Tuesday, January 7, 2014

A New Year - 2014

Here it is!  Another year.  Wonder what kinds of adventures it will bring. 

So far I have gotten to finally spend the night in my new house.  Whoo - eee!!!  That was a very satisfying experience. I decided to sleep in the Queen bed room because it has a night stand for my alarm clock.  Otherwise I would have had to get out of bed to shut off the alarm.  Don't have any night stands in the Western Room yet. It was very comfy and cozy. Slept good.  I have used both showers, upstairs and down, now.  They work just fine. 

Took down my Christmas decorations in the new house yesterday and today.  Takes much longer to take down as everything has to go in its certain spot.  Finding all the spots takes time.  Had all the hanging things and scenes put away yesterday.  Today I took all the stuff off the tree and took the tree apart.  Somewhere in all that I checked my watch to see how I was doing time wise.  No watch!!!  Didn't remember taking it off for any reason.  So back through all the boxes I searched.  No luck.  Don't know where it fell off.  Maybe when I went to the post office and store this morning.  Don't know how long its been gone.  Couldn't find it in either house or the trailer.  I've put it on my grocery list for Walmart Thursday.  It was a Walmart watch anyway, so no biggie. 

Wonder if Libby's flying cat tooth fairy has a flying cat watch fairy friend. 

Since I spent so much time repacking the decorations in the attempt to find the watch I didn't carry the boxes back out to the garage.  Have decided I need to place the metal shelves where I want them in the shop and I can put all the boxes away there.  I have three shelves put together and just one shelf to put on the fourth one. Have to find the "right" spot for each shelf though before I load them up.  There are way too many possibilities for placement.  Big decisions.  I love it. 

Happy New Year, All.


  1. Happy New Year!!! I am honored that I was the first to stay in your townhouse. The Montana house is doing fine and neighbor has been clearing the snow from sidewalk.

    1. That's good. I'm relieved. May be awhile before I can get up there as when its nice here it's bad up there. When it's good up there, it's bad down here. Roads are not worth the effort right now.