Monday, July 20, 2009

Mtse home again

We are back from our quick road trip to Napa. It was not a "fun" trip, but we did manage to have a bit of fun on the road.
We left here Tuesday a.m and had lunch in Evanston. Stopped at the Salt Flats for a potty break and stretch legs. Stayed in Elko at a motel where they had restaurants and gambling. Pat won some money, but I didn't play. We didn't have a night cap because the bar had machines at each place. There was no place to sit your drink and just visit. Figured I'd just spill mine by sitting it in the middle of the machine or something. Anyway we got a good night's sleep and thought we were on the road by 8:00 when actually it was 9:00. Pat forgot her phone automatically changes at the time zones so she subtracted an hour thinking we were on Mt time. Had lunch that day in Truckee. That's a neat looking little town. We decided we need to go back there and just stay a couple of days to look around and visit all the historic stuff. Lots of history in the Sierras. Lots of road construction too. However, road construction is good, the roads really need it. Got to Napa around 7:00 and found all the turns we needed and went right to the house. Called everyone to let them know we were there safely.
We left Saturday morning loaded to the gills. I asked Pat if she was sure her front tires were still on the ground. We had breakfast at the "Black Bear" which had lots of really cute carved bears in front and inside as well. Got on the road around 9:00, not as early as we would have liked, but it was ok. Made good time and stayed the night in Wendover. Had a good parking lot that was down under the hill and had a high fence. Would not have been easily accessed from the street, and was well lighted. They had a "Rain Forest" buffet where we had supper. We played the poker machines until Pat lost all her winnings from Tuesday and I lost $10. That was our Nevada donations. Their bar also had machines at each place, but they did have some round tables where we could sit and visit with our drinks. Had marguaritas for our night cap, but they weren't "perfect". They were just ok. We had "perfect" ones at Applebee's Thursday night. Will have to check out the Applebees in Blgs to see if the serve "perfect" ones.
Anyway we had a good night's sleep there and got breakfast in their " Over the Rainbow" cafe. We were on the road by 8:00 Sunday a.m. Got to Mtse at 5:00p.m. and unloaded part of the stuff, then Gma and I took Pat to supper at the Elkhorn and she went on home. We took two cars to supper. Pat said her car was really a lot lighter after we took some out here. We did average 30 miles per gallon on the whole trip, even loaded like we were.
Today Gma and I went to coffee and Seniors. Now I have to get caught up on the newspapers and then I will be ready to see what I actually brought home with me. Have lots of pics to scan and some genealogy to copy.
Echo called today and invited us to the Hyattville Old Timers picnic and parade Saturday, July 25th. The parade isn't until 4:00p.m. so maybe we will skip the picnic part and just go for the parade as she said there will be a float for the "old timers". Gma will be in good company on the float as they have several from the basin to ride it. Curtis and Eddie will be on it too. She didn't mention Clarence. Anyway Gma should know some of the people and there will probably be some of the Ten Sleep friends there as well. Echo said she thought it would be really neat to have Gma there as she had so much to do with starting the "Old Timers" picnics in Meeteetse some years ago.


  1. Glad you had a nice drive. I'm glad you and Pat were both available to run over to Napa. Hope its not too hot on Saturday!

  2. I got my car unloaded last night. I was too tired when I got home on Sunday. Monday morning I unloaded the stuff in the back seat. Gary likes the cuckoo clock, he tried to get the wind up clock working but it's not. Will have to read the instructions.