if any of them know how to use old fashioned shears.

I did get the lawn mowed before June 1.  They came with a mower and two weed eaters.  I had two kids
weed eating and two raking.  The other one pulled weeds.  He was older, like college material and was a sort of supervisor for the high schoolers.  They did end up doing a good job and really cleaned up the yard.  They did weed eating all around the outside of the garage and in the alley.

John and Angie (Rec District managers) came to check on them and I gave them a tour of my house.  Angie used to live there when her youngest was born.  That child is now in 5th grade, I think.  It had changed a lot since she lived there.  Anyway they hustled the kids up as they had to go to lunch at noon as some had other jobs at 1:00pm.  And they had another place to work on before noon.  Sent over a couple of more kids to help finish up.  I got a picture before they all got away, so I could give it to John for the Rec district info on their "help" programs. 

They did a good job and were very nice about it and paid attention to what I said needed to be done.  I really appreciated their help.  However it was just a one day thing and now the grass is ready to be mowed again and weeds are all back in the alley. 

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