Saturday, March 30, 2013

Its a new Year

Guess its time to put something new on here.  Christmas was quite awhile ago.

We've just been up to our usual stuff.  Seniors on Mondays and Wednesdays.  Senior Rec bus to Cody on Thursdays.  Church on Sundays.  Celebrated my birthday with some friends who also have birthdays the day before me and the day after me.  Celebrated Dan and Juniors March birthdays with dinner at the Elk Horn.

Schumachers were here in Jan on their way back from South Dakota.  Limings were here in March after a Tae Kwon Do tournament in Powell. 

Lots of sickness going around the country.  We went to a couple of funerals.  Cafe has been closed off and on a lot so we've had to do quite a bit of our own cooking. 

Gma is looking at magazines to see where we can go this summer.  Then she got a cleaning itch, so we've gone through the bathroom cupboards and got rid of a bunch of old worn out towels and wash rags.  Called the vehicle fix it shop to see if they could use them for grease rags and they could.  Threw out a bunch of old dried up lotion and shampoo bottles.  They didn't have much in them anyway.  Probably why they dried up.  So we have a little more room in some cupboards and drawers. 

Been getting stuff for my own little mini baby shower for Alfred.  My status at coffee has gone up again as I now have three (3) Great Grandchildren.  I'm still behind though as most of my coffee buddies have 6 to 8 or more Greats.  I'm gaining.

Next week Pat, Jen and I go to sunny Southern California to see Alfred (and Charlie and Henry) and take lots of pics.  Hope to get in a bit of visit with the Paynes as well.  Think Ed might even get to come there for a day.  That will be good.  Not sure what all we will have time to do as far as sight seeing, but we'll do the best we can in the time we have. 

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  1. Looking forward to the road trip. New car + new baby=road trip