Thursday, August 12, 2010

Gma's cabin fever

Gma has a case of cabin fever since I left her home by herself for 10 days.

We have been out to Seniors and for coffee after I got back. Wednesday the 4th we went to Cody to get her hair cut after Senior lunch. I need to do that too. Friday the 6th we went for her carpal tunnel check up with the doctor, this time. She is doing great. Her hand has healed nicely and she isn't hurting all the time now. Still has a bit of numbness in her little finger, but it will take awhile for everything to go away. Her nerve was pinched really tight. Saturday the 7th we went over the Big Horns via Highway 14A to Sheridan. Took pics of all the statues that Pat told us about. Then came back via Highway 14 through Shell Canyon. Really a nice day. Tuesday was another Cody trip to the foot doctor for toenail clipping. Thursday we went to McCue to have some skin cancers burned off her arm.

Tomorrow we might go to Lewis Lake and then South Pass and Atlantic City. Then again, that might be too much and we will skip the cities as we have been there before. I have never been to Lewis Lake. We will take the truck for this trip as its on a dirt road and has some big bumps. Probably not a good idea to take my little car. The Church people had been there a couple of weeks ago and said it was kinda rough, but not bad. Steeles will be here the 18th, but not sure how long. Joe and Joy want to come over when they are here. Then the bikers will be here, then it will be time for our CA trip for 5 generations. Yippee!!

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