Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Almost ready to go

I have my stuff done, almost. Got all the washing done and things sorted for my Ireland packing. We went to Blgs Monday and got the proper sized carry-on bags. They are sure little, but will hold quit a bit. More than it looks. Even got a paperback book to read in the airports and a puzzle book for variation. They fit in the little bag. Can also get camera stuff in it.

Raked the sticks out of the back yard yesterday. Now I have to do the side. Used my handy dandy push mower to knock down the cottonwood tree sprouts. The grass didn't need mowed, just these tall little hummers and a couple of taller weeds. Now I can rake again. That will be my physical labor for this trip. Vacuumed some cobwebs in the basement and window sills.

I looked up addresses online from Spuddie's address book. Sent notices to all those that matched. Quite a few didn't match up so they don't get one.

Made the picture cds for Ed and got those in the mail too. I called him and he's still at the same address. Have called Gma everyday and she's anxious for me to get back. She doesn't actually say that but drops subtle hints that I should be there no later than Friday. Since I got so much work actually accomplished I really don't have a good excuse to stay longer. All the bills arrived and have been paid except one insurance one.

Hope you have all the pics off my flickr site that you want as I'll change them when I get back to Mtse. It works faster on wireless. Whooeee!!

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  1. Your next visit to Hardin we will be leaving to Ireland. We should get our travel documents and stuff around the 13th.