Friday, August 21, 2009

Fun visitors

We've been busy. The relatives arrived really late Tuesday, actually Wednesday a.m. as in 2:00a.m. When Gma and I went for coffee Wednesday we were greeted at the door by the relatives. WOW!! So we had coffee while they finished up their breakfast. Then we said we'd meet them at the Senior Center for lunch at noon. Told them at the Center we'd be having several extra guests and we set them up at the middle table. We waited and waited and waited. Finished our lunch and three of them showed up. So they got to eat after all and we visited some more. The rest had gone back after breakfast and taken naps . Originally we were expecting three of them, Tom, John, Will. There were seven, Tom, John, Will, Brandon, Mary Jo, Sam, Shannon. Anyway Tom, Will, Brandon were the ones that ate at Seniors. Then they got extra stuff to take home with them for later. They are growing boys, they need food. The boys went walking and Tom came to the house with us. Wasn't long before all the rest came out.

We took them for a drive up to Sunshine and they had a great time up there just looking around. The boys found a bunch of good dried driftwood on the lake shore that they loaded in their van for their camping excursion. They wanted to spend at least one night camping up Wood River. That evening we had really good sausages for supper at their cabin at the Oasis. They get the sausages at a certain place in Oregon that just sells it one day. They have some sort of celebration that day and make lots of sausage for the celebration. The extra is sold to whoever gets there first. So you have to be sure you are there super early to get your place in line.

Thursday we met them all at Lucille's for their breakfast, then we went to Joe and Joy's house. Mary Jo had gotten fresh salmon and had it vacuum sealed so they could bring it out here. That's what we took to Joe & Joy's. Joy had fresh garden salad, some chili she made, and brownies with fresh raspberries & cool whip. The garden stuff was from her garden, the chili was their own beef, and the raspberries were from her tree in the yard. After we ate Will and Joe played and sang for us. Joe fixed his guitar so he can sit and play it with a dobro (sp). He can't hold his guitar over his shoulder and pick like he did. His fingers don't bend as far as they should and he doesn't have full use of his thumb either. But they are getting better. Then Will played the dobro and picked it up quickly. Joe said he learned in five minutes what it took Joe three months to learn. Then Joe took them around his place and they had great fun looking in old barns and sheds and a cabin. Lots of machinery to see too.

This morning we met them at Lucille's again. Some wanted to go to Thermop swimming. The girls wanted to go shopping in Cody. So John went to Cody really early to see about renting a plane to take Gma for a ride. He came back before the rest were up for breakfast. Gma and I said we'd go for a ride. He had to go back to Cody to do the paperwork and then had to go up with an instructor for their and his safety and insurance purposes. Standard procedure. The girls went with him so they could shop. Tom and the boys dinked around town for awhile and then came to our house for lunch. We fed them lamb burgers from Bill Bain. They loved it. By that time the girls came back so they could go swimming. John was still doing plane stuff so Mary Jo had to go back to pick him up. Tom spent the afternoon at our house.

We planned to take them out to supper at the Cowboy tonight as Tom flies out of Cody at 6:00a.m. The boys were going the WoodRiver campground after supper. So that's what we did. Four of us had ribs and everyone else ordered off the menu. They all loved their food. Raved about it. They said they have to come to Wyoming to get really good meals. Everything they have eaten here was wonderful. Glad they like it. Maybe they will make this an annual trek.

Sometime tomorrow they will all leave. Probably after lunch. Gma and I will meet John at the Oasis at 7:30 as our plane ride is scheduled for 8:30a.m. John wants to fly over Joe's house to see if he got his hay cut yet. He has the plane for two hours. That will be fun.

Then Gma got a call from some friends of hers from Wisconsin and they will be in Cody next week and would really like to see her. They will call again with more particulars. We can do that.

Gma said she'd be glad when I go to Ireland so she can get some rest. Hmmm.


  1. Glad that you got in some good visiting with the relatives. I saw your photos and you sure did alot in just a couple days. How was your plane ride?

  2. Plane ride was great!!! We flew over Joe Bain's house and saw them out in the field. Were in the air 2 hours. Gma enjoyed it. She didn't think we'd been gone that long. Then we had lunch at Em's and they left.

  3. Got the itinerary info. I take it I have one when I get there. This one is for Gma to keep