Tuesday, January 14, 2014


Woke up this morning to about 8 inches of snow!

Got my manual labor in for the day.  Had to sweep my way to the house.  Gma had a foot doctor appointment in Cody for 11:00am.  I called to cancel it and the receptionist thought that was a good idea.  Their snow was really deep and the roads were slick, black ice in some spots.  So we are rescheduled for Jan 28th.  Buses weren't running in Cody, Wapiti, or Basin.  I did see a bus go up river here about 9:00am.  Heard at the post office that Meeteetse has delayed start on snow days.  That way they don't have to cancel as it is really hard to make up the day.  They just start later.  They call people on the routes to let them know so people aren't out in the dark trying to figure out where to plow to get to the bus.  Sounds like a reasonable solution. 

I did go back out and shovel around my car.  It was only 13 degrees so didn't stay out long.  Later went back and swept off the car and shoveled around it again.  I measured 5 inches on the ramp, 7 on my car, and 8 on the ground.  Didn't have any trouble getting out to go to town as it was really light and fluffy snow. But I could see where the underside of the car scraped the snow.

The plows had gone by my town house so there was no way I could get in the driveway.  Then they had piled up snow in the middle of the street as well. I couldn't jump the middle and the driveway both.  Couldn't even do one of them. There was a tractor removing the middle pile down by the post office, but they hadn't gotten too far at that time.  Figured if I went back in the afternoon they might have it done in front of my house.  Even so, I still couldn't get in the driveway.   

Just before lunch I got a call from the city water works fellow and he wanted to do a water test at my house for asbestos.  Said it was ok, I'd meet him, but I couldn't get in because of the plowed snow.  I took Gma's shovel with me and met him.  Quickly started to shovel a path and he had a shovel in his truck so he shoveled my walk, a path in the driveway and up to the front door.  I swept the porch behind him.  While he was doing the test on the water I shoveled and swept the back porch.  I now have a nice path to my front door, but still can't get into the driveway.  However the plowers did scrape the curbs and I do have room to park there.  Will see if they got all the snow cleaned up out of the street tomorrow and maybe they will do the driveways too. 


  1. We didn't get snow out of this last storm, it all went around us. The side streets in town are horrible with the scraped ice in the middle of the street. Makes it hard to get around.