Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Getting Ready, and set to GO

Think we have most of the doctor visits over with now. Gma's carpal tunnel is healing quite nicely and all the medical people are impressed with her progress. She had her last therapist visit Monday. She could bend her wrist both directions as far as her other hand had done when they first tested. Her grip strength was 23 pounds. It had been 3o in her good hand. This one they did the surgery on was her left hand, which probably isn't as strong anyway. Still have to go back to the surgeon one last time when I get back from CA.

The painter came today to power wash the house. She will be back Thursday to paint. Actually its just stain on the logs, but it is painting just the same.

Got one load of clothes washed today and will do another one tomorrow. Then I'll be all set to go.
Go to Hardin Friday after lunch, then we leave early Sat morning. Have e-mailed Amy in CA and she is ready for us. Have her phone programmed in mine. Have e-mailed Roma and she is anxious to meet us. Also have her phone programmed into mine. Robert has tickets to a Naval Air Show for us. That sounds fun. Think Jason and Jeni are excited to see us too. Mary is booked in the hotel in Oxnard too. Wow! No plans after Oxnard as yet. At least none that I know about. Never know which route we might decide to take. There are lots of roads out there we've never traveled.

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