Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Rest of the IDCA trip

The Boomtown motel was kind of a neat place. They had a million dollar saddle on display there and a nice cowboy sculpture out front. Pat had fun gambling, but I was tired, so just had a night cap with her and went to bed. Left her on her own and she won then.

Tuesday we got to Napa in time for lunch with Spuddie's friends. Was sure good to see them again and get in a nice visit. Picked up the quarters and made our way down the coast to San Luis Opbispo. Had a bit of a mix up on the motel reservations there, but it all worked out ok. Met Roma and she took us to a nice eating place. Had a good visit with her and she showed us a couple of sites to see on our city map. Wednesday morning we toured the San Luis Obispo Mission. It is still an active Church and has a museum in the side. Nice courtyard with all kinds of flowers and cactus plants, but I have no idea what they are. Then we went downtown to see Bubble Gum Alley. Now there's an interesting place. Talk about "icky sticky goo". That's Ed's kind of place. After that we went on down the coast to Oxnard. Got instructions to Jason & Jeni's place which was really quite easy to find. Visited there until Aunt Susan got home then out to dinner at the Olive Garden. Visited there until the chairs got hard, then more visiting back at the apartment. Was dark when we went back to the motel and on one of the street corners there was a police road block. We drove across toward the policelady and she really got excited. But all we wanted was directions on how to get back to our motel. Their investigation was interfering with our easy route. She told us how to get back which was relatively easy except the main street we needed to be on didn't have a street name sign on it at that intersection. Going straight looked really dark and it was a main thoroughfare, so we took it and, sure enough, it was the street we needed to be on.

Thursday Mary and little girls came to visit too. We had been at the Ventura Mall so went back to motel to get them and went swimming at the apartment complex. Then wandered through a small outdoor mall and ate at BJs Restuarant and Brewery. Nice place. I went back to the motel with Mary and girls while Pat & Jen took the kids home. Said our goodbyes that night.

Friday we left Oxnard. Susan had given Pat instructions on which highways to take to best get back to I15. Worked very smoothly. Mary was on the same road, so we had fun passing each other. When we got to the 15 we went North and she went South. Traffic was wall to wall on both sides of the highway. Guess everyone in CA was going to Vegas and everyone in NV was going to the beaches. We got stopped just before Primm for a good half hour for an accident. Called Ed, but he was working so couldn't see him anyway. Called my friend, Sally, and told her we wouldn't have time to stop in Vegas after all. She wasn't home anyway. So we just kept going. Ended up staying in Parawan, UT as Cedar City was full.

Sat. had lunch with Robert on our way back, then went through Big Sky to Belgrade where we got back on I90 to home. Long drives, lots of CA/NV traffic. Salt Lake was the last big traffic area and it was peanuts compared to LA & Vegas traffic.

It was a fun time and we sure had a good time visiting. August calendar is getting filled up, so will be Sept before we get another big trip. That's the way we planned it anyway.

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