Saturday, July 25, 2009

Hyattville Parade

Gma got to ride in the parade on the Old Timer's float. Thought there would be several people on it and they said there would be ice water on the float too. Didn't happen. Gma was the first one there to be on it. Had to ask a couple of different people where to get the ice water. Finally got some. We got there about 3:17. They were to start lining up at 3:30. Didn't know exactly where to go and they had one street blocked so had to detour around that block. The instructions said "south of town at the fork in the road". Asked someone on the street and she said just go around this block and head out of town. It was by the logging road, you'd see a bunch of cars there. ok. That wasn't a problem. Just like she said. Couldn't see which float was the one she was to be on and didn't see any other old timers out there. One official said just pull up on the other side of the sheep wagon and the float was there. They had steps for them to get on. Since we were sort of early we opted to stay in the air conditioned car until closer to the time to start. I was instructed to leave before the flag bearers started or I wouldn't be able to get out. ok. Finally they said Gma could sit in the truck pulling the sheep wagon until they started. No other old timers had shown up. So I left her in strangers' hands. The wagon driver said he'd let her off wherever I wanted uptown. I didn't know where I would be because people were parked all along the road in town. He said he'd drop her off at the second bridge or wherever I was standing. He'd see me. ok. I did get a really good parking spot by the second bridge. Then I went closer to town to watch and see what else was in the little town. Saw Eddie, Ginny, and Curtis sitting on the corner. They were supposed to be on the float. They had been told to wait on that corner and the wagon would pick them up. On that corner the parade would have been nearly over. They asked where Gma was and I said she was on the float. Where was it? Way out on that road out of town. By the time they decided maybe they should try to find the float the parade was at the first bridge. We got some officials to hold them up there while Ginny loaded the two guys into her car and whipped around the block to the line up. At first they said just stay at the corner and they'd get picked up. ok. Then the lady lining people up said let them through. ok. One of the flag bearers said that was who they had been waiting for. He said "Do you know who that was. They probably were in the bar and were late." I didn't bother to correct them, they wouldn't have believed me anyway. So I went back to a corner which wasn't crowded and I could hear the announcers. Got pics of the first of the parade. Two of my sister's classmates (one in real estate, the other a politician) were in it and Mike Enzi (politician). This isn't an election year either. When the Old Timers came by I had to hurry to my car, because the guy was going to drop Gma off there. They started to let her off and she decided to ride around the loop with them and go back through town. I'm not going to argue with a 101 year old. They did a loop further up the road and came back. Then she was ready to get off right at my car. The fellows were to get dropped off at the bar. Don't know what ever happened to Ginny. Gma said she did get turned around in the parade line up and was supposed to meet the guys at the bar. We just got in my car and left. Gma was pretty well done in. Really hot. It was 91. She had been given a bottle of cold water. Someone asked the wagon driver if they all wanted a drink. Said they'd get him a beer and Gma a Tequila Sunrise. She never got that but the driver did get his beer. He gave her some which was nice and cool for her. She just had a sip. Said if she had any more they'd be picking her up off the wagon bed. She'd never have made the whole trip.

I think they were all having fun, but those three from Meeteetse were the only old timers on the float. Too bad we couldn't have stayed for some of the later stuff. Hub Whitt was playing later on in the evening. Think they had other entertainment too, but that was way too long for Gma. We didn't go to the picnic either as it was at noon and the parade wasn't until 4:00.

We decided we will have to go back the Hyattville some time and eat at the little cafe. Gma says they had good food there. It was closed today as the 4H kids were selling food and stuff. The picnic grounds are out where there is an archealogical spot with petroglyphs. Will have to check that out sometime too. The map shows a gravel road from Shell to Hyattville and another gravel road from Hyattville to Ten Sleep with little marks that indicate a scenic drive. Will have to go on those roads. Gma has been on them with Fendts and Griffins, but I haven't.

We got milk shakes in Worland on the way home. Gma got her nap from 7:00 to 8:30, then to bed at 9:00. I put the parade pics on picasa.

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