Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy

Gma's carpal tunnel is healing. Went to the therapist and she got finger exercises instructions. They took off the big bandage and now she just uses a big bandaid. She still has to wear the brace though. Then I went to Hdn to pay bills. Just a quick trip, but I got done all that was necessary. Back to Mtse before the Bleys got here Friday afternoon.

They have been having a good trip. Ken had a stomach ache so he napped while we visited. Then a sandwich and salad supper. Ken and boys went back to motel, so BJ and I went through the jewels and then went to close up the Cowboy. Had quite a visit with Big Jim.

Sat. Ken wanted to go to Cody for medicine for his stomach, so I went with him to show him where to go. Ended up going to the ER and spending most of the afternoon. Limings came down Saturday and got a good visit with Bonnie, boys and Gma. Ken and I didn't get back til 4:00. Too late to go to Legend Rock. Were scheduled to go out to dinner at the Cowboy for ribs. Ken was supposed to be on a clear liquid diet for 10-12 hours. So he just ate a few ribs and took the rest home.

Uncle Gary gave the boys motorcycle rides. Kevin went twice, but once was enough for Sam. Their Mom had to go first though to make sure it was an ok ride.

When we went out later Ken had 7up for the first drink, then had vodka in it after that. Clear liquids. We had great fun at the Cowboy. They had a band and were celebrating all Big Jim's kids being together for first time in many, many years. Jim was ecstatic. So there was plenty of drinks and dancing. See my picasa site for the contest in which BJ and Pat participated. They didn't win. The big winners were Big Jim's granddaughter, one of the band member's wife, and another band member's daughter. Jim said he really tried to be fair. Hmmmm! Anyway all had fun and that's the main thing. Even Pam and I danced, but not in the contest. Pam is my bar "Mom". We were in a dinner theater Big Jim wrote one time and in that she was my "Mom". So we've been playing the parts ever since. Anyway we didn't quite close up the bar that night. There were still a couple of people there after us and the band was still playing.

Sunday Limings had to go back, so they didn't get to Legend Rock this time. It will still be there whenever they can get down again. I went with Bleys to Legend Rock after Church and lunch. We had to look kinda quick as a big thunder storm was coming over the hill. Maybe not all that big a cloud, but it had loud thunder in it. We got back to the car just as it started raining big drops. No hail though which was good. By the time we got back to the pavement it was over. However they did get to see all they wanted to see and BJ got lots of pics. The paper we had explaining things really helped.

After supper we had some fireworks in the yard. Set up a chair for Gma in the front door so she didn't have to go outside. She could see great. Then Sam decided to join her as it was too loud for him outside. They brought fireworks with them so we used half of them here so Gma could see. Took the rest up to Upper Sunshine after dark and also to see what other people were setting off over the lake. The band was playing there too. They sounded better out in the open. Lots of pretty stuff going off, and our ground ones really lit up after dark. Got home at 11:oo so they just dropped me off and went to the motel. They had to get up early as they had to be in Park City, Utah Monday night. They made it. We met them at Lucille's for breakfast and took our annual family portraits on the bench in front of the cafe.

Figured we'd take a couple of days to get back in our usual routine, but Gma decided she wanted to go somewhere. She was tired staying home. So Tuesday we got up early to go through Yellowstone. Fixed up a picnic lunch and left here at 6:38 a.m. Went over Dead Indian Hill and had coffee break at Silver Gate. Everything in Cooke City looked full. That was a really nice place and we just might have to go back there for a dinner sometime. Anyway we went in that entrance to Tower, then over Dunraven pass and out the East Gate to home. Got home at 4:00p.m. Not too shabby. Was a nice day and overcast most of the time, so was cool. Had our picnic at that Steamboat Point on the Lake. Saw lots of buffalo and a couple of bunches with babies. Saw a bear in Lamarr Valley. He was just sitting out there by a tree. Looked like something was harassing him, but couldn't make it out. Finally some antelope came running out and those unidentified things turned out to be antelope. One might have been some other kind of critter though as it was black and followed the bear. Maybe it was a cub. Too far away to tell, even with our binoculars. But I took pics anyway. That was entertaining.

Tomorrow is Senior Lunch, Thursday is bus day, Friday we go to the carpal tunnel doc for the two week follow up. Always something!

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