Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Home again - Idaho portion

Had a really fun trip to Idaho and California to see two of my Grandsons.

Left Hardin Saturday and arrived in Idaho Falls around fourish. Met Robert and he drove us all around Idaho Falls. Nothing looked a bit familiar, but after all its been 40 years since I was there. The zoo is there, but its practically in the middle of town now. Think it was quite a way out before. We were in some older parts of town, but nothing I remembered. No landmarks or anything. Didn't even figure our where the road came into town that we used to take from Jackson. But it was fun to have a tour guide. Went around a round-about which was decorated with a beautiful sculpture of eagles and a mountain lion on rocks with a waterfall. Robert wouldn't go around the other direction so I could get pics. I was on the wrong side and he just grinned at me. He did pull over in a lot so we could get pics.

He had to work the next day so wouldn't go out with us. The bar in the motel was having karaoke. We went for a nightcap and one of the locals tried hitting on Jen. The waitress signaled us to see if he was being obnoxious. He wasn't at that point, but believe he would have gotten that way it we had stayed longer. We needed Ed there to liven the songs up a bit. They really weren't very good, but the locals were all having fun. We had our one drink and went to bed.

Robert was over at 8;30a.m. to go to the air show. The gates opened at 9:00, but the show didn't start until noon. We got a good parking spot by being early and there were quite a lot of people going then. We had plenty of time to check out all the planes and stuff along the display route. Went through a cargo plane and Pat got to sit in the pilot's chair. We had taken our own chairs and its a good thing as there was no bleachers or anything there. After all it is an airport.

At 11:00 they had a preliminary "fly by" with some World War II planes. At noon the Mayor gave a brief welcome and then the show got under way. It was very impressive. I enjoyed it. That precision formation stuff is awesome. We had sunscreen, sunglasses, hats so didn't get burned. Although I did sunburn my lips. Couldn't believe that!! Don't know what the temp was, but it must have been at least 90, however there was a nice breeze which helped. The show kept us busy so you didn't really notice the heat or the time. There were food and drink vendors all over. You weren't allowed to take coolers in. Show was over about 4:00, but by the time we got out it was after 5:00. Had to wait for traffic to clear in the parking lot quite awhile, but at least we had air conditioning there.

Went out for a nice dinner at Jaker's which was just across the street from the motel. Next morning we stopped by Robert's work place before leaving town.

Went through Twin Falls to Jackpot and then across Nevada to Boomtown.

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