Tuesday, March 17, 2015

REA Annual Meeting

Saturday I got to go to the Annual REA meeting.  I'm official now as I have a place in town and am connected to their service.  I could have gone last year, but that's when Gma fell down and just got home from the hospital.  I wouldn't go then. 

Anyway this year I got to go.  Rode the Senior bus.  There were 12 of us including the driver.  We left Meeteetse at 8:00am, so had to hustle a bit to get ready in the morning.  Takes about an hour to get to Greybull.  They had registration from 9:30 to 10:30, then the meeting started at 10:30.  They were quite prompt with it.  This year they streamlined the meeting so it didn't go past lunch.  They didn't have all the prize drawings that they have done in the past, but this year everyone who registered got $50 credit on their bill.  There was a grand prize drawing for $500 credit.  Then Tri-State Electric had a drawing for a big TV.  I didn't win either of those.  Oh well!  There's always next year.

The meeting was finished by 11:55.  Lunch was cafeteria style with three tables set up in different parts of the gym.  People could go on either side, so they moved 270 some people through in 15 minutes.  It was an interesting day and I did see my sister's classmate, Alice, again.  Also got a quick visit with another of my sister's classmates, Virginia.  As soon as lunch was over we went home.  Got back here about 2:30 as I had to pick up the mail and check my town house.  Betty Potas had come to fix lunch for Gma and they had a good visit too.

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  1. A $50 credit on the bill is a winner. Sounds like it was a nice lunch and you got some visiting in.