Tuesday, March 2, 2010

To Hdn and back

Had to go home to Hdn as its the end of the month and bill paying time. Lucky me.

It was also Jen's B'Day. After 22 years she is now officially 5 1/2 years old. Whooo hooo! No wonder they asked to see her ID when she ordered a drink at Applebys. That's where we went for her dinner. Pat & I had "Perfect Margueritas", Gary had beer, and Jen had a Strawberry Daquiri. Nice dinner and then back to Jen's for B'Day cake. It was an ice cream cake. Very good!!

Had to go to Blgs bright and early Monday for my car's big servicing where they flush out all the stuff and put in new fluids, check belts, rotate tires, change oil. All that good stuff. It was time for a new timing belt as well. Also got new wiper blades. And, Oh yeh, the "check engine light" is on all the time. Took all day to do all that good stuff. I was there from 9:00a.m to 3:10p.m. The "check enginge" problem was a faulty oxygen sensor which they fixed. No more orange light in my eye and the blinking cruise light. I can use cruise control again. This was an $8oo and some excursion, but I'm good to go again for the summer. It had been a year since I had all that servicing done, so was time.

Weather was good and is still being good. Snow is almost all melted. March is coming in like a lamb, so better be prepared for some more good stuff later. Anyway it was so nice in Blgs that I walked to the Mall only to find nothing is open until 10:00a.m. So I decided to go to Barnes & Noble for coffee. Wal-Mart was just over the hill and I could cut through a couple of parking lots and down the hill and avoid the street traffic. So I got a few pics processed and walked all over Wal-Mart for exercise. Visited with Etta K for a bit. Also saw Salyer there, but no visiting. Finally wandered back to Rimrock about 11:30. Didn't want cafeteria at Country kitchen so went into the little cafe at Barnes & Noble. They had half sandwiches and soup and lots of dessert goodies. They had chicken tortilla and chicken noodle soups. Had the chicken tortilla and it was really good. Also had a frappachino to go with it which it was all very filling. Killed another hour there, got back to Rimrock at 12:30. I had purchased a puzzle book so pulled up a table and did puzzles until they got finished with my car. It was really a nice day for walking. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Good exercise, but I was tired by 12:30. After I got back to Hdn I walked to post office to mail bills and to water department. Was too late to go to the bank. Did that this morning and paid off my house. Hip, hip, hooray!!!! My house is all mine now. I can put that amount in savings now for more trips.

Had lunch with Pat & Gary, then back to Mtse. Had to chase deer first thing. There were a whole bunch of them lazing around in our yard. They jumped the fence fast and were soon gone. Probably went behind the trailer where I couldn't see them. It's a game with them.


  1. Congrats on paying off the house! Are you going to have a mortgage burning celebration?

  2. probably not. But I can have a happy hour with Gma. They said they'd send the paperwork the next day and then I'd get the deed from the court house. I told Pat to watch for them in my mail. I won't be there when they come. She doesn't need to send them down here, just let me know that I got them.