Saturday, August 15, 2009

MTR - Regulators

The Regulators were here this weekend. We were sure busy.

We didn't see them on Thursday, but they started arriving that day. Friday after Limings came we went out to the rifle range to watch them shoot, but by the time we got there they were through for the day. When we drove up Gma said "I don't know any of those guys" . Well they sure knew her and all came to the car to greet her. They were just waiting for their ride back to town, so we visited a bit then came back home.

We thought the "Taste of Meeteetse" started at 4:30, but it was pouring rain about that time so we wondered if they would have to cancel. Anyway we went into town about 5:00 and no one was out.
Checked in the Chocolatier and found out it wasn't to start until 6:00. Went to the Cowboy for awhile until they started. Then we got all our "tastes". There was shrimp, fry bread, and cheese cake at one booth. They had drunken duck and vodka slushes at the other booth. The drunken ducks were pieces of chicken cooked in rum wine and whiskey. Sure made a good flavor. The red slushes had vodka, the blue slushes were non-alcohol.

Gma got hugs from the Regulators all the way down the street. They were all glad to see her. She is their favorite Meeteetse person.

After tasting we went in the Cowboy for supper. The Elkhorn was packed and there was no way to get anything to eat for quite awhile. The Cowboy was almost as packed but not quite. We had a better chance of getting served faster there. Both places were full of Regulators so there was no point in getting to the bonfire at the Oasis until they were done eating anyway. All worked out just fine. We visited at the campfire until 9:30.

Limings were leaving Sat morning to go to Cody to ride with the Patriot Guard for the dedication of the new World War II memorial. The Governor was to speak and the whole bit. They had to be there to line up by 9:00, so we went to Lucille's shortly after 7:00 when they first opened. The place was full. Guess the people were lined up outside waiting for them to open at 7:00
we did get the one table that was left, but it would be too long for breakfast so just had coffee and they left. Gma and I ordered breakfast after they were gone. We got out food at 8:30 so the kids wouldn't have had time to eat anyway.

The people in there were going on the Kirwin tour which left the museum about 8:30. After our breakfast we came back home to regroup. Had my Saturday morning coffee break with my daughter before we went to the rifle range to watch the final shoot out.

They had a pistol ready for Gma. She was 100% better than last year. Last year she hit the target once. This year she hit it twice. Pistols are not her strong point.

After lunch we went to the museum to hear David Stalcup talk about his motorcycle adventures when he went around the world. Tomorrow there is a reception for him as it is the last day of his exhibit. He's quite interesting. Sounded like he had lots of fun on his travels. Not something I would want to do. 50 years ago I might have thought about it, but probably wouldn't have actually done it.

Then we went to the Oasis for the award ceremony. The group was all going out to Wagner's for the barbecue, entertainment, and trip to Arland with the story of "The Lady in Blue" by Clay Gibbons. So we wouldn't see them again for this year.

Tonight we went to the Cowboy to hear the bands. There were three of them. The first two only played for half hour to 45 minutes each. The third band was Wes Hogg's group. He has improved over the years. The first two were rather good too. Give them a couple more years and they might make names for themselves. The first group didn't look old enough to even be in the bar, but I guess I'm just getting old. The second group looked a tad older. Reminded me of Rocky Hert's group. The music was different, not such hard rock, sort of a bluegrass rock. Anyway it was interesting. Lots of locals in the bar. Almost like a Labor Day crowd.

Was a fun weekend. Monday we tour the new Lodge up WoodRiver. Tuesday we should have relatives arrive. No time to think about Ireland trip yet. But I'm ready.

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  1. We had a good time at the WWII dedication, alot of people were there. The weather was nice and cool, especially standing on the black top. I have pics and will get them up tonight.